State Spends $90 Million on Unnecessary Mental Health Care


From the Star Tribune: Minnesota taxpayers have shelled out more than $92 million to house patients at a state psychiatric hospital who no longer require mental health treatment but have nowhere else to go. According to the Department of Health and Human Services records, the cost per patient now tops $1,300 per day.

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  1. Representative Zerwas had a relative that was suspected of covering up a murder back in 1965. The family, as I knew them as neighbors in the 70’s, were rather unusual people. Terrifying that this type keep finding their way into power. Ironic he should be expressing an opinion on “mental health” when a relative was suspected of covering up the murder of a 3 year old child of a sister. (
    “Another principal character in the book, Lois Jurgens’ brother, Jerome Zerwas, was a White Bear Lake cop who was suspected of covering up the case in 1965. He left the force on permanent disability in 1975 and moved to Elk River, claiming to the end he did not interfere despite testimony to the contrary. Zerwas died in 1997.”
    Sue Abderholden… the high buck NAMI executive director who exploits “volunteers” and is a call girl to the medical/pharmaceutical industry that pay her salary. I’m sure she’ll be right on resolving this problem as soon as she gets done paying lip service to how much she’s going to do (which never seems to end). Representative Lorey , who “represents” some of the poorest areas of the state, thinks that throwing more money at “mental health treatment/prevention” will make everything better without ever understanding the socioeconomic problems that drive human distress. I have yet to recall one significant move forward for the economies of his constituents initiated by him. With all of this, how could anything go wrong?

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