The Club Where You Bare Your Soul to Strangers


From The Atlantic: A new movement called Authentic Relating is hosting events across the country where people participate in exercises and games to learn the skills necessary to quickly create deep, meaningful human connection.

“In a period when loneliness is increasing as our avenues for connecting expand, practitioners tell me they are drawn to a community that makes conversing and relating with one another an intentional activity—one with guidelines and structure designed to elicit intimacy.

No one I spoke to from the authentic-relating movement sold it as a therapy equivalent, but some people have found that these game nights help improve their mood and alleviate anxiety. I certainly felt the game-night high afterward. Jonathan, my partner from earlier in the evening, told me that authentic relating was the only thing that helped stabilize his depression. Sara Ness said that authentic relating improved her confidence after a teenage-hood as a lonely ‘awkward geek’ who hadn’t yet learned social skills.”

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