1. Bad, very bad, but a related question would be to what extent are restraints used in New Zealand. When I was in the hospital here in Virginia restraints weren’t used so much because you had seclusion. Now the use of restraints is relatively common there, at least, more common than when I entered the system. There are efforts underway to eliminate restraints in this country. This begs the question of how common the use of seclusion is, or could, potentially anyway, become, without restraints.

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    • I was a guest of Dunedin’s Ward 9b ~15 years ago. I remember seeing someone put into the seclusion tank every 2-3 days. But I don’t remember seeing physical restraints being used much tho. Difficult patients just ended up on ever increasing doses of tranquillizers.

      I remember something else though. 4-5 nurses decided to take a patient down, before putting him in the seclusion tank. He had half-a-cup of lukewarm water in his hand, and at the last moment, out of sheer terror, he threw it at a nurse. I know, because it was my nurse that he threw it at. She told me it was almost nothing, and was annoyed that the department was charging him with assault over it.

      In short, when nurses spear tackle a patient, it is considered a legitimate intervention. Whereas uncooperative patients can become targets for petty assault charges as a prelude to their commitment.

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  2. As bad as forced isolation torture is, 251 persons were victims of electro-cution torture *AGAINST* *THEIR* *STATED* *WILL*…. OK, I suppose somebody can choose to get ECT, if they are fully informed just how dangerous it is, but how can any Christian gov’t force electrocution torture against somebody’s will?….
    Even beautiful, tiny New Zealand has some SICKO psychiatrists…. I bet there are *NO* videos on youtube, showing how “well” ECT has “worked”…. Why is there NO video documentation of ECT’s “efficacy”….????….
    ….and some people still want to defend, and “reform” the abomination that is psychiatry!

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