Hearing Voices May Actually Be a Good Thing


From CBS Denver: A new study suggests that people who hear voices may have an increased ability to decode complex sound waves.

“The scientists studied a group of 17 people with no history of hearing voices and a group of 12 individuals who had heard voices but had no other health issues. The study, published in the journal Brain, subjected each of the volunteers to hidden speech sounds, called sine-wave speech. To the untrained ear, the sound waves would seem like strange noises or a birdsong but they actually contained a simple sentence underneath the noise.

While less than half of the non-voice-hearing group reported hearing the sentence, 75 percent of the people hearing voices picked up the message during the test.”

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  1. They got you either way. You don’t hear voices=you are an unfeeling sociopath /psychopath who is overconfident ( no imagination for empathy of others feelings), you do hear voices = you have some kind of mental illness that makes you dangerous, what if he/she listens to the voices?

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