Queer History – It’s Not Always Straight Forward!


From Standpoints: The profession of psychology has played a significant role in the erasure of queer history due to its historical pathologization of queer identities.

“A significant portion of the letters, photographs and diaries which document queer history have historically been coded, burned or otherwise destroyed. Doing queer history can therefore be particularly challenging. However, it is precisely because of this challenge that queer histories are all the more important. The stigmatisation and pathologisation of sexual minorities in Psychology has significantly contributed to the removal, denial and obliteration of key aspects of queer history. In fact, queer history of Psychology is mainly one of homophobic pathologisation, and histories have often ignored the queer, opting for comfortable heteronormative stories. It is therefore important that historians of Psychology, and other sciences, continue to recognise the impact some disciplines had on queer people. We need to not shy away from difficult histories but should fully explore them. This not only presents transparent histories but also presents us with the opportunity to recognise how we can make up for past inequality and injustice in present practise.”

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