New Programme Supports Withdrawal From Antidepressants


Manasa Ayurveda has launched a new harm reduction based program that will support people in tapering from antidepressant drugs.

“Manasa Ayurveda aims to work collaboratively, and takes a non-adherence harm reduction approach (Aldridge, 2012). This means that whilst not encouraging withdrawal against medical advice, it is recognised that people do make this choice. Manasa Ayurveda offers practical therapeutic support with withdrawal where a person has already made a decision to do this.

The Manasa Ayurveda withdrawal support programme is carefully designed and led by an international expert on non-adherence harm reduction (Aldridge, 2012). Its unique withdrawal programme integrates personally tailored Ayurvedic therapies and is facilitated by a UK registered mental health professional who is also an Ayurvedic therapist.”

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