No Guns in Schools


The Society for Humanistic Psychology has released a statement by psychology faculty and students from the University of Massachusetts-Boston in opposition to the notion that teachers should be armed to prevent school shootings.

“While arming teachers may be perceived as a method to save lives, it has the potential to further traumatize minority and low socioeconomic status (SES) communities that already experience traumas throughout the inequitable educational system, specifically in regard to school discipline practices. In the United States, nondominant youth from historically marginalized communities face enormous disparities in educational outcomes and opportunities (Anyon, 2005; Darling-Hammond, 2010; Gamoran, 2010; U.S. Department of Education, 2016). African-American males are suspended two to three times more frequently than other students (Brooks et al., 1999). Black girls are more likely to face punitive discipline and zero-tolerance policies in school than any other group of girls and, in some cases, more than their male counterparts (Blake et al., 2011; Crenshaw et al., 2015). Black boys and girls are more likely to be disciplined for more subjective offenses such as disobedience, disruptive behavior, fighting and bullying/harassment (Morris & Perry, 2017).”

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  1. The psychologists want to take away guns from Americans? Historically, when guns are taken away from a population, mass genocide of that population tends to follow. Here’s a discussion on the topic.

    Although, the psychiatrists have historically always resulted to mass genocide of their patients, so I guess it’s not surprising the “mental health professionals” want to take away the second Amendment rights of Americans. They seemingly enjoy genocide, like the genocide they’ve been participating in, in recent years.

    Personally, I think those who want to end the second Amendment should consider moving to a country with no second Amendment instead. If the psychologists aren’t happy with the US Constitution – which is obvious since they do not believe “all people are created as equal” – they should leave this country.

    And let’s be real, the real cause of most the school shootings is the psychiatric drugs, a reality the “mental health professionals” want to cover up. Blame the guns, not our demeaning and belittling defamation of our clients with our made up, scientifically invalid DSM disorders and our “medicines.”

    It’s the psychiatric drugs that cause violence and suicides. And defaming children with make believe diseases and taking away their hope by fraudulently claiming the DSM disorders are “lifelong, incurable” diseases isn’t helping the self esteem of these children either. Read the black box warnings on your drugs. Ending the mass DSM defamation and drugging of our children will greatly reduce or eliminate the school shooting problems.

    By the way, what does discussing racism have to do with a need for gun control?

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