Treatment-Resistant Depression as a Sign of Unconscious Health


In this video, Dr. Elio Frattaroli describes how biological explanations for “treatment-resistant depression” often ignore the meaning and context of a patient’s suffering. He argues that the notion of “treatment-resistant depression” often reflects the clinician’s resistance to feeling empathy for and sharing a patient’s emotional pain, rather than the patient’s own resistance to treatment.


  1. “Treatment-resistant depression” is such a bizarre turn of phrase! “Depression” is resisting somehow, as if it were an animate object of some sort. And the doctor/therapist who is unable to help is off the hook, because it’s not that they are unable to help, it’s the DEPRESSION that is RESISTING their efforts!

    If you took your car to a mechanic who said he couldn’t fix your car because it had “repair-resistant fuel injectors,” but you can come back next week and pay for another “treatment,” I think you’d go find another mechanic pretty quick. How do they get away with this kind of chicanery?

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  2. I think it’s important to look at the full picture. For example if a person is living the life of a “yuppie” and is “unhappy” then maybe their lives need changing.

    (I mentioned the word “yuppie” because this is the type of lifestyle I’d associate with the use of SSRI type medication, and “depression” seems to have arrived with the SSRI s).

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  3. I can’t imagine a more problematic, unscientific bunch of BS than this.

    The sheer ignorance of failing to acknowledge that real science tells us, that all “disease” begins in the bowel and is a result of the stress response that causes inflammation in the body, is hands down medical malpractice. No one should have to continue to suffer because of the uneducated ignorance and unscientific woo-woo musings of some self-absorbed shrink.

    Head gamers like this, want us to believe that the very real symptoms of “depression” etc people suffer from is caused from our unconscious resistance to their BS – LOL. It makes sense that the gut would be repulsed and resistant to their lack of credibility, but they take us down the garden path in order to trap us into an endless implausible, improvable costly conversation where they get to enjoy hearing themselves drone on about spiritual crisis when according to real science, the root cause of most human problems are in the BODY. The normal stress response causes inflammation and triggers disease process (the warning signs of which are that people “feel bad”. Shitty life experienced also make people feel bad and prolonged uncontrollable distress exasperates the normal disease response as well.

    No amount of talking is going to cure someone’s vitamin deficiency, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, or inability to digest and benefit from the life giving nutrients they cannot assimilate or remotely address the symptoms of real diseases (medical mimics) causing the real “symptoms’ they are experiencing. In fact most medical diagnosis’s take between 5 to 7 years, during which time, the public is at high risk of being fraudulently labeled “mentally ill”, whether that dx comes wrapped in the notion that ones soul or ones brain is ‘sick”.

    The level of health one enjoys depends on the quality of nutrients they can assimilate and someone sitting around trying to manufacture false memories or the discontent in someone else “soul” while the root cause of what ails people is housed in the human body in which we all live, is hands down medical malpractice. The only thing this talk reminds me, is that Psychiatry is a pseudo-science desperately trying to reinvent its old street cred in the face of the mass exposure of its endless lies. And this is an example of their most advanced thinkers- HOWLING at the absurdity.

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    • Judi, a lot of depression probably is due to malnourishment as you say. If someone feels sad all the time for no apparent reason maybe they could try both. Anemia and thyroid problems frequently make me blue also. I see a real doctor for those. Homeopaths and nutritionists are also good. I am skeptical of most therapists because the mental illness system owns them. I steer clear of them myself. Talking my problems to death got old after 30 years.

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