What Trump Could Learn From Anna Freud About Parentless Kids


From Daily Beast: “Seventy-five years ago in the midst of World War II, Anna Freud, the daughter of Sigmund Freud, and her close friend, Dorothy Burlingham, published their classic study, War and Children, documenting the impact that separating children from their parents had during a time when England was under attack from Nazi Germany.

In story after story, Freud and Burlingham illustrated how acutely children suffer even when they are separated from parents in the country of their birth and placed among skilled caregivers with the best of intentions. Nothing is dated about their conclusions, which have become still more relevant with new reports that the Trump administration is considering erecting a tent city at Fort Bliss in Texas to deal with the overflow of separated immigrant children it has created.”

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    • He and his cohorts are busily pretending that people from Mexico and South American (and even Puerto Rico, apparently) are not really human. So punishing them by taking their kids away is OK, since the kids aren’t really quite human, either. This apparently goes too far even for his sycophantic Republican Congress, which kind of surprised me, actually. But it’s reassuring to know that there is SOME level of moral depravity that even the Republican leadership can’t stomach. About time they stood up to him.

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      • Stealing children from immigrants is bad, but so is stealing children from American families. Thankfully, my children were never stolen from me. However, I was shocked and disgusted when I read my medical records, because my therapist had written into her medical records, on my second appointment with her (in other words, she didn’t know me), “4 yr girl, what to do?” Implying she had plans to steal my daughter from me? And actually my daughter was only three at the time, which is proof of how ignorant that therapist is.

        And that therapist turned out to be nothing more than a gossip, who used gossip from pedophiles to misdiagnose her clients, according to her medical records, and my other child’s medical records. But that shows the sick and perverted mind set, that giving the “mental health professionals” too much power creates.

        And what about all the medical kidnapping of American children that has been going on? This rarely makes the mainstream news.


        And what about the evils of Child Protective Services? That industry is actually set up with incentives for the CPS employees to steal American children from their families. But make no mistake, if you report child abuse that occurred outside your home to CPS, meaning they won’t be able to take your children away, they don’t even investigate. The CPS system has no financial incentives for investigating real cases of child abuse, that occur in other peoples’ homes or schools.


        Nancy was killed to silence her. Because our government doesn’t want American citizens to know about how CPS is regularly stealing American children from American families. Where’s the media’s coverage of this? Where’s the left’s outrage regarding these systemic crimes against American children and families?

        “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Our society needs to break up, and take power away from, those who have been given too much. Since giving these industries too much power has absolutely corrupted them, as well as those individuals working within these industries.

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  1. Thanks for this heads up. Despite the flaws of this approach there were some real insights gathered on trauma and or childhood.
    I think the biopsy history folks saw the cracks and used the fall to suit their own purposes.
    But this is important to everyone here and around the nation,
    We of all folks especially those who were incarcerated while being a parent know this scenario all to well.
    This issues and others no matter what your political thinking gives us some sort of a voice.
    In some reports the children and teens are being forced into chemical treatment. They are being taken to psych units where some think it will be better for them. Unless the centers are aware and woke it will not be better possibly with the chemicals worse.
    The Poor People’s Campaign is also s path,
    One can call or sign a petition.
    This also would be another opportunity to break down folks ignorance about our public fear if a person is safe to disclose.
    If nothing changed it will get worse for ALL of us.

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