Is Artificial Intelligence Too Dehumanizing to Succeed?


From AlterNet: “Giving corporations powerful and manipulative technology tools to intrude even more deeply into the personal lives of consumers and employees and then analyze that data for financial gain is a dangerous combination and a blueprint for dystopia. As was the case with the Internet, I believe that AI will end up providing some important benefits if and when used ethically and thoughtfully. But it also has the potential to do a lot of harm. Witness, for example, the ‘psychopathic AI‘ being developed by MIT students.

My sense as a futurist, however, is that there’s also some good news here: Internet users are becoming wiser and more guarded about the unintended consequences of technologies that lure us in but then exact a steep price. The first wave of a user revolt came in the vigorous pushback that monopoly-provider Facebook received after its egregious privacy transgressions were revealed. I believe that over time, and as they come to better understand the implications, people will begin to reject AI applications and programs that are offensive, exploitative, and dehumanizing. In this sense, corporatized AI will eventually fail as some kind of utopian platform for the common good, just as the Internet in many cases has become a tool for subtly institutionalizing social and economic advantage.”

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  1. There is no such thing as artificial intelligence. We have not even as of yet come to definitions of the word “intelligence”. If man had a hand in designing something, it can only be superficial, not artificial. Of course those with no insight will welcome something termed ‘intelligence’. It is actually one of those comical inventions. But I do know a few that believe in this, because they don’t trust their own ability to make the ‘correct’ call. Now we know that all the calls ever made might have been incorrect. So all those MI diagnoses can thus be revoked because they were made by a man who is fallible and we now possess an infallible program. Wow, I remain impressed by the improvements being made by mankind to make us a great society. (smirk)

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