Independence is an Ableist Myth


From The Body is Not an Apology: “The myth of independence doesn’t just show up when we come down with the flu and run to the pharmacy instead of the doctor. We also see this show up in conversations around self-care, as if a single person can fulfill all their self-care needs alone with a soothing bubble bath, a good book, and an indulgent meal. As important as self-care is, the name itself can be misleading.

Self-care and community care go hand in hand. Of course socializing can be necessary self-care, like going to a movie, a concert, or just to grab a cup of tea with a friend. And even when company isn’t required, having loved ones to share the joy with can make that self-care time more valuable. Each person needs a different balance of solitude and social time, but we all need both.”

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