Sounding an Alarm Over Children’s Mental Health


Guardian readers respond to news about soaring Ritalin use, the underfunding of child mental health services and the toll GCSEs are taking.

“As a group of educators, psychologists, mental health professionals, campaigners and politicians, we share Amanda Spielman’s timely recognition (Report, 27 June) that the massive increase in young children receiving prescriptions for powerful stimulant drugs is both ‘a very big warning signal’ and an indication that we need as a society to understand and address the underlying social, behavioural and educational issues that give rise to this pressure.”

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  1. They’ve been saying and doing this stuff for 30 years. Even back when I was a kid, it would pop up at least every year; it’s just like protesting, and serves the same purpose. They get together and act like they’re going to accomplish something, bring attention to what they think is wrong, then disperse while patting themselves on the back, and the process repeats itself ad infinitum while child druggers march on.

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    • Too true JeffreyC.
      I liked how our politicians and their families spent some time in Paris a few years back for a meeting on climate change,. After much debate and many meals and wines in fancy restaurants they came to a decision that they were going to turn the planets thermostat down a couple of degrees. Guess they will be arranging another meeting soon to discuss where they might find the thermostat dial lol
      Rinse, lather, repeat.

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