Officer May Have Driven Around Flooded Road Barriers, Killing Patients


From Buzzfeed News: “The law enforcement officer behind the wheel of the van overtaken by floodwaters Tuesday in South Carolina, killing two women who were being transported to a mental health facility, may have driven around barriers, the local sheriff said.

‘It hasn’t been confirmed to me that they did [drive around barrier],’ [Sheriff Philip] Thompson said. ‘But here’s my question. There are barriers there. It can be assumed that he did. Once we find out for sure we need to ascertain why they did.’

The sheriff added that deputies have access to information on all road blockages and closures, as well as checkpoints.

Green’s family issued a statement demanding answers.

‘Why did the deputies drive through flooded waters?’ the statement reads. ‘What happened to “Turn Around. Don’t Drown”? Gross negligence has robbed two families of their loved ones. We want those who are responsible to be held accountable. […] They were women who voluntarily sought help. They trusted the hospitals and the sheriff deputies with their lives and that trust was abused. We want answers.'”

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  1. Okay. The road that they took was closed at both ends. They had access to all the information concerning barriers and closed roads. They know that the waters were causing huge problems. And yet they put the women in the van and took off into the unknown (or in this case most everything was known). If the picture of the road in the article is correct you can see a great deal of water covering the road. Why would these deputies endanger the lives of the two women and their own lives when they could have waited before trying to take them where they wanted to go. This just doesn’t make much sense at all.

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