Young People Are Being Prescribed Dangerous Antidepressants


From The Guardian letters: “I have been advised by colleagues in psychiatry that these drugs can raise young people’s energy level before they act to raise their mood, especially in the early months of use. This could lead to increasing the mindset and energy to carry out their ‘dark thoughts,’ either harming themselves or others.

We wholeheartedly support the NICE guidelines recommendations that prescribing these drugs should be a last resort for children under 18 and not be used for those under the age of 10.


Your report is shocking. The two drugs most widely prescribed as first choice are paroxetine and venlafaxine, both SSRIs. These are powerful drugs, and the effect on developing brains is little researched. What little research there is suggests an increased risk of suicidal thoughts. But not only that, they are the two SSRIs with the most devastating withdrawal symptoms.”

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  1. AD prescribing in under 18s is going full steam ahead in the NHS, with a strong preference for going off label at substantial doses and quick switches when it doesn’t work.

    If you ask what the rationale is, the answer comes back that they are safe in kids and star*d justifies switching. Really?

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    • Don’t forget adding antipsychotics, if the antidepressants don’t work, or makes the children manic, too. As the DSM-IV pointed out was medically inappropriate, but the DSM5 no longer acknowledges as morally repugnant.

      Just think, the NHS can create a completely iatrogenic childhood bipolar epidemic, just like the NIMH, APA, and US medical doctors did in the US. Wouldn’t that be great for England?

      And they’re trying to take this iatrogenic illness creation “mental health system” to the entire world. Wow, wouldn’t that be great for the world? NOT!

      By the way, “Young People Are Being Prescribed Dangerous Antidepressants,” is that really “news”? Or is it the same old, same old, “olds.”

      This is a pretty interesting video that just came out, about the satanists who want to control, “the minds of men.”

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