Sharp Rise Seen in Kids’ Mental Health ER Visits


From WebMD: “Mental health¬†issues are sending more and more kids and¬†teens¬†to hospital emergency rooms, and that increase has been most dramatic among minorities, a new report shows.

Between 2012 and 2016, overall admissions shot up 50 percent in the United States, the researchers said. […]

‘What this new research demonstrates is that not only are these visits increasing at a staggering rate, but that there are significant racial and ethnic disparities in the trends of who visits pediatric emergency departments for mental health issues,’ Abrams said. […]

The study team said that more than 17 million American children struggle with some form of psychiatric illness. In recent years, that has meant that somewhere between 2 percent to 5 percent of all pediatric visits to the emergency department have been related to mental illness concerns. […]

The mental health issues covered by the analysis included: acute¬†anxiety¬†and delirium states; adjustment disorders and neuroses;¬†alcohol abuse;¬†drug abuse (including opioid abuse); bipolar disorders; childhood behavioral disorders; depression; major depressive disorders’ disorders of personality and impulse control; eating disorders; psychosis; and schizophrenia.”

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  1. In 1880, the United States government launched a large-scale survey, with extraordinary budget, in which nearly 80,000 of the 100,000 doctors that count America participated in the census of mentally ill people across the country, including outside of institutions. (Census Office, 1888, pp. IX and X).

    The government found a prevalence of 0.18% of cases of madness, 0.34% among those over 20, 0.01% among those under 20 (Census Office, 1888, XXIX).

    So if “17 million American children struggle with some form of psychiatric illness”, this makes us a prevalence of ~ 20%, for 83 million people under 20 years.

    In other words, the prevalence of mental illness among children would have increased by 200,000% in 140 years, a rather remarkable increase.

    Since psychiatrists do not study historical statistics across the 19 and 20 centuries, they do not realize how grotesque their pretensions are.

    Census Office (1888). Defective, dependant and delinquent classes of the population of United States, as returned at the thenth census (June 1, 1880). Washington, Government Printing Office.

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