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  • Certainly not. 🙂 Truth is the correspondence between thought and reality. Without truth, it is impossible to achieve results with consciousness, one remains in the imaginary and the legend. Without the truth, you can not send satellites into space or cure illnesses. Nor can you solve psycho-social problems like psychosis.

  • It is not just the private interests that block the scientific progress, but the “systems” of private interests.

    The Sakel cure was used for decades without any scientific proof, because it corresponded to a system of interests: those of physicians, nurses … They did not begin to take an interest in the effectiveness of the method before laying the foundations for a new system: neuroleptics. Yet the resistance of the old system was severe: nurses and nursing aides who had acquired an “expertise” in this field (and therefore privileges) were resolutely opposed to abandoning the method, the scientific evidences against them.

    A system of interests, unlike private interests, has no precise limits. The system of interests of neuroleptics affect for example the psychiatrists, the families, the pharmaceutical industry…

    That is why the struggle for science is also a political struggle for a new system. It is by changing the system that you change its ideology, although the ideological struggle can have its share in the system change.

  • Involuntary Outpatient Commitment already exists in France.

    Almost systematically, the psychiatrist orders IOC after Involontary Inpatient Commitment.

    If the patient does not respect his “care program”, the psychiatrist can send him the paramedics or the police to have him re-hospitalized.

    IOC is abolished only if the psychiatrist thinks that the patient will take his injections voluntarily. IOC can last for years, or eternally.

    The psychiatric monster is progressing all over the world.

    We must denounce by name the psychiatrists who practice the forced treatments, describe precisely what they do in order to ruin their reputation.

    We need a directory of psychiatrists who refuse barbaric or forced treatment. All psychiatrists who do not belong to this directory must be fought.

  • As with the pharmaceutical industry, the fundamental reason for the distribution of neuroleptics by psychiatrists is economic.

    1) Income

    Prescribing neuroleptics takes a maximum of 1/4 hour per patient.

    _ A psychotherapy session a minimum of 3/4 hour per patient.

    By prescribing neuroleptics, the psychiatrist triple his income.

    2) Social demand

    By prescribing neuroleptics, the psychiatrist effectively solves a social problem in 70% of cases in the short term. This is the one and only thing the society asks of him.

    3) Dependence

    After some months of treatment, if the person stops gradually, the “relapse” rate is doubled for 18 months (Wunderink, 2007). If the person stops suddenly, the relapse rate is 75% in only 3 weeks.

    By the neuroleptics, the psychiatrist is assured to retain a customer for many years. The legislation on forced and compulsory treatments plays exactly the same role.

    The psychiatrist acts exactly like a street dealer and the state, instead of repressing the dealer, forces the drug addict to consume his toxic.

    Addiction is not an undesirable effect for the psychiatrist: it is the very purpose of treatment.

    Thus the question of neuroleptics is far from being exclusively scientific: it is above all an economic, political and social question.

  • The introduction of medicine into the hospital is relatively recent: mid-19th century. Previously, hospitals served as an asylum for the poor, the aged and the disabled, who were often locked up by force. Then the hospital was divided into several institutions: retirement home, sanatorium, establishment for mentally deficients, etc. Most of these institutions have retained their function of social control for old people, mad people and homeless people.

    Psychiatry can not be scientific, because its function is not medical, but social. Capitalist society permanently created deviants that it can not integrate, these deviants (old people, homeless, disabled, mentally retarded, delinquents, etc.) are then locked up in institutions or sedated until their death.

    If you do not understand this, you can not understand why psychiatry also grossly refuses the scientific method and the medical ethic.

    Capitalism proceeds from the destruction of the community, the development of institutions, the division of labor and the atomization. “What is good for individuals” is the restoration of the community, such as Soteria or Pavilion 21. But the community is precisely the opposite of the institution. This is why “reforming the institution” has no meaning: the development of truly human relationships necessary for the disappearance of psychosis inevitably leads to the suppression of institutions.

  • Between 1933 and 1969, the number of admissions to psychiatric hospitals was greater than the number of discharges. Why then did the number of residents decline from 1955 onwards? Because the mortality rate was extremely high before 1969, and began to decline only from the 1970s.

    And why was the mortality rate very high before the 1970s? Because the demographic composition of psychiatric hospitals was totally different. Until 1946, the majority of hospitalized patients were admitted for organic psychoses: syphilis, cerebral atherosclerosis, senile dementia… The antibiotics has destroyed syphilis, the improvement of food safety has removed the psychoses caused by malnutrition, the senile people are now supported outside of psychiatric hospitals.

    Please, I need help to clarify these statistics, because I am not a specialist in documentary research. What is certain is that the decrease in the number of residents in psychiatric hospitals has absolutely nothing to do with the introduction of neuroleptics, but with a temporary increase in mortality, because until 1969 the number of admissions to psychiatric hospitals was greater than the number of discharges.



  • “Using oxygen and anesthesia on people while you’re shocking them raises the bar for how much shock you must administer in order to cause the seizure so it’s actually more dangerous now than it was in earlier decades.”

    Peter R. Breggin says too: “modern ECT requires even stronger and more damaging doses of electricity”. If possible, I would like to have some sources on that.

  • The action mechanism of electroshocks is not unknown: intracranial electrocution causes traumatic brain injury, that is the “effectiveness” and the ravages of the treatment. Electroshocks are a simple mutilation, visible after autopsy. Those who practice electroshock should be treated like excisers, that is, imprisoned without the possibility of escaping.

    Saying that electroshocks are good for some too depressed people is like saying that excision is good for some too sensual women.


  • In France, it already exists: it is called the “care program”. When you are discharged from a forced hospitalization, you are put into “care program”, which means you are obliged to go regularly to make you inject a delayed neuroleptic. If you do not do it, the psychiatrist can convert your “care program” into forced hospitalization, and the police come to you to embark you, if necessary by kicking down the door (because it is an “emergency”).

    This is French psychiatry.

  • “Early psychosis programs” are an obvious trojan horse for the “early medication programs”. It is so obvious that some psychiatrists do not hide it: Professor Patrice Boyer, former president of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), claims an early pharmaceutical treatment before psychosis: for “bizarre”, “antisocial”, “aggressive” and “irritable” people (yes!).

    Many psychiatrists in Europe already apply this program by giving neuroleptics to non-psychotic people (i.e.: depressives, school dropouts …), and thus cause real psychosis after one or two years.


  • Drug addiction can be confused with psychosis because psychiatrists essentially test deviance in a very unspecific ways.

    For example, if an addict is brought against his will to a psychiatrist, he will likely have a high score on many PANSS items, because of the circumstances and therefore be qualified as psychotic.

    It is not so much that the addict “mimics” the psychotic, but rather that the psychiatrist confuses them in the same entity: deviance.

  • Harrow’s study merely shows schizophrenics are:

    _ 3 times more likely to be in recovery after 2 years,
    _ 8 times more likely to be in recovery after 15 years,

    if they take NO neuroleptics.

    (Harrow, 2007, pdf p. 5, figure 2)

    There is NO study that proves neuroleptics are effective in the long term, and yet this is the STANDARD treatment for over 50 years.

    There is A LOT of studies for compart one neuroleptic to another in the sort term, but virtually NONE to compare a neuroleptic to a placebo in the long-term.

    Neuroleptics are one of the largest scientific scams in all psychiatry: lifetime treatment simply has NO evidence of efficacy, yet it is the STANDARD treatment; almost all research money is invested to compare neuroleptics AMONG THEM, while NONE prove its long-term effectiveness against placebo!

    It’s a ridiculous bullshit, just like the insulin comas that NEVER prove their effectiveness, and that have been used for decades! No science, zero science in that, and they want we take psychiatry seriously?

    You seriously believe that you can “correct” psychiatry? Medicine must get rid of psychiatry as astronomy got rid of astrology. Science demands science, and everything else must be thrown into the garbage: no money for crooks and dealers!

    Harrow, M., Jobe, T. H. (2007) Factors Involved in Outcome and Recovery in Schizophrenia Patients Not on Antipsychotic Medications: A 15-Year Multifollow-Up Study. J Nerv Ment Dis 2007;195: 406–414. DOI: 10.1097/01.nmd.0000253783.32338.6e. http://www.mentalhealthexcellence.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/OutcomeFactors.pdf

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