Even Docs Get Killed by Akathisia


The following is an open letter published in response to an article we ran in Around the Web recently, “Why ‘Happy’ Doctors Die by Suicide.”

From RxISK: “Pamela Wible, M.D. has been one of the leading voices speaking out about physician suicide.  She has done a lot of good, too, by being open about the abuse of doctors by the system – students and junior folks especially – instead of just reciting bland slogans about mental illness and ‘stigma.’

A week ago, however, she blogged about ‘Why Happy Doctors Die By Suicide.’  It was also published on Medscape, a bigger and more corporate-type audience than she usually gets.  It’s a big step backwards.

The doctor guy whose death she recounts was clearly a victim of his psychiatric treatment far more than his professional or personal angst.  Yet she turns his death into a sanitized plea for less harsh treatment of doctors (by the ungrateful public, mainly) and easier access to treatment.

Here’s my ‘open letter’ response.”

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  1. A bartender can be charged for giving too much alcohol .

    “Bartenders who serve intoxicated patrons may be at risk for legal and civil charges as a result of these actions. Many states have enacted legislation to allow for prosecution and civil suits of commercial establishments that serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals or to minors.”

    And the doctor was on a mind altering substance like alcohol.

    Heads I win, tails you lose. Win- Win for psychiatry
    With no science to measure good thoughts to bad thoughts from being chemically altered it still is a win-win position for psychiatry.

    If the patient does well after given-forced medicines, psychiatry helped.
    If the patient does poorly after given-forced medication, psychiatry says we told you he/she was ill. We are trying to help.