Schizophrenia and Suicide: Is There a Drug Connection?


From The Baltimore Sun: “Dr. Healy and his co-authors argue that the likeliest explanation for the excess of suicides in the modern-day cohort is due to so-called ‘antipsychotic’ drugs, which did not become available until the 1950s. In a previous paper, Dr. Healy analyzed RCT data for the antipsychotics Risperdal, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Serdolect and Geodon. He found the rate of suicidal acts in the treatment arm was almost four times that of the placebo arm. There were no suicides out of 1,351 patients given placebo, whereas the 12,817 patients in the treatment arm included 33 completed suicides.

Or as Dr. Healy put it, graphically and succinctly, ‘When it comes to dead bodies in current psychotropic trials, there are a greater number of them in the active treatment groups than in the placebo groups. This is quite different from what happens in penicillin trials or trials of drugs that really work.’ ”

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  1. Drugs used for ‘schizophrenia’ cause AKATHISIA which causes SUICIDE

    Dr Philip Hickey

    Dr Allen Frances 1983


    “..Significant symptoms of akathisia occur in:

    around 20% of people on an antidepressant

    at least 50% of people on low doses of an antipsychotic

    up to 80% or more people on higher doses of an antipsychotic

    healthy volunteers as well as “patients”..”


    “…Neuro-psychologist Dennis Staker had drug-induced akathisia for two days. His description of his experience was this: “It was the worst feeling I have ever had in my entire life…”

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    • One of the most depressing things about this, is that the pharmaceutical companies could likely prevent most, if not all of this by adding 1mg. of manganese (Mn) to every antipsychotic and (probably) SSRI tablet they produced. The antipsychotics chelate manganese out of the body- supplemental manganese seems to be an effective treatment for drug induced dyskinesia, suggesting it could be used to prevent same in smaller quantities. But then the added cost would reduce the companies’ profit margin on their drugs (AAAA!), certainly much more important than having patients who don’t twitch and compulsively march about for the rest of their lives.

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  2. “If you look at asylum records both in north Wales and elsewhere, up to about 1950, people with schizophrenia didn’t commit suicide. They just didn’t. This was not an illness that led to people actually going on to kill themselves. It’s the combination of the illness and its treatment that results in people actually committing suicide.”

    The drugs are the problem is the truth. Especially given the reality that the antipsychotics (aka neuroleptics) create both the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia. The negative symptoms are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and the positive symptoms are created via antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    But our psychiatrists claim ignorance of these medically known antipsychotic induced syndrome/toxidrome, because both are conveniently missing from their scientific fraud based DSM “bible.”

    The truth is “schizophrenia” is not a scientifically valid disease. But, no doubt, being stigmatized with this “bullshit” disorder …

    Then “conspired” against by all “mental health” workers, and forced to take these neurotoxic drugs, is maddening. And most certainly could, and apparently has, resulted in lots of suicides.

    If we lived in a just world, all psychiatrists would be jailed for their mass murder of millions and millions of innocent people, with their psych drugs, in recent decades.

    It’s a shame our psychiatrists did not learn from their previous holocausts, and are participating in still another, modern day psychiatric holocaust. Repeating the worst of history is what stupid people do, psychiatrists. Wake up, and please end your modern day psychiatric holocaust of innocent people.

    By the way, the vast majority of the psychiatrists’ clients today are NOT “violent” people. They are innocent child abuse survivors, in other words, victims of “violent” sexual predators.

    Today, “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).”

    The DSM “bible” was intentionally designed as a child abuse covering up “bible.” Today NO “mental health” worker may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER, unless they misdiagnose them with one of the billable DSM disorders.

    Does this qualify psychiatry as a child sacrificing religion? Most certainly the child abuse covering up DSM “bible” believers are anti-Christian, mine were even Holy Spirit blasphemers, according to medical records. So the Christian religions should get out of bed with with DSM “bible” believers. Oh, but they can’t, because the DSM “bible” believers have turned covering up the mainstream religions’ “zipper troubles” into a multibillion dollar business.

    “It’s too profitable” to stop stigmatizing and neurotoxic poisoning the innocent little children.

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