It’s Time for Psychology to Lead, Not Follow


From Psychology Today: “One of the most powerful constructs I know is called supervenience. It helps us understand why knowledge at one level of analysis can be irrelevant at another.

For example: When you watch a movie on a screen, you are seeing arrangements of pixels. The movie is 100 percent dependent on pixels and cannot exist apart from them. But knowledge of pixels is irrelevant to understanding movie. We could know everything there is to know about pixeIs and have no concept of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or the battle for the empire.

Movie supervenes on pixels.

Likewise, mind supervenes on brain. Mind depends on brain and cannot exist apart from it. But knowledge of brain is not knowledge of mental life. They are different levels of analysis requiring different concepts and methods.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), under the direction of Tom Insel, made the assumption that mental health problems are ‘brain disease’ and neurobiology would unlock the cure for all manner of mental and emotional suffering. NIMH bet the farm and failed spectacularly.

Now Insel says, ‘I spent 13 years at NIMH really pushing on neuroscience… and when I look back on that I realize that while I think I succeeded in getting lots of cool papers published by cool scientists at fairly large costs—I think $20 billion—I don’t think we moved the needle in reducing suicide, reducing hospitalizations, improving recovery for the tens of millions of people who have mental illness. I hold myself accountable for that.’

No, they did not move the needle. That $20 billion gamble with taxpayer money did not improve the mental health of one single person. Not one. Despite endless promises, there is no biological test for any mental health condition. There are no new or better treatments. But, hey, what’s $20 billion among friends?

Neurobiology is one level of analysis, mental life is another. Thoughts and feelings must be studied at their own level of analysis. The brain is the subject matter of neurobiology and mental life is the subject matter of psychology. There are, of course, areas of intersection and overlap, but neither can supplant the other.”

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  1. “Mind depends on brain and cannot exist apart from it.” Is there proof of this statement? Not to my knowledge. At least that’s not what those who’ve had near death experiences contend. What if there’s a soul, and that’s where the mind/consciousness exists? The reality is we don’t know, and making incorrect assumptions is part of why the “mental health” field is in such disrepute today.

    Nonetheless, I agree DSM “bible” believing psychologists are worthless human beings, who do more harm than good. Personally, I believe that the Jungian psychologists’ theories are likely much closer to the truth. So I do hope the psychologists do stop “conspiring” with the scientific fraud based psychiatrists. But since covering up child abuse and rape is the primary actual societal function, both historically and today, of both the psychologists and psychiatrists.

    I can guarantee the psychologists that they will never “help” any child abuse or rape survivor by denying reality, and trying to force someone to accept injustice, or merely “change your thinking.” And the psychiatric drugs don’t cure concerns of abuse either. Starting to actually arrest and convict criminals, the men (and women) who harm women and children, is the solution. Justice is the solution. A return to the rule of law is the solution. Communism doesn’t work, never has, and never will. Just google “communist manifesto” to see the psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers role in the communist take over of America.

    “Can we be proud to be psychologists again?” Based upon personal experience, I know the psychological profession has never confessed, nor made proper amends, nor changed their evil way. In regards to their historic, and continuing, child abuse and rape covering up sins, which are illegal. So I don’t think you should be proud of your profession. I think all of the child abuse and rape covering up “mental health” workers should be ashamed of themselves. And given the statistics, it’s likely most of them actually belong behind bars, for aiding, abetting, and empowering the pedophiles and child sex traffickers on a massive societal scale. Which has led to a very dark time in our countries’ history.

    Take the red pill, and wake up instead. Your industry’s systemic crimes, do have real life systemic consequences. The psychologists and psychiatrists, and all their “mental health” minions’, systemic child abuse and rape covering up crimes are destroying our country. And it’s all by DSM design.

    Both the psychologists and psychiatrists, and all their “mental health” minion, actually need to get out of the child abuse and rape covering up business.

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