Cops Are Illegally Detaining and Hurting Mental Health Patients


From VICE: “Vermont is a surprising case study in how things can quickly go wrong when hospitals invite police inside. At least nine of Vermont’s 14 emergency rooms, including six of its eight hospitals serving rural populations, have been cited by national regulators over the past five years for improperly calling police to help with mental health patients.

As Vermont’s Department of Mental Health noted in a report from April of this year, federal requirements mandate only hospital staff are permitted to handle patients in psychiatric care. Outside contractors, like private security officers, need to be trained and ‘under the supervision’ of hospital staff when handling patients. And police officers ‘cannot lay hands on an individual who is committing (or has committed) a crime in the emergency department unless they are going to arrest and remove the individual,’ the report said.

But those standards have been ignored in Vermont hospitals in recent years.

One 2016 hospital report describes how a patient seeking treatment for anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts was tackled by police with an arm-bar takedown; the officers then handcuffed the patient’s arm to a bed. Five officers were called in 2018 to intimidate a patient who was refusing to accept medication for their bipolar disorder. And in two different hospitals last fall, county sheriffs called by staff Tasered two separate patients seeking treatment for mental health issues, neither of whom were in police custody at the time. Only five hospitals nationally were cited in 2018 for the improper use of Tasers; the two in Vermont were the only ones outside major urban areas.”

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  1. Not sure why they need the cops, short staffed perhaps.

    Well never speak your frustrations out loud. Even if you look agitated, how ever that looks, they can and will
    say whatever they need to, to defend actions.

    The needs of pervs get met, more often than people know.
    shadenfreude and all that.
    Shadenfreude is emotion the brain tries to protect you from, and one that can’t be shared. Some shadenfreude can be extreme anxiety, causing disgust, masquerading as pleasure that shames. It is quite complicated. 🙂

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  2. “Vice” is NOT known as an un-biased “news” source, and this very biased article is no exception. The whole tone is, “Oh, those poor helpless MENTAL PATIENTS being assaulted and even tasered by those evil thug cops!”….I find it mildly disgusting and demeaning to not only cops, but those “poor mental patients”. Most so-called “mental patients” are on multiple neuro-toxins, – the standard, so-called “polypharmacy” practice of the pseudoscience known as “psychiatry”. What exactly is “psychiatric care”, and how is it any different from regular medical care? Is the problem perhaps that so-called “psychiatric care” is NOT appropriate in traditional ER and hospital settings? I’m in New Hampshire, just across the river from Vermont, and things are much the same here. The so-called “mental health” system is a BROKEN JOKE. The local hospital often relies on LIES told by Staff at the local “Community Mental Health Center”, and then uses those lies to justify locking folks in isolation holding cells which the deceptively call “pods”. The Pod People, like something out of the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. And the bodies of the so-called “mental patients” are then transported from the isolation holding cells to the State Mental Hospital, by Sheriff’s Deputies, in handcuffs and shackles. My friend has had this inflicted on her at least 15 or 20 times over the last few years. As bad as the REALITY is, the skewed, “fake news” propaganda here from “Vice” only makes things worse by biased reporting. So-called “mental patients” can be very violent, even overtly suicidal or homicidal. Who better than the cops to deal with such people? Liberal “progressive” voices such as “Vice” are babbling in circles, sowing confusion, mis-information, and dis-information. Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders, is a quasi-Socialist nightmare of homelessness, drug addiction, gross over-drugging of so-called “mental patients”, crime, and dysfunction. “Vice” proves that much here, but also seems intent on presenting only a very biased, distorted, skewed picture of reality. And lately, the “Brattleboro Retreat”, an ancient mental hospital in Brattleboro, VT., is in danger of closing from a combination of excessive union demands from employees, bad management, graft, corruption and an impoverished State Government mis-managed by liberal, progressive Democrats and Bernie Sanders Socialists. Even Democrat Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s $1,000/month “Freedom Dividend” isn’t inducement enough to get me to move to Vermont…. There’s a word which best describes Vermont’s treatment of so-called “mental patients”, and that word is GENOCIDE.

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  3. “improperly calling police to help with mental health patients.”

    What about the situation where the mental health services are calling police to improperly deal with citizens?

    Police tell me that should they receive a call from a Community Nurse who requires their assistance to kidnap a citizen (look at the law folks, they only have the power to use police resources with people who have been diagnosed with a serious MI) they will willingly oblige. And this also allows the Community Nurse to authorise the ‘spiking’ of their newly found mental paitent with stupefying/intoxicating drugs before police subject them to interrogations.

    It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship which allows arbitrary detentions and the use of known torture methods.

    And do you think there is a soul who will stand up to these thugs and say “You know what. This is wrong”? Not where I live, they will all do as they are told and turn their backs on the victims of these human rights abusers. I mean why would they rock the boat, it’s never going to be them who is affected by the use of torture right?

    I wonder if there is just one police officer left who agrees that using torture methods is actually detrimental to our community, or that arbitrary detentions may actually result in the further corruption of an already damaged system. Because if you wish to become a career criminal these days you would be better off studying medicine as it will provide you with safe haven from any prosecution for acts of torture, kidnapping and killing.

    I have letters from senior police and the Chief Psychiatrist proving they have given carte blanche to doctors (neh, even a Community Nurse can authorise the spiking of citizens without knowledge minus any prescribing rights when police exercise their disretionary powers to allow his criminal conduct) with negligence resulting in zero accountability.

    On one hand we have politicians saying the conduct is “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” and on the other we have a police superintendent saying “go for it, spike em before we put a gun to their heads and threaten to shoot them if they don’t confess”. A confession obtained using these methods perfectly acceptable in our courts, but documented proof that you have been ‘spiked’ is considered “insufficient admissible evidence”.

    Those who would pervert the course of justice deserve to be imprisoned, not paid for the crimes they are enabling.

    I saw one young mans video when he was being threatened with pack rape by a police officer being described by our Police Commissioner as being a “poor choice of words”. I mean I get it that these are considered ‘coercive methods’ but …… seriously?

    I’ve heard it said that you get what you pay for, and these criminals who are running rampant in our hospital system are costing us more than a few taxpayer dollars. And the newspapers are worried about our politicians using corporate credit cards for prostitutes, so they have started sexually assaulting the staff to keep costs down? I think a serious look at the way money is being spent in mental health services for corruption management might result in better cost savings.

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