6-Year-Old Girl Baker Acted Without Parent Consent


From NBC News: “A 6-year-old Florida girl was committed for two days to a mental health facility without her mother’s consent after allegedly throwing a temper tantrum at school, an attorney for the family said.

The child was allegedly given anti-psychotic medications at the center, also without the permission of her mother, Martina Falk …

Falk’s lawyer, Reganel Reeves, said a mental health counselor was called to the school because Nadia was reportedly having a tantrum and throwing chairs.

The counselor evaluated Nadia, who has ADHD and has been diagnosed with a mood disorder, and determined that she needed to be committed under the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, commonly known as the Baker Act.”

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  1. At such young age, the child may suffer irremediable emotional – cognitive damage from the experience of confining and neuroleptic medication.

    Must be determined what or who is at the root of this antidemocratic and destructive public system that allows such practices. I think most people are against it, so why is left to stay in place?

    It seems to me that the law-making people are misinformed about the nature of antipsychotics, about their real purpose and way of action at biological level.

    I think the law-making people should be targeted in first stance by the anti-psychiatry activism, not the general public or the scientific community. Changing the laws is the #1 emergency.

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    • Absolutely agree with Andrei. If we’re not fighting this as a battle against our opposition, then all we’re doing is whining and arguing. And so long as our opposition has the authorities on their side, then that’s the #1 thing that needs to change. Drugging a child with neuroleptics is absolutely child abuse, and a horrific abuse at that, with permanent consequences. The police should be locking people up for doing this.

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