The Diagnosis Debate: It’s an Old Story, But It’s Important, and It’s News


From Psychology Today: “As I age, I can see slow improvements in service provision and public attitudes, but I remain worried about the parlous state of our mental health services. We need to move away from the assumption that our more difficult emotions are merely symptoms of mental illness. This is only one way of thinking about them, with advantages and disadvantages. Biomedical psychiatry does not have a monopoly of understanding, and there are alternative perspectives—valid and based on sound scientific evidence—that deserve to be given consideration. This is much more than merely acknowledging the (obvious, undisputed) role of social factors on what are nevertheless seen as disorders or illnesses, it means a paradigm shift.

That’s why I’m still campaigning. And, now, why I’m a signatory on an Open Letter to the leaders of the American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization, and others developing psychiatric diagnostic manuals, asking these leaders to reflect on the purpose and aim of diagnostic systems (as a mechanism for the marketing of medications and professions versus a genuine attempt to improve well-being), address financial conflicts of interest, permit democratic oversight and governance, incorporate a breadth of scientific and philosophical perspectives, and address the scientific failings of conventional approaches.”

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  1. I am glad that Peter has the intelligence to think and reconsider.
    I regret so many people have passed on, knowing they are
    not “mentally ill”, nor are they damaged goods.
    They knew, but could not get anyone to agree and speak their language.
    If it makes psychiatry feel special that hoards of people died, knowing
    someone saw them as damaged or broken, that it came from an expert
    on brokenness… tragic.
    These people were caught, caught by greed and selfishness, people that could not
    ever own up to their own imperfect humanity.
    It is beyond tragic that psychiatry continues to do this psychological damage
    and gets away with it.
    It becomes legacy for families. Psychiatry AND psychology are guilty of these crimes.

    I do not believe in Karma….it is what it is. It is satisfactory that those who passed away
    no longer have to listen to crap diagnosis, crap ideas of “mental illness”.
    I am sure that after we die, we no longer have the business of experts
    who know what is wrong with the person who came to them for guidance on how
    to be human or live their life.,

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  2. I’m grateful to Peter for attempting to keep the conversation going, because I agree, it is important. To maintain a scientific fraud based “mental health” system, that is very literally murdering 8 million innocent people a year, every year, is totally unacceptable.

    I’m glad he also pointed out the systemic psychiatric misdiagnosis of sexual assault survivors, due to a lack of proper DSM billing codes, problem. And this is a DSM problem in regards to rape of women, as well as children.

    But it’s not just a “borderline” misdiagnosis problem, it’s a misdiagnosis of sexual assault survivors, within all the “psychotic and affective” disorders as well. Given that today, “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).”

    Our current DSM based “mental health” industries really are more of a group of child abuse and rape covering up industries, given the fact that over 80% of those labeled with the serious DSM disorders, are child abuse and/or rape survivors.

    Of course, covering up child abuse and rape is illegal for the so called “mental health” workers, since they’re all “mandatory reporters.” But given the huge percentages of misdiagnosed child abuse and rape survivors mislabeled with the DSM disorders, obviously covering up child abuse and rape is the number one actual function of our “mental health” workers.

    And, as a mom of a child abuse survivor, who was attacked by child rape profiteering “mental health” workers, prior to mentally coming to grips with the reality that my 4 year old child had been sodomized. Well, suffice it to say, once the medical evidence of the abuse was finally handed over, I had to overcome my denial. And the denial of my systemic child abuse and rape profiteering “mental health” workers.

    I can say with 100% certainty that no one investigates into real cases of child abuse – not the “mental health” workers (they want to neurotoxic poison the child abuse survivors), not the police, not the religious leaders, not CPS, not the school social workers or teachers, not the FBI, not the States Attorney’s offices, no one. And when I reported the systemic child abuse covering up crimes of my childhood religion to the Chicago police, I was very literally told to “go talk to a psychiatrist.” Despite the fact that psychiatrists are not responsible for arresting the pedophiles.

    I was able to scare the school, where some of the abuse may have happened, into closing it’s doors forever however. Innocent schools don’t choose to close their doors forever, on of all days 6.6.06, for no reason, now do they? So hopefully, I was able to protect some children.

    But we still do need to point out these systemic child abuse and rape covering up, and profiteering, crimes of our so called “mental health” workers. Since they are murdering 8 million innocent people a year, which needs to stop.

    Not to mention, these systemic “mental health” industries’ child abuse and rape covering up crimes are destroying all of Western civilization. Because, of course, having a bunch of “mental health” industries, which systemically cover up child abuse and rape, also functions to aid, abet, and empower the child molesters and child sex traffickers.

    So now pedophilia and child sex trafficking are enormous societal problems. Kudos to our insane “mental health” industries, who all went off believing that all distress is caused by “chemical imbalances” in peoples’ brains. Wrong, and stop murdering 8 million innocent people every year.

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  3. While I understand this link below takes the article a bit further, I think a moment of pause might be of consideration.
    The New Hampshire Judicial system has created a precedent here that may not wholly be in MH patients & clients best interests or life experience.
    Being as, many NH circuit courts “release” (through closed door, probate hearings) individuals into the “managed care” of private “designated receiving facilities/care givers” for care, custody and control. Some of these service providers, in their private policy deem: when a client is over 18, private policy does NOT include family in treatment and care.
    In a worst case scenario, it seems, if a situation arose where life support decisions were to be implemented and carried out, unfortunately, family is not even considered.

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