Rachel Jane Liebert: Decolonizing Early Psychosis


Do early psychosis programs serve healing – or function as surveillance and control? Are treatments for paranoia actually themselves forms of paranoia, based on scientific racism and white supremacy? By defining and enforcing “normal” does psychiatry wage a war on the imagination?

Rachel Jane Liebert is a multi-media artist and Critical Psychology senior lecturer at the University of East London, using feminist research to decolonize modern psychiatry. Her new book Psycurity: Colonialism, Paranoia, and the War on Imagination brings her background as a Pakeha (white/settler) New Zealander to free madness from whiteness and express the imaginative potential of states labeled paranoia.


Psycurity – Colonialism, Paranoia, and the War on Imagination, 1st Edition

Rachel Jane Liebert

Academia – Rachel Jane Liebert



  1. Thanks for this contribution Will and Rachel.

    I can identify with your disappointment at College. I felt the same way about the potential of Psychology when I was young. But Practical Psychology worked for me, when I was coming off ‘antipsychotics’ and suffering from terrible Anxiety.

    In this (so called) Study UK born Afro Caribbeans are nearly 10 times more likely to ‘suffer’ from “Schizophrenia” than a UK traditional person. This can’t be realistic:-


    I know that Psychiatric Drugs cause Disability and Illness and that coming off psychiatric drugs Can be very difficult, and that Doctors in Mental Health tell lies all the time – and I can prove this:-


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