Mad in Brasil TV

Mad in Brasil has launched MIB TV, an innovative communication space open to public participation. Every two weeks mental health professionals, researchers, users of psychiatry, family members and leaders of popular movements will discuss articles of interest on Mad in Brasil.

For non-Portuguese speakers, the discussions can be automatically translated by selecting the CC button, then choosing ‘Auto translate’.

Episode 1 discusses issues relating to mental health while in quarantine arising from coronavirus.


  1. No thanks.
    I’m not a consumer of anything “mental health”, nor “recovered”, nor “survivor”, nor “mental wellness”.
    I refuse to partake of such things when those who buy the propaganda or sell it, are crazier than crazy.
    I hope you are educating people in isolation that their feelings, emotions are all “normal”, of course not that anyone is in power to distinguish normal from abnormal, for another human.
    I have no need for someone elses delusions.

    However, we can usually detect crazy and that comes in so many shapes, forms and colours, in language, in actions. We can simply observe crazy, and steer clear of it, as best we can.

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