Depression and Anxiety: How Inequality Is Driving the Mental Health Crisis


FromĀ BigĀ Think:Ā “The single biggest thing that will affect people’s anxiety is not knowing if you’re going to be thrown out of your home next month or how you’re going to feed your children. And I think there’s an element of cruel optimism in telling a country of people living paycheck to paycheck that they should be responding to the anxiety they’re experiencing this moment primarily by meditating and switching off the news. That’s not going to solve the problem. The single most important thing that has to be done to deal with people’s depression and anxiety is to deal with the financial insecurity they’re facing.”



  1. Mental health Services actually fixed my anxiety about being thrown out of my home and how I would feed my children. They fuking destroyed me for complaining about being snatched out of my bed and tortured with the acquiescence of police (who assisted in the torture) and so I don’t have a home or a ‘family’ to be anxious about any more.

    My concerns these days revolve around who can drug me without my knowldege with what drugs, and if when I go to sleep I am going to have someone plant a weapon on me for police to find and justify a police killing of a ‘mentally ill person’. Which of course is what I was listed as on the police system as a result of a single lie by a Community Nurse.

    Shame these vile animals can’t actually do the right thing and put their errors right. Just so much easier to kill their problems and cover it up with fraud and slander. Good people don’t kill to keep their reputation as good people.

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