Donald Trump’s Assault on Mental Health


From CNN: “President Trump called Speaker Nancy Pelosi a ‘sick woman’ with ‘a lot of mental problems’ after she criticized his usage of hydroxychloroquine. Chris Cillizza explains how Trump has a pattern of using mental health and mental illness to mock and denigrate his enemies.”



    • It means big majority of them make sure that you will suffer much more. Covertly?
      It is blessed by governments although I think many politicians might be getting curious why it is costing so much.

      One would think the Canadian government would do something really radical, totally new. I mean why not? Why not show the rest of the world just how radically different we can be?
      I think it could catch on.

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  1. Since we are in a national moment in our history where both the most obvious and more subtle form of racism are being examined, SHOULD WE NOT BEING DOING THE SAME WHEN IT COMES TO THE TREMENDOUS HARM DONE BY THE MEDICAL MODEL’S LABELING AND CONCEPTS OF “MENTAL ILLNESS!!!”

    How is this posting any different than saying “all lives matter” or “buildings matter too.”

    This posting which belongs on NAMI’s website, should be removed from MIA’s website immediately. I don’t think the person who posted it should be fired, but instead, let’s use it as a very important teachable moment about everything that is wrong with the Medical Model and the related “liberal” perspective in society that perpetuates it.


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      • I don’t want to. The headline alone makes me ill.
        I pray it’s actually beneficial to a favorable outcome.
        Not now, not today. But it really shows what psychiatry has done.
        And how they scrambled to come up with the “stigma” campaign, to
        whitewash themselves.

        Sure it’s working for the majority, but it is NOT working for a LOT of highly intelligent folks.

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    • I’m not sure how this is different in principle from all the articles about diagnosing Trump, or myriad other articles which uphold the medical model. Not that it isn’t worth mentioning.

      However all the cool kids are talking about extending the “defund” theme to “DEFUND PSYCHIATRY!” as well. Feel free to promulgate this. The mental patients liberation movement identified psychiatry as a parallel police force as far back as 1976. So this is not appropriation, just attention to detail.

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    • Could you possibly shed some light on why therapists and counselors (apart from psychiatrists) are willing to be a part of the DSM diagnosing scheme – especially when, as I understand it, their ethics demand that they do no harm?

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