NCMHR Calls for Ending Police Role in Mental Health Crises


From National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery: “In light of the repeated senseless killings by police officers of African Americans‚ÄĒmany of whom are in a mental health crisis‚ÄĒthe National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR) strongly supports the call by racial justice groups to ‘unbundle the police’ and transfer a significant portion of police funding to health and human services‚ÄĒespecially voluntary, community-based services.”



  1. The article makes sense, as the cop style, as taught, just invites action based on distorted perception of the officer as a caricature martinet, space alien, robot or any other sort of caricature being- not the way to be talking someone into a facility, which is likely to be another story in strangeness.
    This is where people like us come in, particularly if there are a number of us with a variety of “diagnoses” and some have had adventures where we were stranded among the aliens, giving us a good idea how to act in a tense time like that. What we need is somewhere to take the distraught that is somewhere better than the hospital, with its intense lighting and harried staff rushing everywhere.

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  2. Watch as I jump out of the frying pan and …… do people not understand that police with guns AND drugs are more of a problem that police with guns?

    In my instance the Community Nurse used the police to induce an acute stress reaction to assist him in subjecting a citizen to an act of torture. Okay, so we expect our police here to torture, they’ve been doing that for years (see the Kennedy Royal Commission report into police conduct which sets out the fact we were doing what they do in Guantanamo Bay in the 1980s, and then some). And these people who are literally unaccountable (because police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code when one has the proof of torture and kidnapping, as they commit acts of fraud to make a citizen a “patient” to deny human and civil rights) want to take money from police and fund their viciousness? Lets hope the public are as aware of the negligence, fraud and slander that is called ‘mental health’ as a result of years of these human rights abuses being whispered about behind their backs.

    Lets take the opportunity to defund the police AND psychiatry

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