UK ‘Sleepwalking’ to Mental Health Crisis as Pandemic Takes Its Toll


From The Guardian: “Health experts and charities have told the Observer the coming winter will devastate the mental wellbeing of the nation as lockdown uncertainty, fear, isolation and loneliness are exacerbated by the colder and darker months ahead.

In England, the Centre for Mental Health has predicted that up to 10 million people – almost a fifth of the population – will need mental health support as a direct consequence of Covid-19, with 1.5 million of those expected to be children and young people under 18. The effect on patients with pre-existing mental health problems and on those from underprivileged backgrounds is even greater, painting a bleak picture for those already suffering.”

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    The best thing I have to keep this relevant doesn’t involve the UK but the situation is the same in many Western countries (the most interesting thing is that CNN is now reporting on this stuff):


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