Oprah & Dr. Bruce Perry Examine Childhood Trauma in New Book ‘What Happened to You?’


From CBS This Morning: Tony Dokoupil: Oprah Winfrey is challenging all of us to examine and actually reexamine how the trauma that all of us experienced in one way or another as children can shape our world view today as adults. It’s part of a new book she co-wrote with psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Perry; Oprah urges people to flip the question “What’s wrong with you?” to instead ask “What happened to you?”

Ever since I dipped into the book “What Happened To You?”, I’ve been looking at everybody on the street as a “former newborn,” in your phrase, Oprah. That really gets to what the title represents: a reframing of how we look at one another. It’s subtle, but it’s very profound.

Oprah: It’s subtle, but profound and powerful . . . Each of us creates a unique worldview shaped by our life’s experiences, and most of that comes—that worldview is shaped when you are a child.

Dokoupil: The very same part of the brain that’s learning language is also learning lessons in trauma . . . Once you understand the script that led to you today, what happened to you, you can rewrite that script,

Oprah: Having somebody who sees you, fully sees and recognizes you and you can connect to that, changes the way you view yourself and view the world. And that’s why “what happened to you” is so important to all of us.

Dr. Perry: Healing really comes from these moments where people are present, attentive, attuned, and truly see you, as Oprah says.

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  1. Bruce Perry is a man who tells it like it is, backed by solid research. The psych mainstream really WANTS to dismiss him completely, but can’t, because he’s so solidly based in research. They have chosen to coopt and minimize his contributions, focusing on “trauma changes the brain” as a means to justify more drugging, and forgetting Bruce’s main theme, which is, “Healthy relationships can HEAL the brain, even in adulthood.” The latter message is unacceptable and has been muted by every possible means the psych professions have had at their disposal. This looks like an important read. I hope that Oprah’s stamp of approval gets it the wide viewing it most likely deserves.

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    • Everybody suffers from PTSD (to an extent) as a result of life experience. For some people their life experience is such, that it eventually kills them.

      It’s also possible to suffer from a type of (potentially disabling) drug induced PTSD.

      Eckhart Tolle (also featured by Oprah Winfrey) promotes solutions for PTSD through the observation of what he describes as the “Pain Body”. His technique does work, but it takes practice.

      Eckhart Tolle:- Pain Body

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    • Yes Psych will use, latch onto whatever they can to further their industry. Can’t blame it on pharma because in the end, psych has the choice.
      So of course everything shapes the brain, the mind, outlook.

      To pretend there are drugs for it, to try and name it is the falsity.

      The results of soteria and other such places of inclusion and community are pure evidence that labels and drugs ruin lives.

      I will say it again, psych is the biggest barrier to making a better world for everyone. It is simply another industry that thinks they are needed just because there is a shitty system. EVERY SINGLE person that I have seen, known, under psych care, has not benefitted.

      Why is that?

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  2. Inquiring and thinking minds who are now psychiatric survivors should be skeptical of all this. The fact that it is on MSM during this particular time period is worrisome and confusing. The fact that it seems that Dr. Bruce Perry feels he needs such a big name prominent person as Oprah Winfrey to help get his message across should be considered and questioned. Perhaps, if an honest big name celebrity could speak of their psychiatric abuse on MSM that might be helpful to the cause; but right now we must retain a strong degree of skepticism or we will find that again we have fallen down into another rabbit hole and this rabbit hole might take a little more wiggling to get out and get our freedom back. Question everything. Your life and the lives of those you love depend on it. Thank you.

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