Are New Guidelines in Order? The Psychexperience – Interview with Robert Whitaker


Dr. Nardi, a psychologist and psychiatrist and creator of the New England Psychiatry Mentorship Institute (NEPMI), interviews Bob Whitaker about his work, particularly his 2010 book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America. Dr. Nardi describes the typical listener of The Psychexperience podcast as “a compassionate mental health provider who is, for the most part, fed up with the way psychiatry has been practiced; finding it very challenging to navigate the style of prescribing that our current mindset has led to… [and] open-minded to new information and to data.”

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  1. Great Podcast, but what did you do with the integration of the ARTS/Sciences? To think about what it means to be human seemingly is not a picking up of tempo but rather to relax and engage in communication. What role does the tech play as the in between is a societal experience is drawn into a form of “work” monetized falsely through the tech of affirming the thinking through tech to the exclusion of the human? (as in responding to a podcast, as insightful as it it, never the less a medium detached and removed from human. To address a management perspective outside of the psych experience, see Russell Ackoff’s Redesigning Society. The language unique to psychology and psychiatry may also be part of the problem. Thanks again.

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