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  • The article would have been more compelling for me had the title been a more straightforward, something more like, “There are no hashtags “melockedupyoutoo?# Because People Aren’t Nutz!”

    In other words, talk immediately about retaliation because we know that’s the answer already.

    But I’m biased. I’m sick of being told on these pages my thoughts are tangential, in a reprimand.

    Ex. I point out psychiatry is a religion and its ‘tangential,’ until a male pro writer says the same thing.

  • Lori,

    Words. What can I say? Others have said your story is important. Your story is not alone.

    Your story should be shared with Americans, with Congress.

    Our stories should be shared with Americans, Congress.

    My story, part of it, is here, too.

    We need federal counts of psychiatric detainment. We need review of laws surrounding Big Pharma, insurance payments and psychiatry, the DSM, the labels, the drugs. All the stuff hiding dangerously behind the lame label: “mental health care.”

    Good luck is not good enough but good luck going forward.


    “All-ages rates (per 100,000 people) of emergency detentions ranged from 29 in Connecticut to 966 in Florida. In 22 states with continuous 2012–2016 data, the average rate increased from 273 to 309. In four of five states with separate counts for adults and minors, rates over time for both were nearly parallel. In eight states that provided relevant data, the mean longer-term detention rate was 42% of a state’s average emergency detention rate. Only one state provided length-of-stay data, and one counted both detentions and persons detained. In 24 states—accounting for 51.9% of the U.S. population—591,402 emergency involuntary detentions were recorded in 2014, the most recent year with most states reporting, a crude rate of 357 per 100,000.”

    Last line says maybe one million emergency voluntary detentions in 2014, extrapolating based on 24 states.

  • “The most reliable data available suggests that millions of Americans from many walks of life have been subjected to psychiatric detentions and treatment against their will, and millions more have experienced unwanted psychiatric coercion under threat of commitment.”

    Millions since “asylums”? Time frame is needed in the above opening statement. This argument is too important. Sloppy guesses can only hurt.

    As I recall, there are no numbers connected to the source mentioned later in the piece.

    “This darkness and dearth of data is something I repeatedly ran into during the research for Your Consent Is Not Required, and it’s also an issue that UCLA social welfare professor and author David Cohen has exposed through stalwart efforts to simply find out how many people nationally are getting psychiatrically detained.”

    I’ve looked at the article in the past. Does anyone one year studied suggest millions?

    This is very imporant.

    There are probably a small number of horror stories like mine, short of millions. We can’t be as bad with our data and arguments as the corruption we’re fighting.

  • boans, i can only say lame words. You’re from Australia; I’m from the former leading democracy, sewer of Michigan. We are both in the cateogry of “extremely screwed” by psychiatry.

    People don’t beleive our stories because they are too over the top with too many true horrifying details. Frankly, without my own story, I would definitely be inclined to disbelieve yours.

    But a count is critical. How many in the extrememly screwed category?

  • About retaliation, thoughts spurred by this conversation.

    Retaliation comes from work, family, friends, all subsequent medical professionals, everywhere.

    File under retaliation from a friend who in now late middle aged adulthood calls himself a Christian mental health care therapist–which to me is a pretty great indication that there is no science involved here.

    In the spring of 2012, my higher ed employer announced it would use psychiatry to dismantle me. I called my friend in Billerica, Massachusetts. This was before retaliatory psych ward lock up. My friend the Christian therapist told me to forget about it, like I was dealing with the mafia when I was forced to deal with hostile psychiatry.

    I was incredulous. You should talk about sexual abuse but shut up about psychiatric abuse, says the so called mental health care professional?

    Yep, he said, because psychiatry will never admit its mistakes.

    I can’t shut up, was my reply.

    We both were right. And I am still sunk.

    And my former very close friend? Dumped me. When the effects of unchecked criminal and retaliatory psychiatry had turned to mental torture.

  • If something less than half the states report and the figures are horrible, can there be any reliable figures at all?

    Yeah, I’ve searched too.

    I understand the focus of your piece. I just thought the answer to your question was pretty obvious and under explored. As one of few voices I know of who is willing to talk online about involuntary detention and to use my name, first and last, hearing about the specific retaliation other survivors/victims endure would potentially be interesting to me.

    Well, good luck. I recall seeing your query. I’ll see if my library has your book and make a request. Thanks.

  • Absolutely retaliation from a variety of sources should be feared. I did not realize how bad it could get, but I had/have no choice but to use social media anyway. Sixty year old women do not win in America. I’m 59. Been at it for a decade. But the retaliation is far more widespread than I would have imagined: Kiwi Farms, the former state AG, computer hacks, all documented but fabulous and part of an unbelievable story, that is unfortunately for me true. Thanks.

  • Why no hashtag? No surprise, as you discuss: fear, stigma, still big time. People who still need jobs, meaning they are in their working years, realize its a bad idea.

    I would create one, because at almost 60, with my resume and story I will never get another job, so its over for me. But I was kicked off Twitter for trying to express the resulting trauma from involuntary detention.

    One of the writers mentioned in this piece said to me in a Twitter message I was being followed for my story but that my posts were scary. That writer still stands on my wick–and I’ve wondered did they try to kick me off Twitter? Scary is involuntary detention without evaluation, with retaliation instead of equal protection from the standing state attorney general (yes, documented), not trying to express resulting trauma in words. Not even survivors/victims agree/get along. I sensed sexism at play. Yes, its often worst among liberal men because they don’t see themselves as sexist.


  • Okay. Quick read because I know how hopeless real change is. I don’t see any talk of congressional effort in Washington. Isn’t that what is needed? An official legally mandated count which means lawmakers.

    I’ll ask Debbie Stabenow again if she wants to clean up her tattered record (in my view, she has ignored me for a decade) on quality mental health care now that she has announced she is not running again for the senate in 2024.

    Oh I see the David Cohen article now, but there are no conclusive figures there, right?

    I sent around an op ed in the last couple of years asking for an official federal count. I identified myself as a survivor /victim and was turned down by the major newspapers, no surprise.

  • “The most reliable data available suggests that millions of Americans from many walks of life have been subjected to psychiatric detentions and treatment against their will, and millions more have experienced unwanted psychiatric coercion under threat of commitment.”

    Source’s please? What are the numbers? Between what years?


    One of those people February 22-28, 2013. Michigan.

  • Testament. No one will believe me, an old comedian you to say allegedly as he messed with people in public, stealing french fries. Far more serious, no one will believe me. And the brain and full life pain I endure is WAY too much for too long.

    I was Hitler and its not god damn funny. But this isn’t a roller coaster. It’s hell.

    I am screaming in pain, boogers everywhere. Mercy would be a blood clot; be done with this 100% imposed the hell on earth. not suicidal. Not a rollercoaster. Torture is what it is and its not okay to torture me, America!

    The last decade. First criminal psychiatry, then retaliation from my powerful attackers, including jail, because I wouldn’t shut up, then came the internet trolls, Kiwi Farms names themselves among I don’t know who else or how many, then the computer hacks.

    No one will believe me, and the pain is too much for too long.

    I have told my story about criminal psychiatry but for years not talked about the understory of hacks until now. 2023 is the ten year anniversary of my death by criminal psychiatry. Its not clear what will come first, homelessness or the anniversary, and its not okay. None of this okay, Michigan America, my never ending hellf*ck.

    Between 2016 and 2018, at Lake Miramichi, Evart, Michigan, living in a cabin without heat or running water due to imposed poverty, my laptop keyboard intermittently did not work and stopped me from writing, silenced me. I would type a “t” and would get a capital “M.” None of the keys worked properly. Intermittently. Those are just examples. The pattern would change. Next time I would type a “t” and get a “t,” but would type a “g” and get a “!” The dysfunction would come and go. The keyboard never broke. After a few hours of me screaming in pain, the dysfunction would stop. For over two years. I connected that laptop to the internet through a jump drive when I could get a ride to the library. So hacks got in that way, I presume. I took videos. I was screaming and crying in the videos because brain rape hurts a lot.

    In Bay City, Michigan, I have been subject to all kinds of hacks across three devices. It’s been extra thick hell this fall, which caused me to lose my probably last job (work at home customer service). The terror I have been forced to endure in this f*cker’s country is more than anyone will know or believe, hell not a rollercoaster, and its way too much for way too long.

    I can’t even remember right now all the hacks I have endured.

    On the day I was suicide swatted February 22, 2013, my Facebook page appeared to be hacked and the documents I posted from the Oakland Community College sexist gaslight bogus mental health care witchhunt were removed, missing. My new writers website was ransacked when the school launched its attack in 2012. There is has so much suspicious activity and no one will believe me or bother to look at the evidence. No one will help. That’s not a roller coaster. That’s torture in hell on earth.

    On the day before Thanksgiving, this year, I was at the beach, Lake Huron. The place was practically deserted. A figure was hacked into three of the many pictures I took. The figure is a rough red hooded figure from the back, no face, which looks like one of the characters I’ve drawn, based on the iconic little red riding hood.

    Nothing is worth brain rape. Nothing is worth brain rape. I don’t deserve brain rape. I don’t deserve brain rape. Stop stop stop stop stop. Not a rollercoaster. Stop the hell. Stop the torture of me, my f*cker country. Putting up with your f*cking crap for a decade I have proven I was never suicidal, but my America is an inferno of cruelty that won’t stop.

    Prosecute St Mary Mercy Trinity Health with human trafficking. Statute of limitation 25 years. Three disparate sets of medical records prove my claim: I was not evaluated by Dr. Andrew Muzychka in the emergency room and the overall the state mental health code was trounced. Out Oakland Community College. Plenty of documentation to prove my claims that I was set up and psychologically abused. But there is no help in this country that is nowhere near as a great as it thinks it is.

    On top of criminal psychiatry, which is too painful and life ending itself, especially at age 48, there have been so many hacks on welfare cellphone, my camera phone and desktop computer in the last few months I can’t recall them all right now. Brain raped too much too long hell not rollercoaster.

    About a week ago, my keyboard on my desktop completely freaked out. Started moving phrases without me typing or touching the keyboard. I took a video. I am screaming and boogers are coming out of my nose, but I recorded what happened.

    Call the police? The police are part of the problem. When I was falsely prosecuted for allegedly stalking an Oakland Community College cop at Lake Miramichi (with a second home across the street from my dead husband’s cabin), I received death and rape threats through Gmail, which the Michigan State refused to acknowledge while they were falsely prosecuting me based on dirty cop’s lies and no evidence of stalking. Documented, everything documented, but who wants to read? Later, when the 49th District Court wanted to re-jail me, to silence me from telling my story online, the prosecutor and judge used Facebook troll accounts to claim I violated probation regarding the internet. One troll was the name of the guy who threatened to kill my dog, rape and murder me in 2017. The other “liked” Adolf Hitler on Facebook. Judge Kimberley Booher hid everything by not actually holding probation hearings. My lawyer? Piece of sh*t American took care of himself only.

  • Well.

    The rollercoaster metaphor I find so very problematic.

    In my life before psychiatry was use to end my life, as a tenured community college English teacher, in Composition I when personal narratives were assigned, I cautioned against use of one metaphor: the my life is like a roller coaster metaphor.

    Students at all levels used the my life is like a roller coaster metaphor anyway, finding it very apt, apparently, though never in association with a DSM label. (This was before 2013.)

    So the average student, I deduce, sees normal life as a roller coaster.

    In my completely destroyed life as a victim, slowly being crushed to death, by criminal and retaliatory psychiatry, I know the roller coaster mood swing analogy is a dangerous description to place on a person and one used to control.

    This piece does not provide any details of the relative’s roller coaster mood swinging. What really does this person do?

    I have been labeled bipolar by an emergency room doctor I never met.

    For a decade, I have been forced to deal with mental abuse and mental torture due to unprosecuted violation of the state mental health code. This came after suicide swatting from my purposely psychologically abusive, EEOC documented employer, Oakland Community College, and the usual mistreatment from sexist white male police. The school wanted to silence my voice about teacher to teacher bullying.

    Outsiders, trolls, professionals might describe what they think they know of my behavior AFTER criminal psychiatry as a rollercoaster of mood swings.

    And I would wish them bodily torture in reply.

    No one cares about my story or my criminally imposed pain in a society that claims to care.

    I fight to win my life back, I lose repeatedly, and I wear out before I can try to rebuild myself. That’s not mood swings. That’s the effect of ten years escalating terror and torture on a human isolated by criminal psychiatry.

    No one wants to deal with the devastated life that I am forced to live. Every day is hell in all sectors: financially, emotionally, intellectually, etc. So I wear out before I can try to build myself back together again. That’s not mood swings. That’s the effect of torture and gaslighting. This human has been forced to endure WAY too much. There is no story like mine.

    No one wants to believe my story and my story is WAY too long, with too many turns, details and chapters. No one wants to deal with any part of my story, and my story includes retaliatory jail time in 2017, because I can’t shut up about never being evaluated by Dr. Andrew Muzychka February 22, 2013.

    Not even Mad in America wants to deal with my full story of criminal and retaliatory psychiatry and the destruction it causes, so I try to win, I lose, I wear out, I build back, and the cycle continues, but I always lose and I always wear out. I’m 59. Humans wear out. What I am forced to endure is not mood swings. I fight, I exist, clearly I am was never suicidal, I never win my life back, the days continue, terror grows, I wear out.

    What may look like mood swings is natural human response.

    What might your relative have experienced that wears your relative out?

  • Gina no one will help you. Gina no one will help you. Your body needs to understand this and find a way to die of a heart attack or somehow end this dangerous hell.

    Get hit by one the not mentally ill Michiganders who don’t slow down when they drive by at 50 mph three inches away when you walk the dog?

    I would be maimed and my dog killed probably.

    No my f8cker cruel country, I am not suicidal, but I wish every f*cking American this hell I am forced to endure, equally and constitutionally.


    please help me please help me stop mental torture please

    I am under siege with computer hacks across three devices please please

    connected to kiwi farms?

    its too much pain trauma terror and loss I face joblessness homelessness and the losing end of my ten yen year fight to win my life back and end mental torture

    justice or death penalty not torture

  • I can feel a large number of privileged persons in NYC, Wash DC and LA, well educated, with white collar jobs, maybe art world gigs, who have been medicated for years, who rely on Big Pharma, or old school psychiatry, or who have a relative (let the relative speak!!!!!), who stand in the way of real progress.

    I am guessing the comments were even worse than the article, with hundreds of people who might vote like I do, who I might otherwise not like as people, even liberal leaning people.

    Watched Neflix Take Your Pills docs on xanax and adderall. The younger generation is on uppers, the old school liberals are on cocktails of god knows what.

    Trumpers on one side, nasty self serving liberals on the other, no relief in between.

    Liberals in the teachers union threw me under the bus and know I am being tortured by retaliatory psychiatry these ten years, ten years, but do not give a crap as long as they see their automatic deposits.

  • There should be federal law about psychiatric detention equally applied to all Americans.

    This issue was made mine, on February 22, 2013, when EEOC documented psychologically abusive employer Oakland Community College after almost a year of escalating abuse, suicide swatted me, the Livonia Police through sexism and poor training completely botched an unneeded welfare check, and calamity ensued, as my higher ed mind rape Larry Nassar, HR lawyer William MacQueen, could count on, due to the mess of psychiatry. The Catholics who were allowed to raised me also grossly violated the state mental health code, at Trinity Health in Livonia, Michigan, which also something that can be counted upon, as I have learned through ten years of research. For the millionth time: I was NOT evaluated by Dr Andrew Muzychka in the emergency room, not at 11:30 am with first year student intern Nicole Shattuck, or at 1:00 pm, without her. St. Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward broke the law and then tried to cover up, as the three distinct sets of medical records released prove. There are no medical records from Dr. Andrew Muzychka, because, as I have claimed for a decade, we have never met.

    Ted Cruz’s daughter, 14 (on Tik Tok) “No, it had nothing to do with my sexuality or my father. I’m not suicidal but I am experiencing some mental issues,” she said, noting she’s “working through it and getting the help I need. Thank you so much for all the support and love, it means a lot to me. But the most traumatizing part of this experience is how public it’s been.”

    Dear Ted Cruz’s daughter,

    Well, good news! You are okay, you say, and it could be worse, young woman, please realize when you are ready.

    You are very lucky to be hospitalized immediately and receive support, as you express. You are very lucky to have a platform and an automatic audience to which you can claim that you apparently did hurt yourself but are not suicidal. How long were you hospitalized, I wonder and frankly may deserve to know on some level, as a citizen who was also detained, but against my will, and state law. This black hole of no federal law is a situation that your father could and one day should be forced to vote upon.

    Have they given you a label from the DSM? Do you know about the full history of psychiatry? Do you realize that since there is no biological test to determine any so called mental health disorder, that any labels they may have given you are based 100% on accumulated bias, the very same bias that gives the world sexism, homophobias and colonialist racism? Meaning the facts that women have been slow to be seen as leaders in government, religions are still given a pass to hate and discriminate LGBTQ people, from our own conservative SCOTUS even, and people all over the globe are still trying to overcome slavery and oppression are together not seven steps of separation distinct from whatever label they may have given you.

    Have they drugged you? Be sure to review the archives at Mad in America regarding all drugs they may have given you. That’s a great receptacle, like a library of scientific papers, professionals and patient testimonials. Some of the most promising advances seem to include peer therapy. But make sure you know all the side effects of psychiatric pharma, reflect on the known placebo effect, and really think before you rely on Big Pharma.

    Notice how NO ADVERTISEMENTS show people locked up in a psychiatric ward. When I was locked up, the place was a horror show, with little in the way of so-called therapy. Unsupervised coloring with poor supplies was a main pastime, as well as hunting for doctors to ask for release. I wonder what your experience was like. Hopefully, it was better.

    Honestly, it is very difficult for a seasoned adult to believe you have not been coached in your statement. Oh, I see you admit that you are reading a script. That’s a nice human touch, thank you.

    I hope you are able to locate, listen and love your inner voice.

    Please realize you are getting special treatment not afforded to most, which is perhaps more critical than any negative media attention, which I am sure is unwelcome, in your case.

    Without the attention, would you receive as much support?

    Others who have hurt themselves could find themselves locked up for a long time against their wishes in a place that hurts instead of helps.

    Best wishes, from a victim of unprosecuted criminal and retaliatory psychiatry.

  • This country is terrifying, hell on earth for some like me.

    Unprosecuted criminal and retaliatory psychiatry has me facing joblessness and homelessness, at age 59, no safety net left, which means further threat of another unnecessary psychiatric lock up, maybe for the rest of my life.

    Nothing is worth the hell I have been given by my EEOC documented psychologically abusive employer, Oakland Community College, who started this mess to silence my story of workplace teacher to teacher bullying.

    Senator Ted Cruz’s daughter admits to hurting herself and apparently breezes through a psychiatric ward. She has the privilege to say she hurt herself but is not suicidal and finds herself quickly free.–sXyY

    And the rest of us?

    This country is a sewer.

  • Being one of the humans sacrificed to this godless and science less endeavor and reading the plain talk discussion about how I will die sooner because of so called medical providers who should be in jail for actual violations of the state of Michigan mental health code?

    Psychiatry causes mental torture is so many ways.

    Death would be better.

    Catholic god of St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward in Livonia Michigan run by Trinity Health violate me dead already. Stop the torture!

    All I can do is document the hell that’s been made of my life, not a damn thing to stop it. Or free myself..


    This human world is hell.

  • Article: The rate at which Americans are held against their will and forced to undergo mental health evaluations and even state-ordered confinement — lasting anywhere from a few days to years — has risen sharply over the past decade, according to a new study by researchers at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

    The analysis, published online today in the journal Psychiatric Services, shows that in the nearly half of U.S. states for which data was available, involuntary psychiatric detentions outpaced population growth by a rate 3 to 1 on average in recent years.

    The study is the most comprehensive compilation of data on involuntary detentions to date, the researchers say, an undertaking made more challenging by the lack of a national data set on the topic and longstanding inconsistencies in reporting across states and jurisdictions.

    “This is the most controversial intervention in mental health — you’re deprived of liberty, can be traumatized and then stigmatized — yet no one could tell how often it happens in the United States,” said David Cohen, a professor of social welfare at the Luskin School, who led the research. “We saw the lack of data as a social justice issue, as an accountability issue.”

  • What is needed:

    The US federal government should track voluntary and involuntary “civil” detentions, like they do criminal detentions. That fact that this is not done by anybody, government or academia, says a lot bad about both, but no one here is surprised by that.

    We don’t know if the numbers still show that women are detained more than men without the data. I read a mostly picture book about old asylums, with a foreword by Oliver Sacks, and the limited figures shared showed more women then men in earlier centuries. One picture showed the tallies on a display board hung at one of the old “grand” institutions, reiterating that women outnumbered men. The story of Elizabeth Packard of the 1800s reminds us that it was legal for a man to say his wife needed locking up and she would then be locked up, but a woman never had the right to say, for example, my husband is beating me, lock him up! He must be nuts!

    What is the situation now? When I was illegally and involuntarily detained, due to retaliatory suicide swatting from my EEOC documented psychologically abusive higher education employer, there were more women than men. What are the figures overall? We don’t know because this sexist society and corrupt still sexist psychiatry does not care.

    And yes, patients, should be listened to about the effects and real world outcomes, which are freaking horrendous and why we are ignored.

    I wish the imposed criminal and ah so cruel pain would just end me and I could exit this unrelenting hell. I wish I could buy the S in suicide like I was accused without evidence or evaluation.

    Psychiatry does not want hear about the hell it reeks and the realization adds to the hell.

  • When is someone in this discussion, either MAD or a professional (I say with great disdain)–thanks commentators for the added bit about the subject supporting electro shock so called therapy–going to mention the media celebrities who push DSM labels and allude to taking these drugs? How much more damage do Selena Gomez, Kanye West and Ben Affleck due to so called mental health care and the rates of diagnosis and drugging when they support the nonsense of psychiatry with all the support of the mainstream press? They do more damage, I fear, then MAD will ever be allowed to do good.

  • Academia has not even bothered to study voluntary or involuntary psychiatric detention, which the United Nations calls “torture”–does the article mention this? I don’t think so–because it is torture to be victim of other humans making money off nothing but their bias, your inflicted pain in the duplicitous name of “care” and your forever more annihilated human and civil rights (to say nothing of the financial and social devastation).

  • When academia gets around to studying inpatient coercion, they will of course need to include the after effects of involuntary and illegal detainment, which includes the need to beg on social media for justice and the resulting appearance of trolls like Kiwi Farms. And how there is nothing a woman can do to save her life from criminal psychiatry.

    YouTube refuses to take down the Kiwi Farms video for reasons of defamation. The provide a form then say they don’t take down videos for accusations of defamation. Because they can’t prove whether or not I am a “schizo cow” or have “meth teeth.”

    Nothing is worth this suffering.

  • “It smells like discrimination to me that we’re not systematically measuring patient experience at the national level, and incentivizing performance on those measures.”

    Yeah, good idea, and good luck. Won’t happen at all or soon enough to help me. But keep up your singular fight, you don’t need to me to add.

    What about immediate euthanasia for the excrement of this hell like me? The society puts down dogs and horses. What an unbelievably cruel society this is.

    Kiwi Farms international troll farm on top of criminal psychiatry, on top of state of Michigan sanctioned retaliation, on top of an impossible fight for one woman, on top of one of kind story including a second set up in jail when I would not shut up about the looney bin (spelled like Warner Brothers cartoons because the warden and the system are Daffy Duck).

    On top of being fired from another phone customer service job for one bad call again because the pressure is way too much for too long.

    I have taken a long walk walk toward inevitable homelessness (unless I find a way to become suicidal) because of criminal psychiatry but the important thing for change is to take care of the feelings of the psychiatrists who have been lying and greedy.

    I don’t appreciate being the human fodder shit out the back and discarded in this heady development toward a better psychiatry. Not your fault, but I don’t appreciate it.

    I do appreciate this space in which to share my dying words. Its been a slow death for almost ten years with no mercy in sight.

    Kiwi Farms is too much on top of all this and no one will help.

    Lock a woman up for her views? Then let the trolls have at her?

    It would be kinder to shoot her in the skull and the vagina.

  • I was involuntarily detained for a week and diagnosed as bipolar by an emergency room doctor who never met me, who never evaluated me, who did not supervise the first year intern who spoke to me briefly, at a Catholic hospital in the Midwest. The young female first year intern very quickly and very strongly disbelieved the very real short story I told her, that I was set up by my EEOC documented psychologically abusive employer–suicide swatted the term was later coined. My story remains well documented, though unusual.

    My medical records from the emergency room and psych ward are a mess, and similar to the game Telephone, crossed with criminal cover up. Especially when the three distinct set of records released are compared. Long story.

    But my medical records don’t compare well with the DSM, as nutty as the DSM is. My medical records are filled with tests of my urine and other tests that don’t reveal bipolar. They are filled with notes of part time support staff using terms from the DSM like “flight of ideas” and other fabricated assignations regarding my life, including my previous eating and sleeping habits, which no one asked me about. During the week I was held to bilk my teachers Cadillac insurance, there was only a criminal semblance of talk therapy by a doctor and a hospital who admitted the doctor played hooky.

    In my discharge papers directions to patient, the Catholic hospital reduced the protracted psycho babble definition of bipolar in the DMS to traits they don’t like in critics, especially female critics: aggression, talking and creativity.

    Misinformation has spread like bible stories.

  • Thank you to MAD in America and the subject for your work.

    I had to stop reading the home state top press, the Detroit Free Press, because of their abysmal coverage of mental health care. And refusal to cover my story, involving the state’s largest community college setting me up with criminal psychiatry.

    The horror is still just as strong. Psychological abuse for a year, accused of being school shooter material based on nothing, except retaliation, hack shrinks, removal from the classroom as tenured teacher, non payment, no due process, declassroomed but not fired, and then the big finish: suicide swatting–all because I was bullied by other unions teachers over the creation of the teaching schedule (greedy little prima donna piglets), but would not shut up about it. I was sexist police abducted, as one can count on, especially in 2013, then not evaluated in the small midwestern Catholic emergency room or the psych ward, but kept for week, human trafficked. I was not suicidal but psychiatry does not ask questions other than how many days can we bill her insurance? Then, leaving the realm of any other story I have heard, Bill Schuette, the former AG who wanted to be governor, retaliated (all documented), with the state police, to silence me. I have served a month in jail for fighting for my human and civil rights against criminal psychiatry, which means I will be poor and very vulnerable until I am dead.

    Thanks a bunch, criminal psychiatry.

    All about the money. Power. Ego. If you can kill the bitch, go ahead (what Sid Salkow said in film school). An extreme but true story. Still have not read anything like it even on these pages.

    Freep ignored my story–until they stole it. And left me to rot.

    There is no doubt success in this country is based on whoredom, no doubt in my mind. Bob Dylan said you gotta serve someone. Yeah, your own interests.

    For ten years I have been telling the Freep about the lack of oversight of patients rights in Michigan.

    I only found this story because MAD linked to a related podcast.

  • “And modern psychiatry is certainly mainstream. Thus, we need to recognize what we are dealing with: It’s a religion.”

    And its most like Catholicism: sexist, tied to the body, patriarchal, corrupt, duplicitous, with a man written bible.

    I have been saying the same on these comment pages for a while.

    But who listens to an old woman deemed crazy?

  • Who are you? I am a victim of criminal psychiatry in Michigan. Please consider contacting me through Mad in America.

    I know too well the uselessness of the patients rights system in Michigan.

    Jennifer Gorman covered up for the Catholics at St Mary Merciless Livonia when I was human trafficked.

    She was awarded by the Republicans as top patients rights person in the state a few years later.

    She served as the state chair person for the committee on patients rights for the state dhhs under Democrats. The current female governor appointed the dhs head who protects Jennifer Gorman, not me.

    I asked her to reopen her empty investigation as law allowed. I asked at a meeting of the committee of patients rights people. She ignored me and the committee protected her, of course.

    She resigned her position on the committee and was given a job as a patients rights person at Saline.

    Years ago, during retaliation from the powers at be, before I was jailed on bogus charges, I was ordered to report to Saline. This was after I had been locked up illegally by suicide swatting from Oakland Community College and taken by the clueless apes of the local police to St Mary Merciless and held without need in violation of the law. I was not evaluated by two psychiatrists or a social worker, but I was kept for week of coloring and decoupage. So there was no way I was going to walk into a state psychiatric facility.

  • Great song support. However, I see things as a bit more complicated.

    The center does not hold still.

    I hold extreme views about the Catholic Church, like people who believe in virgin birth and symbolic spiritual cannibalism (eating flesh, drinking blood) should be seen as quite possibly disturbed or at least unthinking in modern times. But most of the world’s press seems to think that the Pope deserves coverage as a world leader, even as he practices extreme duplicity (saying he wants to root out sex abuse the same month he denies new sex abuse claims in Canada).

  • Oh.

    And I think it is fair at this point, though likely controversial and what some call inflammatory: staff who earn paychecks where illegal and involuntary detentions take place should rightfully be compared to Nazi concentration camp guards.

    Staff who repeatedly described me as “disheveled” as reason for detaining me and stripping my human rights after I was abducted from home without a shower, no toothbrush, no care products, no clothes, deserve to be held fully accountable. This is one slight example.

    The end result is not the same, the means aren’t as bad, but they exist comparably on a continuum of history.

  • Thank you!

    When, ever, will the sexism in psychiatry be addressed and debunked? The differences noted between men and women and so called bi polar especially overtime are pure bias. Based in religion, politics, history.

    As psychiatry has known bi polar is bs over the course of the 2000s, popular purveyors of bunk have claimed the incidence of bipolar is roughly equally between the sexes (based on made up wishful thinking data that I’m sure exists nowhere) though allegedly bi polar looks different in men and women, which is bs on top of bs on top of bs. The larger problem is sexism is the society that affects psychiatric bias, society, people and families, not any behavioral disease in the female.

    So depressing. We are still living in bible stories.

    I need to prove that some crazy retaliation I endured in 2019 from the Catholic hospital and local police for speaking out about criminal psychiatry that occurred in 2013 (actual violations of the weak legal code) violated my state protected civil rights as a female.

    Sexism is everywhere like air but its difficult to prove that the retaliation happened because I am big mouth female who won’t shut up about what was done to me (who can’t and shouldn’t shut up).

    I hope finally that someone will agree there is no argument that the Catholic Church is sexist. That seems to me a good basis for an argument of sexist psychiatric mistreatment and sexist retaliation from people who elevate men over women and cops whose union supported proud pussy grabbing Trump.

    I need this to work and it probably won’t.

  • Hey! Anybody got links to studies about the incidence of bipolar diagnosis in women versus men? Sexism in bipolar diagnoses? Needed for Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Last chance to legally save my life from criminal psychiatry in Michigan in 2013.

    This study could use review, I’m sure, and largely assumes sexist assumptions:

    Has Bipolar Disorder become a predominantly female gender related condition? Analysis of recently published large sample studies
    Bernardo Dell’Osso, Rita Cafaro & Terence A. Ketter
    International Journal of Bipolar Disorders volume 9, Article number: 3 (2021)

  • Needed: guidelines for journalists and newsrooms.

    The media loves repeating the suicide hotline numbers at the bottom of mental health articles. The critical mental health pros here could come up with a similar word stamp.

    Topics to include:

    The labels should come with a disclaimer: something like there is no scientific test for bipolar.
    All medical professionals named should undergo rigorous sunshine law disclosure and review.
    All medical journals and universities should be treated in the same way.
    Something must be said about “chemical imbalance” and drugs which are most likely to work only as a placebo.

    Example draft (that no one would publish at the end of any article at this point):

    “There is not consensus among mental health professionals or patients regarding bio medical and socially centered approaches to mental health care. DSM labels are based on bias not scientific test. Chemical imbalance does not describe mental health. The major drugs are tranquillizers. There are no drugs that affect depression. Present psychiatric drugs are known to work by placebo effect. This field is still developing. Sunshine laws require that all doctors, medical journals and universities reveal all payments from pharmaceutical companies.”

    And there is an additional problem (many likely) not addressed here. The people who take the drugs and wear the labels do make life directly worse for those who don’t. There is great tension there. And it should be up to the profession to address it, since the profession created this rift.

  • Well written. I wonder if your memoir will break out in the mainstream, as this story is still not being told and accepted. Your attitude of no blame will help, though I see plenty of blame.

    I checked out your website. I noted your Wash Post editorial and its response and also your publisher for your upcoming book. Good luck.

    I have no hope for change that will help me, victim of criminal of psychiatry who did not seek pscyhaitry (psychiatry was used as a weapon against me). My life is ruined. I am old not young. As a result, in my pain, I want all Americans to suffer deeply criminal psychiatry, especially journalists and psychiatrists who are keeping the lid on the full story of psychiatry. I don’t see any other way to change. Empathy is dead.

    I don’t see change coming.

    I hate the word psychiatry. Of course psychiatry did not turn the corner from lobotomy and suddenly become legit. People who sought psychiatry made things worse for me and it is not okay.

    Nothing is okay and nothing ever will be okay. My rage could implode this universe. I wish it would.

    Nothing is worth criminal psychiatry in this failing democracy.

  • Another front? Action against NPR.

    NPR should not be allowed to misue tax dollars of any amount to mislead the public and contribute to public health problems. Presently, NPR gaslights the American public by broadcasting a Big Lie: that no Americans suffer psychiatric harm under the current biomedical model.

    NPR should be forced through public and congressional pressure to tell the full story of psychiatry. All labels are based in bias without scientific test. And the rest. No “chemical imbalance” etc. Sunshine laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Generations of so called care givers mistrained.

    Use a media campaign aganst NPR as a spring board for class action suit.

  • things will never get better

    we are a few and the other side is millions of times stronger

    try adding someone’s fucked idea of god to the fuckage

    there is no cure for the rage

    Dem Us Sen Debbie Stabenow from my state Michigan (stay away hellhole) public enemy and public danger who spreads “chemical imbalance” has been working on so called mental health care and drug prices for a long time and doesn’t feel it convenient for her political career to recant “chemical imbalance.”

    I monitor the media some. there has been very little positive coverage of the old news of “chemical imbalance.”

    Cheerleading is nice, support is nice, but the reality is things won’t get better and the rage and criminal psychiatry will kill me slowly.

  • Thank you for this interview, which is so depressing.

    This woman may have dedicated her life, but things have not changed, not improved and few know her. More people may be harmed by psychiatry now than ever before. Sounds her quality of life is poor, certainly not enviable.

    Older women who protest psychiatry even on the pages of Mad in America are obscured by society. Not obscured by Mad in America but not prized by society. All the leaders of pyschiatry are white men in this country. The only female leaders of psychiatry recognized by even Mad in America are white women from other countries like England.

    Thanks for the heads up. This interview reinforces that there was never any hope for me regaining my life. The terror of living my criminal psychiatry destroyed life with declining health and mental torture is nightmare that never ends and won’t end until I am dead. The terror.

    Nothing is worth living life with the destruction of criminal psychiatry.

    Losers stories aren’t told in the mainstream.

    Buried alive. The United States is hell, not a great country, not for me.

  • I went through hell, I live in hell, I will remain in hell without acknowledgement that I was not evaluated by Dr Andrew Muzychka on February 22, 2013, or at any time I was held illegally until February 28, 2013, by what I consider the scum of earth, the sexist Catholics who raised me, who built St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward in Livonia, Michigan. Nuns nuns nuns, Felician nuns, supposed women of an alleged god, are activley seeking to silence me and my story. Nuns are keeping me in pain to protect their godless brand. Irish laundries and Native America boarding schools ARE NOT OVER FOR ME!

    Jesus was the first historic DSM psychotic. Jesus would be shackled and drugged even by the Catholics of my hometown if the human were alive today with his same alleged story that he’s the only son (no daughter) of god.

    The Jesus story is one birth of sexism. People do not rise from the dead and float to heaven 33 years after virgin birth. Men wrote the Christian bible and the pscyhiatric bible, and both their both of full of shit.

    Warner Salman painted the very Caucasian head of christ as a blond haired blued eyed Jesus in 1940. Too many people in this country act like Jesus is a priviledged white man.

    The cult of jesus is a group of people safely allowed by society to believe in delusions while psychiatry locks up people like me who tell the truth of man’s abuse of women.

  • “I also want us to create an appeal process. There are a lot of women out there with psychiatric diagnoses on their file that is still harming them 20, 30, 40 years down the line—and they’re not even taking any medication anymore. They’re not even in any services, but the actual diagnosis is still on the file. I really want to see that taken off. You should have the right to have things removed. I want to build something around that, too.”

    Skipping a few links. The cult of jesus as god is the source of the problem of sexism in psychiatry. Christians have not appealed literal belief in the bible, or virgin birth. Society is eons away from freeing women, like me, from the madwoman in the attic view.

    I want my attackers to suffer, too, like they make me suffer. Seems fair.

  • Testimony. Victim of criminal psychiatry. Suffering, suffering, suffering.

    Much retaliation for speaking out about my one of a kind story, yes.

    Depressed, yes.

    The only treatment I need is justice.

    But I’ve been asking and not getting justice for ten years. I’m almost 59 years old and my health is negatively affected.

    I am suffering so much.

    I have achalasia. Disorder of the esophagus. I think my story and pain are stuck in my throat.

    I have been seeking treatment for nearly a year without results.

    No care in my area. In line for care three hours away in Detroit. I have lost almost 50 lbs. I am so hungry. I can’t swallow without vomiting. I went to the emergency room last week. I was sent home to puke. I don’t know how I am supposed to live.

    Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing is worth criminal psychiatry. It would be better to never be.

    I don’t deserve all this suffering.

  • Why don’t more Americans accept forced care’s violation of freedom for what it is?

    Shallow, selfish concepts of freedom, not for all, but for me more than you!

    (As well as disastrous mainstream media coverage of psychiatry. And drug company influence. And the mess of the profession.)

    One main reason I need justice for actual violations of the state mental health code, what I call criminal psychiatry, is the fact that unprosecuted brain rape causes inequality that plays perniciously in the marketplace. I can’t fairly compete for jobs, etc., if others haven’t been mentally violated and tortured, too, and expected to forget about it. The negative effects of criminal psychiatry are just too overwhelming.

  • “Thus, similar to the medieval Catholic Church with respect to selling indulgences to expunge sins from one’s “heaven-hell record,” psychiatrists can declare an individual with DSM symptoms of pathology as not evidencing pathology.”

    Psychiatry and Catholicism have much in common: beliefs that non believers like me may consider delusional and a basis in sexism with historic predominance practiced my white male leaders. Both even tote a bible.

    Combine the two, Catholicism and psychiatry? Could there be worse mental torture? What the god’s phallus did I do to deserve this hell life?

    If your god is a man, your religion is sexist.

    When your “bible” is clearly written by men, it is not written by any god and is fallible.

  • “I had just begun my meditation practice and it would take years to successfully cultivate the superpower of equanimity, so I found myself in a panic.”

    I want to support Sean in his incredible achievements (equanimity and release).

    But I need to testify even if it does no good. I work through hell daily, since Feb 22-28, 2013, not helped by the retaliation I’ve incurred since retaliatory, illegal and involuntary detainment (including jail time, bad health and a hard time supporting myself, all while existing in imposed isolation.) I think age matters when it comes to recovery and healing. I’m 58 now. In addition, I think it would not make sense to laud and forgive a country that criminally tortures and discards people to exist in hell. My battle continues. With little hope. Thank you.

  • “In this scenario we will learn of what is quite possibly the most important tool that we will use throughout our journey toward freedom. This tool must be cultivated at the pace of life, not at the pace of how we would like life to move from our modern western perspective. That is, expect this process to take many years to come to fruition. However, trust me—it is the most worthwhile venture that we can undertake while in a zone of active hegemonic conflict.

    This tool is so powerful that it can transform your life both within the detention center (DC) and beyond its walls in The World. Simultaneously this tool is one of the simplest tools that we could possibly imagine. This tool is the mental state of equanimity.”

    I wake up in hell every day from criminal psychiatry and my inescapable story, a moving cage. I don’t have equanimity and likely never will. That is not my fault. Fuck this country and its sexism, western religion duplicity, criminal psychiatric motherfucking and endless corruption in hell without mercy, like me.

    But I am glad to hear you do.