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  • https://screenshot-media.com/the-future/science/mental-health-blood-test/

    Please someone here respond to this article and supposed test for something that does not exist. Does this article fail to rule out the external factors causing stress and mislabel them bipolar?

    Article: “The study, as noted by Al Jazeera, delves into the biological basis of mental health concerns by developing a blood test using ribonucleic acid (RNA) markers that help distinguish the type of condition a person has. Drawing on 15 years of previous research into how psychiatry relates to blood gene expression biomarkers, the team—led by Doctor Alexander Niculescu—has proved that it’s possible to diagnose depression and bipolar disorder with a blood test. The blood test has clinical utility, is able to distinguish between the two conditions and can eventually match people to the right medications.”

    I am suffering so much 100% imposed panic and terror, and financial devastation, in America My Criminal Psychiatric Fuck in Hell Without End.


  • Before I was declassroomed, I taught community college. Students who had dropped the ADHD label did better than students who still clung to it, was my experience.


    Article: And she announced on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram show “Bright Minded” in April that she has bipolar disorder.

    “I went to one of the best mental hospitals in America, McLean Hospital, and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar,” Gomez said. “And so when I got to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me once I know it.”

    Her mother revealed being misdiagnosed for over 20 years with bipolar disorder that later turned out to be attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, with trauma, according to the Wondermind website’s welcome video. (end article)

    Please, some pros write an open letter to pop star/actor Selena Gomez who buys into labels and psychiatry, and who is about to add to psychiatric misinformation. Tell her what she might not have been told at Mclean hospital and by the people she is talking to.

  • “On one of the first pages in my most recent book about psychiatry, I warn the patients: “If you have a mental health issue, don’t see a psychiatrist. It is too dangerous and might turn out to be the biggest error you made in your entire life.” The current network meta-analysis provides support to my warning.” Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD

    Excellent! Thanks!

    I doubt my library has your books, but I’ll check.

    Why not write an open public letter to Selena Gomez about what she should realize about psychiatry, that she may NOT have been told at McLean, read about or realize, as she launches her media platform about mental health?

  • Thank you all. Please all keep working and writing to tear down the beast of psychiatry.

    I can’t risk therapy to help me deal with mental torture because of my story, ironically involving criminal violations of the mental health code. Plus I don’t have the resources to look for a therapist I could relate to.

    Meanwhile a pop star/actress announced plans to further confuse:


    Selena Gomez: “I went to one of the best mental hospitals in America, McLean Hospital, and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar,” Gomez said. “And so when I got to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me once I know it.”

    Bi polar is an awful thing to call a person, especially one’s self.

    Sounds like the result of a magician sawing a woman in half.

  • https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2021/11/23/man-mistakenly-locked-up-state-psychiatric-hospital-2-years-files-federal-suit/

    My story is similar. Similar enough. Daily terror attack.

    I was set up by Oakland Community College between April 13, 2012 and February 21, 2013. Before that I was bullied by coworkers Ray Mort, Eric Abbey and Suzanne Labadie, mostly over the creation of the annual teaching schedule.

    February 22, 2013, at St Mary Merciless in Livonia, Michigan, after suicide swatting by the school and police mishandling, I told first year intern Nicole Shattuck, who had no training and no legal standing, who was not supervised by Dr. Andrew Muzychka, my actual story, in short form, and the dumb broad wrote I was “dellusional” spelled incorrectly. She denied phone calls, drugged me up, knocked me out and transferred me from the emergency room to the looney bin while unconscious.

    Nothing in this world of corruption and cruelty is worth this life of mental torture.


  • Defense attorney: “He did not start this.” He did start this with an assault weapon. Insane. Dangerous to others. Lock him up, at least in a psych ward, not me. “Factors” ignored for a white boy: “issues” such as an illegal loaded weapon which he intended to use on other people.

    Kyle Rittenhouse was able to actually commit murder and receive financial help and help from the judge for getting off free.

    Comparatively, based on nothing, no gun, no violence, no death, no threats, I was accused of being potential school shooter material, subject to psychological torture under the false guise of keeping my teaching job, forced to meet with two hack shrinks who ripped me to shreds as they were paid to do (upon horrendously erroneous legal advice that drained my bank account), suicided swatted, set up for psychiatric calamity and crime, as part of a premeditated plan, then locked up for being suicidal to silence me, on a day I said I was trying to “save my life” on Facebook from employer’s attack.

    Pervasive misogyny, eventually criminal psychiatry, pushed by my higher ed employer, to cover employer misdeeds, not mine, has ended my life except for the mental torture.

    White boy Rittenhouse, murderer, is free with support and celebrated.

    February 22, 2013, white male Dr. Andrew Muzychka was not on site and did not evaluate me, or supervise first year intern Nicole Shattuck, who did not have the authority to evaluate me or illegally deny phone calls, or transfer me unconscious to the looney bin from the emergency room, but she did, based largely in societal sexism as well as a total lack of training and over-sight.

    And there was never ever moneyed group offering legal help for me.

    This country is getting much worse, not better. Michigan USA became hell on earth for me nearly a decade ago, without relief, no end in sight, not until I am dead. Things only get worse for me as I age and run out of options.

    Psychiatry is part of the problem of Our Dying America. It ended my life.

    I looked quickly but could not find whether they made the white boy Rittenhouse, gun holder, gun shooter, conservative star, murderer, subject to psychiatry after he actually murdered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Article:

    Notably, in this diagnosis and others, the DSM lists temperament, genetics, and physiology as “factors,” but culture and gender as “issues.” The DSM is not kind enough to tell us the difference between a factor and an issue, not even in its glossary. But, again, they are implied. Back to generalized anxiety disorder: “There is considerable cultural variation in the expression of generalized anxiety disorder,” and “generalized anxiety disorder is diagnosed somewhat more frequently in females.” Presumably, then, a “factor” is causal or etiological, and an “issue” is a matter of expression or frequency of diagnosis.

    The author’s “factor” versus “issue” discussion is very helpful.

    Diagnosis all comes down to bias which is social, cultural and external.

  • Troll farm Kiwi Farms has found this posting.


    Are posters there responsible for recent hacking of this site?

    Today I was able to join the Kiwi Farms website solely for the purpose of posting a demand to take down all mentions of me. For what it’s worth, I also sent screen shots to the current state of Michigan AG. I don’t think the site is allowed to operate out of physical location in the U.S.

    For almost ten years, I have asked for justice and an end to criminal mental torture, but criminal mental continues unchecked and my imposed suffering only grows.

    It is not ok for this world to mentally torture me. But it does.

    Nothing is worth criminal psychiatry. No life would be better than the torture imposed upon me.

    No justice? Euthanasia now.


  • I was not allowed to EDIT due to site hacking (which felt very personal):

    ” . . . the NUNS (not nones) who purport their own holiness . . .”

    “Facebook hacks laid the groundwork for the day (not die) I was murdered by psychiatry.” (Posts documenting Oakland Community College’s attack were removed.)

    Please body have mercy on me and end this hell. I don’t deserve this hell. No life would be better than this endless torture in sexist corrupt Jesus-polluted Michigan USA.

    The hell of criminal psychiatry never ends and certainly death would be better than mental torture without end.

    You would shoot your own daughter out of mercy like an injured horse if you witnessed her suffering like I am.

  • I am doing so poorly since being kicked off Twitter during a terror attack.

    That day, a rogue state of Michigan unemployment worker over the phone told me to get a job because, she told me, I probably wouldn’t get unemployment and that my former employer was fighting it, which was not true. She might have said instead, with the same effect, become homeless, retaliatory locked-up again and increase your already unmanageable suffering. The next day I was able to clear up the hold up in person, at a state office, but it was too late. Still, I am ticking time bomb. I have no future except for pain. You can’t imagine. I still have not seen a story like mine.

    I said PANIC and HELP in my post and something Twitter considered hateful conduct about the nasty nuns of my youth who raised and raped me in their criminal Catholic hospital, the none who purport their own holiness and good works. All my externally inflicted pain is too much. I am not the one who initiated the hateful sexist and criminal conduct of the Catholics. The nuns refuse to advocate for me. The Catholic hospital under state law could re-open my claims that I was set up, psychologically abused by my employer, not suicidal and not evaluated before looney bin lock up. It’s too much. There is no god, yet god was allowed to criminal mind rape me. How could this be my life? I escaped the Catholics but they recaptured me. For human trafficking psychiatric torture. To make money.

    I used Twitter to state daily what happened to me. It was not good therapy but the only public therapy I can risk with my story. Now, I can’t post and I can’t testify daily, and the pain and terror are growing. Reality: my hell will never end and only grow until I am dead. That is mental torture on top of mental torture.

    I have a right to not be mentally tortured in Michigan, USA!!!
    I could go back to Facebook but Facebook is full of trolls and hacks for me. Facebook hacks laid the groundwork for the die I was murdered by psychiatry. Plus, I don’t like Facebook. And bottom line it looks like no one is going to help me anywhere anytime end unchecked criminal psychiatry by flying Jesus Catholics.

    I know mostly trolls likely from Kiwi Farms read my posts on Twitter. Twitter did not help me save my life, but I could hope maybe it would. Maybe the right journalist or someone in authority or power would finally hear me and help me. No more. No hope, no hope, no hope. I am in so much imposed pain.
    How do accept mental torture and slow isolated death from mental torture in this country I’ve come to hate?


  • Hey thanks debkasdan! Maybe the worse part of ALL THIS? Constantly spelling and misspelling “psychiatry” (like above). I hate the word! I hate typing the word! I hate the letter combination needed to spell it!

    From Meriam Webster online:
    History and Etymology for “psych”

    Greek, from psychē breath, principle of life, life, soul, from psychein to breathe; akin to Sanskrit babhasti he blows


    Well, how far the field has fallen from its lofty beginnings.

  • External or internal causes?

    Premediated psychiatric misinformation has spread everywhere.


    Actress Andie McDowell was interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR regarding her role playing a woman with mental health issues in Netflix’s very popular The Maid.

    Review of Andie McDowell’s character in The Maid: the character’s narcissism seems over-written with a little delusion thrown in to push the mental health angle over simply poor parenting. Paula, mother to The Maid, gets locked up in a psychiatric ward but is released more easily than would happen in real life, at least in Michigan.

    In the interview with Terri Gross, Andie McDowell weaved between internal and external causes for her own mother’s mental health issues, but without acknowledgement she was weaving. The actress, to my ears, appeared confused, like the general public, by popular terms like “misfire” and “chemical imbalance.” McDowell primarily shared that her mother drank and raged, so was treated aggressively by psychiatry against her will, using the tools of the day. Only as an afterthought did McDowell add that her mother was physically abused by her husband in the 1950s, prior to psychaitry, then after 1950s pscyhaitry, the abusive husband left her mother (if I understood correctly). From the actress, I heard a story of a woman, her mother, possibly taken down by external sexism and bad medical care. To her credit, McDowell says the terms schizophrenic and bipolar did not fit the mother she knew. Also to her credit, she was not able to commit her mother to a state insane asylum. The mother cut back her drinking and died of a heart attack soon after not in old age.

    I think people must want to hear more about external causes of mental health problems, but how to rebuild something, psychiatry, that is as strongly insulated as religion?

    How to deal with all the human carnage and greed along the way?

    Knowingly being one of the trampled and discarded is too much to ask.

  • The New York Times just reprinted two articles yesterday under “mental health” from 2019 siding with Big Psychiatry and biogenetic causes of psychosis.

    It’s even worse when your employer sets you up, Putin-style. There is no framework for me to tell my story, be heard, believed or helped withstand inflicted criminal violations of the mental health code and the total destruction criminal psychiatry causes.

    Gina: you are believed by no one who can help you, and it is killing you.


  • Thank you, truly. But I need people with real names and job titles saying they believe me, too. I am suffering way too much, for way too long. Negative effects of criminal psychiatry are growing, overwhelming, but no one who can will do anything to stop my destruction. Mercy at this point is not to be. For me to die from the negative effects of psychiatry unchecked, not suicide, but maybe a heart attack in my sleep or something. So I don’t have to face me being destroyed even more and run the risks of what might be done to me. But thank you.

  • No one, no stranger, in media, press, state government or politics has ever said: Gina, I believe you. That’s mental torture.

    I have spent nearly a decade sleuthing my own murder, gathering evidence, trying but failing to stop my own destruction from my attackers, Oakland Community College, Livonia, Michigan Police, and the state of Michigan (lack of equal protection and retaliation by Michigan State Police though former AG Bill Schuette, protected so far by current AG Dana Nessel, current Michigan Department of Civil Rights claims under investigation since 2019 no better than toilet paper).

    For sure as the Catholics sexually abused children around the world and covered up, until they were laid bare by the Boston Globe Spotlight team (and then still covered up), and psychiatry is an evil mess as corrupt as Catholicism, in terms of at least sexism and duplicity, no life would be better than this of life torture.

    It’s been almost ten years. I have told my story daily from the start and it has not helped. That’s mental torture. I am having so much trouble going forward mentally tortured as I sink/am pushed down/ripped apart in all ways, 58 years old, losing my ability to walk, facing a cliff of unemployment and homelessness, in actual danger, that no one recognizes.

    Trapped and rightfully terrified in a bullshit world that sells a bullshit message: just ask for help.


  • edit (I need more time): “as I am being worn down”

    (and a delete button, if not justice)

    What do I do? I testify pretty clear of the risks.

    I don’t think it wise, may change my mind, to try and claim disability caused by suicide swatting and illegal looney bin lock up, not acknowledged, causing mental torture. Too convoluted.

    I have been made unbelievable, by my actual story. That’s mental torture.

    I took the drugs (list available) only when forced, while locked up, due to premediated action and suicide swatting. I was not suicidal, I need to rebutt. I said “save my life” on social media, the opposite.

    I took the drugs after I heard from other locked up patients about promised release denied by medication levels too low, apparent in blood testing. I did not know about blood testing for Big Pharma drug levels.

    Got records. Before and after they were purged and slightly altered by hinterlands Catholic hospital. I did not swallow the drugs at first. I took the drugs only about three or four days when I worried I needed to in order to get out. That’s mental abuse, not aid.

    And when I was released and I ran out, after a week, but still forever and ever-more branded, I did not fill the prescriptions, paper copies which I retain, from about February 27, 2013.

    No one needed to tell me the drugs were bust. That fact has not helped me. I am screwed up like I was gaslit (I was/am gaslit) and I took the drugs to screw me up further, medicating normal and messed up.

    I should be studied for psychiatric damaged caused by psychiatry, like a child raised by wolves. Anything to safely put my story on the right track.

    There is no safe rhetoric for my story. Not for me. My mountains of documentation need explication. I got no one else to defend me but me, which is not allowed.

    I need help out of this hell, safe help.

  • How do you live and fight on without any reasonable sane hope that torture from criminal (not forensic) psychiatry will end?
    How do I protect myself as I know I am being torn to pieces (it’s been almost a decade, now 58 years old)?
    I can’t stop the pain applied from without and its destruction, though I’ve tried every day, so what I am supposed to do next every day when nothing works and there is no hope and I know I am being worn down, as I being worn down, on unemployment and medical welfare, losing my ability to walk and feeling the torture more than ever in my mind?
    How do you move forward alone alone alone with no answers to these questions?
    How do I survive criminal psychiatric impoverishment and total mind, body, wallet, social annihilation?
    I can’t risk and do not believe in psychiatry or psychology, or religion or family or government, who have not been on my side.

    Thank you for the space to shout into the void as I sink/get pushed down/can’t fight back right enough to win.


  • Your sister’s poem shows a mind that could still think and comment obliquely. Others must have asked: are you sure she was delusional? Your piece mentions the FBI investigating your parents about politics. And that your sister came back from a trip to Israel and said two men were following her. Has it be done, is it possible, to look for evidence that she was not delusional? Can you do, have you done a records search and see if you can get your hands on any files?

    I was falsely accused of being delusional almost ten years ago. Now 58, the last ten years have destroyed me and I am sure lessened my life expectancy. My maternal grandmother lived to 102; I doubt I will, but would not want to endure that much more torture because I would be locked up again at this rate of destruction. Certainly the alleviation of growing long term torture is the best thing for a person. You seem to indicate your sister could live best on her own terms, with her own agency. Of course!

    What I endure is torture that grows without justice and acknowledgement that I have been greatly wronged. 300 teachers of Oakland Community College and the in-house faculty union in Oakland County, Michigan, own/owe me greatly for pretending I never existed on campus, for seven years, a tenured teacher, then suddenly disappeared–because I talked about teacher-first ways and a reading crisis. Many own/owe me greatly: Oakland Community College, Livonia Michigan Police, St. Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, and the state of Michigan.

    Mental torture for sure causes problems. I have been made ill by unnecessary mental health care and especially by all these years not being heard and even the object of retaliation. I am being too slowly ripped apart and tortured to death, but I have no one else who will write my story.

    And like your sister, I can’t defend myself. Trying to do so has not helped.


  • “In particular, the research argues that testimonial injustice is present in cases in which providers assume certain claims are delusional, which turn out to be factual. Harcourt accepts that testimonial injustice might be found in such scenarios, but only if it’s proved that the credibility deficit results from a pre-existing diagnostic label of the service user as prone to delusions.”

    The full of crap diagnosis has to start earlier with another full of crap doctor? To protect the second full of crap doctor?

    All this god-dog psychiatrist chasing it tail to prove its dominance over the patient and meanwhile I am being slowly crushed to death. Meanwhile, I am in too much pain and too full of crap psychiatry is too slowly killing me. Torture.

    I was an academic, and English teacher, but at a community college because I can’t stand insider language and academic discourse.

    I was disbelieved and called delusional by an unsupervised first year intern who spelled “dellusional” incorrectly. I had been psychologically abused my employer for ten months aggressively before suicide swatting (and bullied for seven years prior by co-workers, union teachers). There was and is proof of my claims, but my words were disbelieved after my higher ed employer suicide swatted and the local all white all male police abducted me from home as ordered in less than six minutes (FOIA documentation). None of the supposedly helpful humans, the unsupervised first year intern or police, helped me because they did not listen to me or believe me but assumed incorrectly I was delusional when I said my employer set me up and that I was not suicidal. The first year intern did not have the reports from the mercenary hack shrinks, neither of which called me suicidal or bi-polar, as she did. She only had me in front of her. I was terrified, traumatized by police abduction and horrified by the knowledge that I was in serious life-threatening danger, not being helped.

    There is evidence I was set up and not delusional or suicidal, I had said I was trying to save my life on Facebook, but psychiatry is cruel criminal god, much lower than a dog. The lawyer for the school who planned and orchestrated this attack against me with the top school cop who suicide swatted me knew neither the cops or the emergency room staff would listen to me or believe me. This is key. I was set up and of course I was disbelieved, as premeditated by the school’s HR lawyer, a federally documented teacher crusher.

    A lawyer for the school planned my takedown using the most diabolical combination, psychiatry and the nasty conservative Catholics of my youth, but after involuntary and unnecessary detention, no one will listen to me despite mounds of evidence.

    My story is not an elaborate delusion. It is the truth. I am tortured by the truth and full of itself psychiatry. Which is why I demand either justice or euthanasia, like an injured race horse.

    Four months earlier, my lawyer had filed an EEOC complaint about perceived disability. I was not disabled, but gaslit–my lawyer even referred to the 1940s movie in the EEOC complaint which predated suicide swatting and psychiatric ward lock up by months. Prior to suicide swatting, I was worn down step by step including mandatory hack shrinks (my lawyer’s fatal mistake), but still not suicidal.

    But at the Catholic hospital in the ER, the first year intern did not listen, was not supervised, and I did not have a copy of the EEOC complaint with me. I was not allowed phone calls, in violation of the law, and as a result of criminal (not forensic) psychiatry, no one has listened to me since, nearly ten years later, which has destroyed me, wallet, mind, body and soul.

    I don’t have time for psychiatry to figure out and admit it is is not god and certainly not as reliable as dog. I’m 58 years old but feel 68.


  • I ran out of time editing above.

    Correction: February 22-28, 2013 (not 2021) I was suicide swatted by my higher ed employer after nearly a year of EEOC documented gaslighting and psychological abuse. I was police abducted by all white males who escalated without trying to calmly talk and listen to me. I was removed me from my home in handcuffs, not accused of a crime, in less than 6 minutes, according to FOIA’ed police records. I had just written on Facebook that I was literally “trying to save my life.” The school was following my Facebook page, as their paperwork admits, but the school did try to stir up and mislead the police. I was taken to St Mary Merciless human trafficking emergency room and mental ward, where I was locked up without evaluation, just as I have said. When I asked for justice from the state of Michigan, I got retaliation instead, just like I said. No delusions. https://ginafournierauthor.com/

    Wow. Further isolation. It seems I will need to stop coming to this place. When I found Mad in America, in the spring of 2019, soon after starting, I stopped posting immediately for the same reason. Someone who said they have had delusions assumed incorrectly I did too.

    Is there a term on these boards for people who incorrectly and inappropriately project? Truth is that someone saying they were locked up against need who later says they have had delusions that a parent was trying to kill them makes things harder for me in my fight to clear my name.

    (My own mother, estranged before looney bin lock up, has refused to advocate for me to the Catholics she forced on me, which is unacceptable to me.)

    This world of humans is a mess. The horror of criminal (not forensic) retaliatory psychiatry ever ends.

  • Joanna, you are very kind to listen and speak with me.

    My illegal unnecessary retaliatory psych ward detention is not all that mentally tortures me. There is too much more documented kickback, yes, retaliation.

    I was set up again after the initial looney bin set up and sent to jail jail jail, in a rural county, for stalking a cop from the school, at private Lake Miramichi, which I did not do. No one stalks a cop. I did not stalk a cop. A cop lied. Another day in America where no one believes the crazy woman. Lots more details.

    A least three or four or five major chapters to my story: the the slow snaking take down, the looney bin, the many stages of aftermath, poverty, jail, removed from the classroom AGAIN by another community college cop, serious real stuff, with serious consequences for my bank account.

    What woman without any credentials power or money get away with saying what I am claiming? Not me. No one.

    The documented details of my story after looney bin lock up are outlandish, even more than the school’s Putin-like set up. My own true story sounds way too crazy. And that knowledge is killer on top of killer on top of killer.

    (Already dead three times plus for me the knowledge that the dreaded Catholics of my youth have been allowed to criminally violate me: I escaped the Catholics at age 18 but at age 48 THEY WERE ALLOWED TO RECAPUTRE ME AND CRIMINALLY CRIMINALLY CRIMINALLY HURT ME EVEN WORSE THAN THEY DID AS CATHOLIC EDUCATORS (an oxymoronic phrase, certainly for this non believer, especially considering the poor quality of instruction).

    FACT: I am being slowly mentally tortured and life flattened to death.

    Even if magically the Land of Motown Community Collège sexist gaslight witchhunt stops tomorrow with justice and acknowledgement, I still have endured nearly a decade of premeditated, snowball from hell, societally-endorsed psychological destruction aimed at my name and me alone.

    I am down to much less than what I started with as a person. Wore down like stone.

    The terror of my now and future on this trajectory I have tried so hard to change is real and overwhelming, and of course critics will point to me as the sole crazy problem, which I know every second.

    The knowledge of my own futility is my jailers’ cage, and there are so many layers of cages placed around me.

  • I am not a psychiatric survivor. I am a victim of premediated crime. Health care by doctors after criminal psychiatry by doctors means, in short, doctors don’t want to treat me because of my severe depression and story. Of course I know to keep making phone calls!!!!!!!! It looks like my current doctors office is trying to get rid of me (having just switched to welfare on top of all) and I will need to look for another, which takes time and resources in very short supply. But moreover, I don’t want any advice about what I should do from strangers on a message board, please understand! I want what is made unavailable to me by my attackers (employer, police, Catholic looney bin, state of Michigan): justice. If not justice, I want euthanasia. I deserve to not be mentally tortured and slowly tortured to death. This hell, this pain, no one can know (still no proof of a story like mine), caused 100% by violation of the law by GOD, supported by my idiot-cruel Catholic mother and brother. Everyone in my life except my discarded senior citizen roommate has abandoned me. And so many people know, and no one who can will help. It’s too much imposed pain, real damage, real terror and real reasonable hopelessness for justice and the chance to heal.

  • Maybe younger people have better a chance of recovering from the devastation of criminal psychiatry and still dangerous and societally accepted allegedly non-criminal psychiatry (see the next personal story, a beautiful one, https://www.madinamerica.com/2021/10/childhood-gaslighting-when-difference-receives-diagnosis/) but hopelessness makes more sense (the only sane sense) as I leave middle age (58 now). When I was fired from my customer service job, really for complaining that they sped up the assembly line (though that was not the reason given), I lost my health insurance. I had just gotten referrals for four specialists. Ironically, when I was working I could not afford the visits or the time off. Now for some reason the state reinstated my welfare health care (before they gave me unemployment, after much effort on my part). But I just discovered the most important referral, regarding my serious difficulty walking (just injury, bone spur and arthritis?), will not take my welfare benefit card. Terror attack number 4 billion and one since retaliatory criminal unnecessary psychiatric detention with the nasty discarded Catholics of my youth due to suicide swatting by my hostile higher ed employer. Where is the euthanasia for old lady victims of criminal psychiatry? Is there a heap of discarded old Americans that I am supposed to throw myself on? What am I suppose to do with my body as it continues to break down, especially amid all this dangerous imposed psychological, emotional and intellectual pain?

  • The only thing I want is justice. I don’t want any advice, really, not in this way, because my story is likely way beyond a stranger’s advice. It is impossible for me to have faith having been mind/life raped by god, who has been given by humans better protection than humans have given me, even when god commits crime. My point is there is no assurance of anything, not another day, not of getting a job. Even worse things may happen to me while I am pushed down, until I am completely taken out. That’s reality. I am not recovered and your advice is not what I want from sharing my story. I hope you understand. I shared my story in hopes it will help me get a publishing credit and win my life back. I do appreciate encouragement and community, in theory, in part, because I know I am supposed to say that, and kindness should be acknowledged. But positive thinking from strangers feels like another set up for failure pointing at me, instead of the finger of blame pointing at my criminal attackers. I hope that makes sense. Of course I want to survive and win.

  • The regular and regularly misleading coverage of mental health issues in the NYT, Washing Post and on NPR–everywhere mainstream–is the most depressing thing to me, even more than the corruption of the medical profession and lack of equal protection I’ve received under laws that do exist to supposedly protect patients from psychiatric crime. Thanks for your piece. I hope the NYTimes read it. When it was published, I read in the NYT this piece you critique, so I am so glad to see your rebuttal at least here. Anyone could see that the piece did not take an objective look at the issue, did not talk to any critics, but your word as a pro counts, and should count to the NYT, too. Did you try to publish a rebuttal with the NYT, I wonder?

  • I would laugh except it’s not funny (the comment about the Onion is funny). I was given PTSD by criminal psychiatry (clear violation of state law), after child rearing years. Without justice, I experience terror attacks due to imposed realities (ex. poverty, hopelessness), years after my menstrual period stopped. The connection between psychiatry and oppressive patriarchy is too strong. And too painful.

  • I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I have interviewed. People don’t leave 100K jobs with lifetime security to become customer service agents because they prefer menial jobs with lower pay and people yelling at them. I know the chances of memoir publishing are close to non existent. I have a huge gap in my work history. Social security disability is not guaranteed or a secure living money-wise. Plus I have been told that my work gap will prohibit social security disability for some time. Mostly, I don’t need anyone to tell me I need to survive constant mental torture, please understand. I live this horrible life. I have been fighting so god damn hard to survive and to win but have been losing losing losing for almost a decade. Nothing nothing nothing is worth retaliatory criminal psychiatry and my story. Especially with god the god damn holding me down.

  • If needed, 20 weeks of unemployment will end the week of February 22-28, 2022, the nine year anniversary of my doom/death due to criminal psychiatry at St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, solely due to psychological abuse and planned attack by my former employer, Land of Motown Community College, with help from my hometown sexist police. I am looking for work (I can’t stand or walk for work, can’t drive, can’t explain my work history and not mention my story somehow) and editing my website, so I can best seek a publishing contract for a memoir. And painting. Spending time with my old dog. Worrying and somehow managing mental torture, as I am forced to do until I die.

  • Well, thank you to all who read my piece and for supportive comments. This week, I have used this place as a daily check in, instead of my suspended social media account, but I know my exposure here is fading away. Thank you again to Mad in America.

    I have all sorts of imposed problems induced by criminal psychiatry that begin the second I wake up. I am reasonably terrified that without a daily connection to this world online, I will be forgotten, and my fight and dim hope for justice and healing will be lost. Since 2012, I have not been able to heal, just manage. Overtime, I’ve fought to stay afloat but have sunk lower toward homelessness. Criminal psychiatry negatively effects resources. Nearly 60 years old now, I can’t expect much bounce or chance left. I can barely walk due to arthritis and injuries and I don’t know what.

    My attackers are certainly happy I’ve been silenced, which has been their documented wish all along. So many people I can name stand against me.

    It’s just not right that I can’t safely bring up euthanasia or imposed psychological pain too slowly killing me without hostile ears suspecting the problem is all me. The problem is all without and applied by retaliatory criminal psychiatry. Psychiatry’s undeserved power today is worse than the Catholic Church’s influence.

    The nasty old world Felician nuns 1) raised me in crappy Livonia, Michigan Catholic schools, 2) built the hospital that violated me and effectively ended my life except for the pain, 3) later built a $2 million dollar chapel for the hospital using my torture (part of their ‘holy’ work) as grounds for raising money to buy a crucifix from Germany (if you read my article you know what I think should be done with that crucifix, in the nun’s Halloween nightmares) and 4) refuse to advocate for me because protecting their own names and the Catholic brand is so much more important. This level of cruelty from so-called Brides of Christ is too much to handle on top of 300 union teachers pretending I never existed and not saying a word publicly about what the school did to me. On top of Catholic family that turned away. On top of the loss of all friends. On top of the lack of equal protection.

    My story is too much for one person, which I should be able to say safely, but I can’t.

    Coincidences like people in power circling me but not helping will likely continue.

    Now that I can’t be found easily online chronicling daily, will those who have taken advantage of me going public with my story in the past do so again? Will others take action against me? What will happen to me?

    Good connections? Through social media, I found a group writing mad memoirs and joined. I see how challenging it is for all of us to put our psychiatric survivor experiences into words.

    Best wishes to all.

  • “Considering my life since looney bin lock up (I only tolerate the Warner Bros spelling of “looney bin”) I didn’t take a picture because I was too depressed, and my welfare cellphone has a lousy camera.”

    Oh crap. I wish I could edit that mash-up sentence, which I forgot to come back to. I edit a lot and need a lot of editing. In fact, editing is the best therapy Twitter offered. I worked through and past panic/terror attacks online (few followers except for mostly trolls). I recovered from blows, deleted and rejuvenated regularly.

    There have been many acts of retaliation and trolling that have occurred since 2012, which can be very difficult to document. I don’t know why the drone was there or who flew it, but I did not appreciate its presence.

    “Considering my life since looney bin lock, I SHOULD have taken a picture of the large drone, despite my excuses, because, as I realized then, reporting the story later, I would be, I am now, even more vulnerable to my attackers and other hostile ears (not news to me).”

    Not delusional. I understand it would not be shameful to hallucinate, but I don’t. There was a drone. The second one in my story (the first in 2017).

  • My dad was born in Canada. I grew up near the tunnel and Ambassador Bridge between Detroit to Windsor. I’m hoping the US President when he meets with the pope soon brings up First Peoples in Canada, and the US, victimized in residential schools, some run by Catholics. I will check out your reference regarding psychiatry and Catholics in Canada, and will prepare myself in advance. (Checked it out. Psychiatric patients brought in more revenue than orphans per body, so children were re-classified, babies sold by the nuns for profit, denial.) Thank you so much. What a club, psych survivors, reminding me of The Island of Misfit Toys, a group of characters in a old American Christmas time TV show, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, who could use saving (please no one take offense). Ah. Personal connection. I don’t know how old you are, but I watched the tv show, Mr. Dress-up, from Canada, and loved it! In short, Canada and Canadians are special to me, so thanks again.

  • Joanna, thank you so much for your comment and encouragement. Your kind supportive words are well taken and greatly appreciated. I am sorry to hear that you and I are in the same club. I hope your recovery is better than mine, and that you were able to heal, at least to some degree. For me, Day Two without Twitter (just three emails from Twitter Business). Of course, there are other social media platforms I have not used. And I can I still used Facebook, Youtbue, etc, though Twitter fits me best and meanwhile I can track Mad in America and others easily. I did feel obligated to let the Mad in America crowd know that my induced depression and panic/terror attack, to some likely seemingly bi-polar (one of my most hated terms, only applied to me by doctor I never met), caused 100% by unchecked criminal psychiatry and the state of Michigan’s screwy unemployment insurance system, has passed, without the police knocking on my door about me crying. Real blows to my life, my life put on the edge by criminal (not forensic) psychiatry, real fallout from same, like poverty, poor physical health and isolation, cause my depression. Psychiatry, hear me!! Look at the evidence, please! So, Joanna, thank you thank up thank you again, and I will.

  • Another reason I am terrified of not having Twitter: safety or the shattered of semblance of safety. No one will believe me. Read my account and look at my documentation online. I have been the object of serious retaliation since 2015, after I tagged my home in foreclosure to try and get positive media attention but only got a Fox news sexist hatchet job, when the former Republican AG who wanted to become governor (but didn’t) denied equal protection in writing (an unusual move) and then sent the Michigan State Police to harass me and mislabel me crazy dangerous in remote mid Michigan. Another set up and lock up followed, this time in jail, in 2017, for stalking a cop from the school. No one stalks a cop. I did not stalk a cop. The cop. from the school, lied. No one will believe me. I have documentation but it takes a lot of reading. The pain is unbearable. I see no evidence of a story like mine.

    I went to the unemployment office today in Saginaw to try and clear up the hold up regarding my identity verification, as I was reporting on Twitter. I stepped out of my car and immediately saw a very large drone over the building, yes, watching me, it seemed me. Largely empty municipal building and parking lot, just workers, COVID, appts only, only one other claimant in the parking lot arrived same time. I asked the security guard who came out of the building to meet claimants, have you seen that drone before? She had not. It was large one too. I could see the camera lense and the direction it was pointing. Considering my life since looney bin lock up (I only tolerate the Warner Bros spelling of “looney bin”) I didn’t take a picture because I was too depressed, and my welfare cellphone has a lousy camera. I was able to clear up my unemployment delay in minutes, I think. That’s what I was told. A customer service phone operator yesterday who contributed so greatly to my Twitter ending all day and night panic/terror attack, flat out made up crap, apparently. Said not to bother waiting, my employer was fighting against me and that I should just get a job (really). The guy today verified my identity and said I should see the money in my account in two days. None of the phone operators I have been calling all month suggested going in person to the unemployment office but instead said to wait and to keep using the computer system. But what about the drone? I waved it an unfriendly middle finger until it flew off, after the security guard looked at it (I don’t know if she stepped into the parking lot enough to see it over the roof of the maybe five story building). Inside the unemployment office the place was grey and empty except for workers. Apparently, the security guard had told the other workers about the drone and they wanted to know more as I left. When I went back to my 20 year old car, it wouldn’t start in park, an issue that was supposedly fixed with some of my last money, last week. It started in neutral, and I left, crying again.

    I won’t seek to use this place as a replacement for Twitter anymore. I am almost completely disconnected from the world except for the pain it has imposed on me. Trolls know how vulnerable I am. Ever hear of Kiwi Farms? They run a message board from somewhere outside of the US, psychologically abuse people, and have been credited with at least one suicide. Check out the dedicated thread with my name on it, which comes up when you Google my name. I am being crushed too slowly and erased. Please keep this record. I tried. I tried. I tried to save my life, but I was not allowed to win. I don’t know how to manage all this imposed pain, terror and devastation. I don’t understand why this level of imposed pain does not kill more swiftly on its own.

  • The month-long problems I am having with Michigan Unemployment agency that precipitated today’s above average terror/panic attack? Another killer coincidence. Today’s panic attack snowballed into me being kicked off Twitter by the nasty old world Felician nuns who 1) raised me, 2) built the hospital that violated me and effectively ended my life except for the pain, 3) built a $2 million dollar chapel for the hospital using my torture (part of their ‘holy’ work) as grounds for raising money to buy a crucifix from Germany and 4) refuse to advocate for me because protecting their own names and the Catholic brand is so much more important.

    It’s 8 pm. I have been crying since 9:45 am. I just read that the Michigan governor, a Democrat, who said she was vaginally raped (which I contend must be safer than criminal psychiatric mind rape for life), the same governor who blew off my request to review the state appointment of the patient rights advocate who began the cover up at St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward when I told her I never met the emergency doctor who signed the first clinical certificate, THAT governor, today, it was announced AFTER my panic attack started, AFTER I was denied my popular public outlet for redress, by nuns whose cruelty is UNACCEPTABLE, replaced the head of Michigan Unemployment due to wait times and other dysfunction. There should be euthanasia if there will never be justice. I have a human right to not be tortured.

  • Please let me say this too: FLOTUS yesterday flew into MBS airport, five miles from my house. According to one source, she was invited by US Sen Debbie Stabenow to speak to a Native tribe about mental health care, then was invited to speak to a Jewish group–while her husband, POTUS, has plans to validate the pope soon, on behalf of Americans, which adds yet another dagger to my heart, mind and soul. This American does not approve of the US President validating the Catholic Church, especially above all other religions. POTUS already elevated the Catholic hospital that violated me during the January 2021 memorial for Americans who died of COVID. The singing nurse was from St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, in my crappy Michigan hometown. I checked: there were other singing nurses. Debbie Stabenow still believes the biochemical model of chemical imbalance causing so-called disorders. She has sponsored mental health care legislation, but she has ignored my requests for acknowledgement. At the Jewish dinner, FLOTUS was honored along with Mary Barra, of GM. A month ago, after nearly two years, I was fired from a subcontractor as a customer service agent, for GM. I have talked to more customers of GM than Barra ever will. If I had her billions, I might not be having an all day panic attack today, as I am, because I am reasonably concerned about homelessness, another snowball from hell lock up, or the real permanent end of hope pushing me to the cliff, ironically, to save myself from future torture. And I might not have gotten kicked off Twitter. Also at the same Jewish fundraiser was state of Michigan AG Dana Nessel. Her office is the target of two of my many Michigan Department of Civil Rights complaints essentially for lack of equal protection. Sarcasm (and the sometimes criminal mess of psychiatry) locked up the English teacher in the looney bin. These coincidences that add to my overwhelming pain are killing me along with unchecked criminal (not forensic) psychiatry but way too slowly. I have been suffering imposed actual mental torture for about 1/6 of my life, with no end in sight. Certainly, because of unchecked criminal mental health care and the actual mental torture I am forced to endure, with no end in sight, I would opt to not be born at all and wish my account in this life was never opened. No end in sight, no end in sight, no end in sight: of course I have panic attacks, terror attacks, after so many years fighting to save my life but losing.

  • I was just kicked off Twitter permanently by the Felicians nuns during a panic attack. I appealed but expect nothing but pain until the day I die, no doubt early, due to bogus mental health care. Knowing my society takes better care of injured race horses than me imposes an unlivable amount of pain daily, so I feel the need to take action, daily, telling the world my story, even if it doesn’t help. I have used Facebook and Twitter as diary, therapy and advocacy since 2012 but stopped using Facebook largely because trolls kept getting me kicked off. Social media is certainly not good therapy, but I didn’t believe in mental health talk therapy care before retaliatory looney bin lock up (the chances of finding someone you connect with and can trust are so poor), and I certainly don’t now. Too dangerous and potentially harmful. I don’t what what will happen to me without this outlet.

  • Thank you for your kind reply. I am sorry you are forced to be a psychiatric survivor, too. I am interested in all stories of psychiatric crime at Catholic hospitals and also the rise of HR department’s using the blunt weapon of hack shrinks to silence and destroy employees, as well as other issues in the Big Mess of Psychiatry. However, despite the too superficial and terribly painful false truisms, “You are not alone and people care,” day to day people like me and maybe you, too, victims of criminal psychiatry, are absolutely alone, and people in positions of power who could save and improve lives do not care one bit. They only care to cover up their crimes.

  • https://gina184813185.wordpress.com/

    Language barrier? Person, you read or understood incorrectly. I was locked up illegally. Doctors broke the law. I do not hallucinate. I will assume a language barrier came between us.

    God, I wish I had never responded. Wow. This place isn’t even safe for me. This is not a safe place for me as a victim of criminal mental abuse. I am not psychotic. I do not hallucinate. I have taken incredible measures to document my claims.

    Bad day worse. My life is unlivable. I’m trapped in hell.

    Oh god the horror never ends only grows. I’m too delicate for this mental and full life nonstop pain and trauma.

    For seven years.

    Body, please have mercy on me.

    Oh god the horror. I will not post here any more, to avoid what just transpired.

    Oh my god. Please let me out of this nightmare.

    I don’t blame the Mad in America organization, of course. I am reasonable. I am not crazy.

    I was set up.

    Gina Fournier

  • Thank you so much for your honesty, generosity and positive loving spirit.

    You have helped me make it through another hour of ongoing fallout from criminal mental abuse. This reaction of mine is especially astounding to me since I was violated at a Catholic psychiatric hospital and usually turn away from Christians.

    I have not experienced hallucinations but have been accused falsely of hallucinating, which has literally dismantled my life and made living unnecessarily extremely difficult.

    I too was a former college teacher. Your bravery in coming forward with your story is remarkable, incredible, a great credit to you. Thank you.

    You are teaching still, still serving education and students. Thank you.

    My real life is a horror, with documentation, that no one wants to acknowledge. For real. Which may sound delusional. Which is the irony of criminal mental health care!

    FYI. My story with documentation is way too long but true (still under construction): “Coloring with the Catholics: My Story of Criminal Mental Abuse in Modern America” https://gina184813185.wordpress.com/

    Thank you again. My support all comes from strangers, who may not intend it, so thank you again.

    Gina Fournier

  • Hi Jackie Ireland,

    Apology accepted but not needed. Online communication pitfalls happen. Plus I am very tender after all this time with no resolution. But please. What experience, knowledge and information do you have to share? What state are you in? I would like to hear more and others probably would as well. My own situation is severe critical dangerous. I’ve learned the hard way that the word “suicide” applied as a weapon can murder your life. Thank you, Gina Fournier

  • Thank you for being so forthcoming. I enjoyed reading both your articles. I’m new; it seems common for people to respond with their own stories. As someone falsely accused of being delusional and hallucinatory, I am so thankful to read an engaging and compelling voice, yours, sharing your experience as one who has experienced psychosis, and best of all, recovered, survived and thrived (not without challenges, as you include). As you know, there is such a stigma preventing talk about one’s mental health. For one thing, because it can be dangerous to do so, so thank you again. Gina Fournier

  • I am so concerned about the numbers of people in America who may feel victim of a criminal mental health system (my words), as do others here in (their own words), as do I (because I am a victim of crime beginning with suicide swatting). Are there statistics? I’m new. I’ll keep reading. I’m glad to find this forum and organization, but also dismayed about the scope of this largely unrecognized problem. Bogus criminal mental health care is torture. Thank you for this discussion. And peace to all people suffering mental abuse by caregivers and the system. Gina Fournier

  • Hello,

    This is my first post on this forum. Perhaps I read poorly, but I would have liked to hear more about “that fateful psych appointment” in your two part article. I was gaslit, witch hunted, sent to hack shrinks then suicide swatted by my established hostile employer, which started a snowball of calamity that included an illegal detainment in a Catholic mental ward, plus nightmare-level retaliation by the state attorney general, because of my quest for justice. I have been trying and failing to save my life for nearly seven years. Thank you for your advice and example. This stuff is tough to write about; tough to read. Thanks again. Gina Fournier