Friday, June 25, 2021

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    Language barrier? Person, you read or understood incorrectly. I was locked up illegally. Doctors broke the law. I do not hallucinate. I will assume a language barrier came between us.

    God, I wish I had never responded. Wow. This place isn’t even safe for me. This is not a safe place for me as a victim of criminal mental abuse. I am not psychotic. I do not hallucinate. I have taken incredible measures to document my claims.

    Bad day worse. My life is unlivable. I’m trapped in hell.

    Oh god the horror never ends only grows. I’m too delicate for this mental and full life nonstop pain and trauma.

    For seven years.

    Body, please have mercy on me.

    Oh god the horror. I will not post here any more, to avoid what just transpired.

    Oh my god. Please let me out of this nightmare.

    I don’t blame the Mad in America organization, of course. I am reasonable. I am not crazy.

    I was set up.

    Gina Fournier

  • Thank you so much for your honesty, generosity and positive loving spirit.

    You have helped me make it through another hour of ongoing fallout from criminal mental abuse. This reaction of mine is especially astounding to me since I was violated at a Catholic psychiatric hospital and usually turn away from Christians.

    I have not experienced hallucinations but have been accused falsely of hallucinating, which has literally dismantled my life and made living unnecessarily extremely difficult.

    I too was a former college teacher. Your bravery in coming forward with your story is remarkable, incredible, a great credit to you. Thank you.

    You are teaching still, still serving education and students. Thank you.

    My real life is a horror, with documentation, that no one wants to acknowledge. For real. Which may sound delusional. Which is the irony of criminal mental health care!

    FYI. My story with documentation is way too long but true (still under construction): “Coloring with the Catholics: My Story of Criminal Mental Abuse in Modern America”

    Thank you again. My support all comes from strangers, who may not intend it, so thank you again.

    Gina Fournier

  • Hi Jackie Ireland,

    Apology accepted but not needed. Online communication pitfalls happen. Plus I am very tender after all this time with no resolution. But please. What experience, knowledge and information do you have to share? What state are you in? I would like to hear more and others probably would as well. My own situation is severe critical dangerous. I’ve learned the hard way that the word “suicide” applied as a weapon can murder your life. Thank you, Gina Fournier

  • Thank you for being so forthcoming. I enjoyed reading both your articles. I’m new; it seems common for people to respond with their own stories. As someone falsely accused of being delusional and hallucinatory, I am so thankful to read an engaging and compelling voice, yours, sharing your experience as one who has experienced psychosis, and best of all, recovered, survived and thrived (not without challenges, as you include). As you know, there is such a stigma preventing talk about one’s mental health. For one thing, because it can be dangerous to do so, so thank you again. Gina Fournier

  • I am so concerned about the numbers of people in America who may feel victim of a criminal mental health system (my words), as do others here in (their own words), as do I (because I am a victim of crime beginning with suicide swatting). Are there statistics? I’m new. I’ll keep reading. I’m glad to find this forum and organization, but also dismayed about the scope of this largely unrecognized problem. Bogus criminal mental health care is torture. Thank you for this discussion. And peace to all people suffering mental abuse by caregivers and the system. Gina Fournier

  • Hello,

    This is my first post on this forum. Perhaps I read poorly, but I would have liked to hear more about “that fateful psych appointment” in your two part article. I was gaslit, witch hunted, sent to hack shrinks then suicide swatted by my established hostile employer, which started a snowball of calamity that included an illegal detainment in a Catholic mental ward, plus nightmare-level retaliation by the state attorney general, because of my quest for justice. I have been trying and failing to save my life for nearly seven years. Thank you for your advice and example. This stuff is tough to write about; tough to read. Thanks again. Gina Fournier