Personality disorders? Please, tell us what you really think.

From Mad in Canada: This advert is a starkly raw (albeit unintended) confession of genuinely felt, and deeply entrenched perceptions held, not just by psychiatry, but by the rest of mainstream mental health care as well. Laid bare in this damning Freudian slip is the commonly held perception of the individuals (the actual people, not their diagnosis!) who are given PD labels, and the increasingly obvious perception that psychiatry views itself as a victim.

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      • agreed.

        I believe these people could have a referral relationship with the literal antichrist and somehow blame their clients with something from the script, like: “that sounds really tough. See, my approach is much more hands-off since I’m not the antichrist nor am I personally trying to herald the end of days. So that’s not my responsibility to control my colleague, the antichrist. But by goly, there are some bad apples out there. Sorry that happened. that will be $300 and I can try to refill those scripts from Dr. Antichrist but no promises. You may have to ask him”.

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  1. I got a bpd diagnosis 15 years ago after ECT. Before the ect, I was drugged for 20 years. After the ECT, I was drugged more. After the ECT they said I wasn’t depressed I was borderline and that’s why the ECT didn’t work but they made me keep taking antidepressants and added antipsychotics to the mix. I knew from the minute I got that diagnosis that I was hated by the mental health system, that I was being thrown away, but every time I spoke that to anyone they would insist that I was paranoid, that people were trying to help me, that no one thought ill of me. All lies. I was mocked, silenced, abused for years by the system and my so called “natural supports” loved every minute of it! I was surrounded by “open minded people”, liberals, who jumped at the chance to be “allies” except when it came to people like me. If I was locked up, force drugged and stripped of any agency I had, well, that was for my own good. And, wasn’t I better yet? Wasn’t I fixed? Now I’m 56 years old. I don’t work, I barely leave my apartment, I don’t get along with anyone. I have tons of rage and am waiting for it all to be over.
    Question:. Have these abusive babies ever heard of a little thing called “self fulfilling prophecy”?
    I don’t know why they bothered to apologize for what they said. They were telling the truth, for once.

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      • kayla,
        Yes, that definitely sounds like b.s. almost anyone who’s under stress (and who isn’t under stress, very few people) is going to meet some of the criteria (anger, feelings of emptiness…I’d say these are both pretty common). McClean has a dedicated program to “treat BPD”. Maybe they’re trying to drum up business.

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      • Kayla, I’m so sorry that happened and nobody deserves this diagnosis. I am unsuprised that they now utilize the diagnostic equivalent of a buzzfeed quiz to diagnose BPD. Accurate- the BPD label is bs.

        … the weirdest part of this article is the layering atop of hate speech with statements that “this population” avoids “help”. WONDER WHY? Jeez.

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  2. “The RCPUK advertisement states: “Personality Disorder (PD) is a thorn in the flesh of many clinicians as, however, they may wish to avoid managing those with such a diagnosis, those with personality disorder label have a tenacious hold on the clinician. While only a small minority of PD patients actively seek treatment – although often in a dysfunctional manner – the majority avoid contact with health professionals but nonetheless cause considerable distress both to themselves and those around them.”

    Proof that the BPD diagnosis is an actual hate crime.

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  3. Then they’d charts something like:

    *”patient is splitting by claiming mistreatment from my colleague, the antichrist. Patient needs a higher level of care from myself and Dr. antichrist.”

    They genuinely don’t want to believe anything bad about their field. When in doubt, the lowest in their nonsensical hierarchies are the most responsible for all of them

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    • That’s about right! My wife just got a note about “splitting” in her chart for SURGERY because she got in a conflict with a nurse who was being condescending. Her response would have made any competent DBT leader proud (if there is such a thing), she simply stated how she felt and asked for a change in the nurse’s behavior, but somehow, she had “Cluster B personality traits” because she complained about this person’s treatment of her. It’s a sleazy cover for saying, “This person’s a jerk and I don’t want to deal with them!” And it prevents any analysis of what the STAFF PERSON may have done to induce the supposed “cluster B personality traits” in their charge.

      What ever happened to “The customer is always right?”

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      • I’m so sorry to your wife. The medical gaslighting is extremely demeaning and kudos to her and you for seeing the truth and calling it out.

        And- HA! Customer service??? can you imagine? We can dream!

        Here’s my go-to analogy for their customer service:

        If I work at a coffee shop with 10 people, 6 of us sell coffee and the other 4 throw coffee in people’s faces and have them locked in the basement “for their own good”. This would be a pretty bad business even if i was part of the nice group of coffee venders..

        Some are doing amazing things truly, while some are harming their customers without mercy. Would be helpful if the service user wasn’t caught unaware with the latter group.
        Customer service in therapy especially aka humanism would be amazing and is clearly how things should operate.

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  4. Am I Obligated to Look After My Insufferable Mother?

    This is the end result of the system-manufactured stigma against borderline–a NY tTimes comment section filled with hate speech, where “my borderline mother” serves as code for, “my mother is a demon, deserving of zero compassion” and the rallying cry is, “report her to the authorities and cut off contact. The system has ways of dealing with her type.”
    The NY Times, where “mental illness ” and hate speech live happily ever after.

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