Personality disorders? Please, tell us what you really think.

From Mad in Canada: This advert is a starkly raw (albeit unintended) confession of genuinely felt, and deeply entrenched perceptions held, not just by psychiatry, but by the rest of mainstream mental health care as well. Laid bare in this damning Freudian slip is the commonly held perception of the individuals (the actual people, not their diagnosis!) who are given PD labels, and the increasingly obvious perception that psychiatry views itself as a victim.

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  1. I got a bpd diagnosis 15 years ago after ECT. Before the ect, I was drugged for 20 years. After the ECT, I was drugged more. After the ECT they said I wasn’t depressed I was borderline and that’s why the ECT didn’t work but they made me keep taking antidepressants and added antipsychotics to the mix. I knew from the minute I got that diagnosis that I was hated by the mental health system, that I was being thrown away, but every time I spoke that to anyone they would insist that I was paranoid, that people were trying to help me, that no one thought ill of me. All lies. I was mocked, silenced, abused for years by the system and my so called “natural supports” loved every minute of it! I was surrounded by “open minded people”, liberals, who jumped at the chance to be “allies” except when it came to people like me. If I was locked up, force drugged and stripped of any agency I had, well, that was for my own good. And, wasn’t I better yet? Wasn’t I fixed? Now I’m 56 years old. I don’t work, I barely leave my apartment, I don’t get along with anyone. I have tons of rage and am waiting for it all to be over.
    Question:. Have these abusive babies ever heard of a little thing called “self fulfilling prophecy”?
    I don’t know why they bothered to apologize for what they said. They were telling the truth, for once.

  2. “The RCPUK advertisement states: “Personality Disorder (PD) is a thorn in the flesh of many clinicians as, however, they may wish to avoid managing those with such a diagnosis, those with personality disorder label have a tenacious hold on the clinician. While only a small minority of PD patients actively seek treatment – although often in a dysfunctional manner – the majority avoid contact with health professionals but nonetheless cause considerable distress both to themselves and those around them.”

    Proof that the BPD diagnosis is an actual hate crime.