Abolish concept of ‘disease insight’

From Mad in the Netherlands: If there is something that causes discussion in mental health care, it is the concept of ‘illness insight’, and in particular the lack of it. When a client thinks differently about his treatment, his counselor regularly says that the client has no insight into his psychological difficulties. But if he agrees with the practitioner, he has insight and is called cooperative. In this blog I will take a closer look at the different ways in which the concept of ‘lack of insight into illness’ is viewed.

Read the original article here and the English translation here.


    • The “professionals” lack insight more than anyone as they fail to see how they exploit people’s misfortunes. And this is true no matter how they try to justify it.

      And without their bullshit rigamarole, most people find ways of getting better ON THEIR OWN –

      And the reason this isn’t “reported” is because most people don’t participate in their stupid, biased, self-serving “studies” –

      I didn’t enjoy the thought of having my angst pay for some asshole “professional’s” fancy vacation, inflated mortgage, or overpriced student loans. I think that showed a certain amount of “insight” —

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