1. ‘Non professionals’ like ‘Will Hall’ recover, the people that follow Psychiatry don’t. Most people that recover use similar methods to Will Hall.

    Psychiatry can only offer Tranquillisers – and Tranquillisers don’t work

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  2. This was a great article! Vindicating but brutal

    This article discusses the technicalities which secure the gates of psychiatric research, ensuring that only academia can publish research on the mental health consumer.

    The MH field has such an egregiously violating, dehumanizing M.O. Juxtaposed this with the fact that many of their historical academia idealogues were fascists, just compounds the nauseating absurdity.

    They need to publicly disavow Aktion T4 and purge their eugenicist academics from the lesson books: Asperger and Dalton and the rest

    Unsuprised, but always grossed out to see this paradigm up close, it doesn’t need to shift, it needs to disintegrate into nothing and make way for something human

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  3. anotherone says, “The MH field has such an egregiously violating, dehumanizing MO…”

    Yes. And you mention the fact that many of psychiatry’s “historical academia ideologues were fascists”. They still are, imo—just scratch the surface and there it is—Eugenics from top to bottom. They just cover it up with “diagnoses”.

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