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An artist's posable mannequin lies flat amongst a pile of pills, dark lighting

The Lie That Antidepressants Protect Against Suicide Is Deadly

Antidepressants do not protect against suicide. According to placebo-controlled trials, they double the risk of suicide.
Medical Stethoscope and Pills on Dollars

Much of U.S. Healthcare Is Broken: How to Fix It (Preface)

Medical practitioners base their practice on clinical experience, rather than the sound published health research, which they distrust.

Letting Go of Lithium

The healing journey is less about being free from medication and psychiatry and more about connecting with myself now. I am grateful for the freedom to feel.
Photo of a pig

Pigs in the Hospital: The Collapse of Venezuela’s Mental Health System

The directors of the hospital, considering the empty spaces provided by its lack of services, decided to allow “milicianos” to move in, along with their pigs.
Closeup on gloved hands held up as if asking for help

Psychiatry, Violence, and the State: California’s Systematic Failure of Its Unhoused Population

California has decided to systematically restrain, incarcerate, forcibly strip, and drug its now sizable unhoused population.
Illustration: man trapped in a bottle of pills tries to scream for help

Withdrawing From Psychiatric Drugs: How to Produce Smaller Doses Than Those the Drug Companies Provide

Peter Gøtzsche: To reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms, it is necessary to respect the form of the binding curve.


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Psychedelic Owl
by Todd Wittenberg

The Making of a ‘Madness’ That Hides Our Monsters: An Interview with Audrey Clare...

In this interview, Audrey Clare Farley reveals how our understanding of schizophrenia was built to avoid acknowledging sexual trauma, religious abuse, and racism.

The WHO and the United Nations: Let Freedom Ring for the Mad

This is a call that challenges how psychiatry is practiced today and ultimately challenges its power in society.

May Cause Side Effects–Radical Acceptance and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: An Interview with Brooke Siem

Brooke Siem discusses her experiences of being medicated with antidepressants as a teenager, her withdrawal from a cocktail of psychiatric drugs and her debut memoir, May Cause Side Effects.
A girl wearing virtual reality device over eyes looks startled with hands wide and mouth open

Why Failed Psychiatry Lives On: Its Industrial Complex, Politics, & Technology Worship

By embracing the widely popular technology-worship “religion,” psychiatry is permitted to ignore the reality that its repeated failures are evidence that its fundamental paradigm is misguided.

Branding Diseases—How Drug Companies Market Psychiatric Conditions: An Interview with Ray Moynihan

MIA’s Ayurdhi Dhar interviews Ray Moynihan about the marketing of disorders, broadening of diagnoses, and harmful treatments.

How Mad Studies and the Psychological Humanities are Changing Mental Health: An Interview with...

In this interview with MIA's Justin Karter, psychiatrist Bradley Lewis discusses the value of art, the humanities, and mad studies in shaping a richer understanding of psychological experiences.

We can find strength and meaning in exploring spiritual crises

Spiritual experiences should be understood as valuable for recovery, and not treated as illness or madness. The Swedish social therapist Savannah Rosén gives advice on how we can help people in crisis who have had transpersonal experiences.

Decolonizing Psychiatry in Pakistan

Psychiatrist Yousaf Raza details the problems with psychiatric health care in Pakistan and shows how to find a way forward.

Activism in mental health and policies of discomfort – Conversation with...

I am interested in the idea of expanded extractivism, because it allows us to think about the extractive operation: the dispossession and its violence.

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