Green Star Mother Demands Answers from VA Secretary

If the Veterans Administration is sincere in wanting to reduce veteran suicides, the first place to start is to collect information following these deaths to try to better understand the causes.
Illustration of poison jars labeled with a skull and the words "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE"

It’s You, It’s Not Me: Treatment Resistant Depression and the Psychiatric Breakup

"Treatment resistance" is best explained not as a medical issue but as a way for psychiatry to resolve cognitive dissonance.
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Prescription Drugs: The Hidden Costs to Health and the Planet

Pharmaceuticals seem to overtake every facet of life, but it’s important to start thinking critically about what we are putting in our bodies.

My Red October – An Army Veteran’s Crucible to Recovery

After my VA mental health team prescribed Prozac, I began experiencing rapidly escalating behavioral changes. The drug was never considered as a potential cause.

What It’s Really Like Inside a Psychiatric Ward

In a way, the hospital had made me feel better. It had shown me a vision of hell that was going to become my future if I didn't take drastic action.
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Doctors Are Not Trained to Think Critically

University students are expected to to ask questions, but medical students are expected to give "correct" answers.

War Cry For Change

The Gruntstyle Foundation, a non-profit led by Veterans, has launched the “War Cry For Change: The Revolution to Reclaim Veteran Mental Health.” The purpose of this initiative is to prompt Congress and the Veterans Administration to investigate harms that may arise from prescribing of psychiatric drugs. Mad in America is supporting this initiative by publishing the personal stories of veterans and their families who have suffered such harms. Members of the veterans community can submit their stories here.


International online survey on the positive and negative effects of ECT, for patients and their loved ones. Please see here for more information.

Why Go by Pearl Jam

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Down the Rabbit Hole
by Maria Hayes Vigerust

The TikTokification of Mental Health on Campus

Many people view their social media feeds as reflections of their identities—and when posts center on a specific diagnosis, it can feel like the platform is diagnosing them.

Madness, Utopia and Revolt: An Interview With Sasha Warren

Sasha Warren founded Of Unsound Mind to trace the histories of psychiatry and its connection to policing and prisons.

“War Cry For Change”: Veterans Launch Campaign for Informed Consent and Safe Deprescribing at...

Derek Blumke and Timothy Jensen: The Grunt Style Foundation leads a new phase in the movement to combat psychiatric drug harm.
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“Confidential” 988 Conversation Records Shared with Corporations

Recordings of 988 callers’ voice, text, and chat conversations are being shared with researchers, AI developers, and corporations without consent.

Dramatic Rise in Police Interventions on 988 Callers

New data reveals that four times as many callers to 988 as previously publicly claimed are getting visited by police or emergency medical services.

Demedicalizing Depression: An Interview with Milutin Kostić

Justin Karter interviews Milutin Kostić on the fundamental flaws in depression research and its neglect of human complexity.

War Cry For Change

Open letter to the people ready

On International Autism Pride Day, Alan Robinson shares a letter for neurotypical people where he describes some challenges in relation to neurodiversity that society faces.

For Migrant Workers in India, Healing and Well-Being are About Relationships

In this article, researchers found how well-being among migrant workers in India is about fulfilling their social roles, and about hopes for a better future for their family/community.

Why the fail, why the lacklustre drug-heavy mental health services?

It’s been on my mind: what do these labels matter – whether I have ‘unusual sensory experiences’, am ‘schizophrenic ‘, ‘shitso’ ,‘voice-hearer’ or ‘on psychosis spectrum’. Words are slippery at best, in how we choose we want to be identified, or foisted upon us by the State, etc. Is it really that paramount?

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