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Deep Ayahuasca Healing and the Truth of who you are

From Chacruna: Shamanic healing through ayahuasca and other psychedelic modalities can help people reconnect with themselves and feel a greater sense of wholeness and unity. Article →­

‘Shocking’ Study: Most Common Antidepressant Barely Improves Depression

From The Telegraph: The new trial of sertraline is by far the largest to be conducted without the involvement of the pharmaceutical industry.

Charging ‘Dealers’ With Homicide: Explained

From The Appeal: "Without any evidence that drug-induced homicide cases prevent dealers from dealing or users from using, this punitive tactic has become a favorite...

“Report From APPG for Prescribed Drug Dependence”

James Davies, of the Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry, issues his report from last week’s meeting in the UK Parliament concerning the connection between increased...

How Survivors are Finding Strength in Martial Arts

From Love Fighting Hate Violence: For many women, participation in Muay Thai and other martial arts can play a major role in healing from sexual violence...

“If Antidepressants Don’t Work Well, Why Are They So Popular?”

“The true balance of risk versus benefit for people taking these kinds of antidepressants will probably only emerge when independent researchers have access to...

“Thirty Years Later: Still Cured of Schizophrenia”

Psychiatrist Ira Steinman tells the tale on the ISPS (International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Schizophrenia) website of hearing from a former...

The “It’s All in Your Head” Diagnosis Endangers Women’s Health

From Los Angeles Times: Many physicians are quick to dismiss women's serious health concerns as psychological issues, leading to the delay of proper treatment and...

‘Well’ Explores the Social and Political Underpinnings of Health

From NPR: To improve the nation's physical and mental health, epidemiologist Sandro Galea says we need to understand the factors that are actually the drivers of it.

New Grant Boosts Hearing Voices Approach in USA

From The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care: The Hearing Voices Research and Development Fund has been awarded a $300,000 grant to expand their...

Three Philosophers Win Guggenheim Fellowships

From Daily Nous: The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation announced this week the winners of its 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships. Three fellowships were awarded to philosophers, including...

“Constructing the Modern Mind”

Psychiatrist and historian George Makari tries to illuminate the historical evolution of our understanding of the conscious mind and how it relates to the...

PharmedOut Webinar: Institutional Corruption and Clinical Practice Guidelines

From PharmedOUT: Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are systematically developed statements to assist practitioners and patient decisions, but they are not immune to industry influence.

“For the Mentally Ill, It’s Worse”

The New York Times' Joe Nocera notes the republication of “Is There No Place on Earth for Me?”, Susan Sheehan's 1982 book about Maxine Mason's journey....

“New Jersey Psychology Practice Revealed Patients’ Mental Disorders in Debt Lawsuits”

Pro Publica and the NY Times collaborate on an investigative report revealing loopholes in HIPAA laws that allow providers to release the mental health...

Going Off My Meds Gave Me Rage Attacks

In this piece for Glamour, Suzannah Weiss tells her story of SSRI withdrawal, which resulted in intense rage attacks for six months after discontinuation and...

How Our Ancestors’ Trauma May Influence Who We Are

In this blog post, Dale M. Kushner explains how the field of epigenetics can illustrate the role of ancestral and transgenerational trauma in shaping our...

Why You Can Have a Tapeworm in Your Brain and Still Live Fairly Normally

Mind Hacks looks at a number of unusual cases, such as a woman missing a cerebellum and a man who had a tapeworm eat its way through his brain over four years, and asks what these kinds of cases are telling us about what we do -- and don't -- know about the human brain.

“Why is Depression Incidence Increasing?”

-Was life better in the past, or is there some other reason depression is increasing?

MPs Debate Mandatory Hospital Training in Autism and Learning Disability

From BBC News: "While in Southmead Hospital in November 2016 Oliver , from Bristol, was prescribed the anti-psychotic drug Olanzapine. This was despite him...

Hi, I’m David. I’m a Drug Addict

From Los Angeles Times: "Most people aren’t prepared for the changes these drugs can cause to the body," says Adam Bisaga, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center.

The Hundred Trillion Stories in Your Head

In this piece for The Paris Review, Benjamin Ehrlich discusses the role of the literary arts in shaping the work and ideas of Santagio Ramón y...

“Can Madness Save the World?”

Writing for CounterPunch, Paris Williams writes that when an individual is experiencing what has been termed “psychosis,” it is important to recognize that this may also be the manifestation of a breakdown in their larger social groups, the family, society, and even the species.

“Federal Judge Declines to Toss Paxil Suicide Case, Setting GSK up for September Trial”

Wendy Dolin sued GSK after her husband committed suicide after taking a generic version of Paxil. The US District Court has declined GSK’s motions...

Susie Orbach and Frederick Crews Debate Freud’s Legacy

In this piece for The Guardian, Frederick Crews, author of Freud: The Making of an Illusion, debates with psychoanalyst Susie Orbach about the merits of Freud's...

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