Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Experts Warn of an Emerging ‘Stimulant Epidemic’

From Medscape: While policymakers and members of the general public are justifiably focused on addressing the opioid epidemic, there is another epidemic that may be...

Inside Croatia’s Pioneering Mental Health Center

From The Guardian: The oldest asylum in the Balkans has now been transformed into an unlocked mental health center. The patients have begun living in...

The ‘Choosing Wisely’ Campaign is Five Years Old

From MinnPost: The Choosing Wisely campaign, which was launched to promote informed consent among patients, is now five years old. The campaign has been very successful...

“Maybe Oregon Shooting and Others Aren’t About Mental Illness”

Matthew Cooper, writing for Newsweek, reports that despite the preponderance of political rhetoric about “mental illness” after mass shootings, a review of the research suggests that the connection between mental health and gun violence is dubious.

Study: Increasing Min. Wage by $1 Could Reduce US Suicide Rates

From CNN: A new 25-year observational study also found that a $2 increase could have prevented an estimated 40,000 suicides alone between 2009 and 2015.

“FDA Proposes Reclassifying ECT Devices”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is attempting to reclassify the electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) device for use in treating severe depression (MDE) or bipolar “disorder” (BPD). The device is currently a class III device and the proposal is to make it a class II device.

A Third of U.S. Adults on Medications That Can Cause Depression

From MinnPost: "More than a third of adults in the United States may be taking prescription medications that have depression or suicidal thoughts as...

Call for Submissions: Smash Paternalism Anthology

A new anthology is seeking essays, short stories, poetry, and visual art on the topic of paternalism, i.e. abuses or human rights violations that are...

Depression: “Can Mood Science Save Us?”

The November/December issue of the Psychotherapy Networker is called "Depression Unmasked: Exposing a Hidden Epidemic." It includes articles such as, "Can Mood Science Save...

Vets Who Receive Legal Aid Show Improved Mental Health

From Yale News: A new study shows that veterans who receive legal help with housing, benefits, and consumer or personal matters have increased income, fewer...

Family Blames AL 9-year-old’s Suicide on Bullying, ADHD Meds

From the New York Post: "Williams said he hopes other families can avoid such a tragedy and urged kids to tell adults when they...

The Desire to Fit In is the Root of Almost All Wrongdoing

From Aeon: Contrary to the beliefs of many great philosophers, wrongdoing is not primarily motivated by self-interest and greed, but by the desire to fit...

CDC “Disclaimers” Hide Financial Conflicts of Interest

From Lown Report: In a recently-released petition, several watchdog groups are demanding that the CDC be transparent about the industry funding they receive through their foundation.

“Why Does Psychiatry So Often Get a Free Pass on Standards of Evidence?”

Rob Wipond takes HealthNewsReview.org to task for its coverage of a Philadelphia Inquirer article about a medical device designed for people experiencing panic. He writes that “hyperbolic psychiatric and psychological claims frequently get free passes from otherwise thoughtful medical critics.”

The “It’s All in Your Head” Diagnosis Endangers Women’s Health

From Los Angeles Times: Many physicians are quick to dismiss women's serious health concerns as psychological issues, leading to the delay of proper treatment and...

Seclusion and Isolation Rooms Misused in Illinois Schools

From the Chicago Tribune: Children are being locked away, alone and terrified, in schools across Illinois. Often, it's against the law.

Antipsychotic Nasal Spray

Soulful Sepulcher takes on Alexza's new inhalable version of Loxapine, Adasuve, finding that it may cause respiratory failure. Spray Antipsychotic → 

How Do We Define Emotions?

-The Atlantic reviews years of efforts by scientists to understand human emotions.

Pharma ‘Getting Away With Murder’ Abroad Thanks to Trump

From STAT: Despite accusing the pharmaceutical industry of "getting away with murder" by charging high drug prices, President Trump is now giving drug companies more power...

“The NIMH Withdraws Support for DSM-5”

From Psychology Today blogger Christopher Lane: "Just two weeks before DSM-5 is due to appear, the National Institute of Mental Health, the world's largest...

“Film Showing at Yale Aims to Break Stereotypes Around Mental Illness”

The New Haven Register registers one of the 125 showing of “Healing Voices,” written and directed by PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film, which "follows...

Time to Act on Industry Influence Over Medicine

From The BMJ Opinion: "My Senate colleagues and I were aware that the passing of the Sunshine Act was not going to fix everything...

“Psychiatric Shock Therapy, Long Controversial, may Face Fresh Restrictions”

For STAT, Judith Graham reports that regulators “are poised to enact new restrictions on psychiatry’s most controversial treatment, electroconvulsive therapy, which treats people with acute mental...

Why are 25% of Working-age Canadian Women Taking Antidepressants?

-Pharmaceutical drug policy researcher Alan Cassels discusses the role of name changes and marketing in depression treatment.

Lawsuit Launched to Force All US Schools to Adopt “Trauma-informed” Practices

-"The civic lawsuit demands that Comptom schools incorporate proven practices that address trauma..."

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