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“‘I Wrote a New Story for My Nervous System’ — Neurosculpting, Neuroplasticity”

In the words of Monica Cassani; "This is so EXCITING. I listened to this with such complete and total delight. This interview with Lisa...

The State of the Evidence Base for Current Medical Products

In this post for Yale Law School's CRITical Thinking, Tom Jefferson discusses some of the factors that currently serve to undermine rational and ethical medical...

“The Reality Show: Schizophrenics Used to See Demons and Spirits. Now They Talk About...

Aeon Magazine tells of how, historically, psychoses and emerging technologies often go hand-in-hand. Article →

“How the Idea of a ‘Normal’ Person Got Invented”

In the Atlantic, Todd Rose explains that the concept of the “Average person” is actually a relatively new idea in history. The invention of...

Maybe Women are More Moody, Maybe Drugs are Not a Good Response

-An interview with psychiatrist Julie Holland about her new book, "Moody Bitches."

When Is Psychiatric Treatment Like Child Abuse?

In what ways can psychiatric treatments, and the relationships between psychiatrists and patients, be appropriately characterized as "abusive"? On his blog, MIA Foreign Correspondent...

Limbic Revision – Love Heals Your Traumatized Brain

From MindKind Mom: We have to undo the encoding of abusive or poor-quality relationships we suffered as kids in order to heal our mental - and often physical - illnesses.

People in Mental Health Crises Need Help, Not Handcuffs

From STAT News: A mental health crisis can be a frightening thing. Those in its throes need help, but all too often get handcuffs

Race, Medicine, and the Origins of American Psychiatry

From AAIHS/Black Perspectives: Wendy Gonaver argues that previous literature on nineteenth-century psychiatry has not thoroughly considered the role of slavery in shaping psychiatric discourse and the operation of psychiatric institutions themselves.

Calif. Man Seeks to Overturn Conviction, Alleging Adverse SSRI Reaction

Benjamin Bathen was convicted in 2018 of making criminal threats to his former therapist, but he says his behavior was caused by the medication she had urged him to take.

“Will Pfizer Overcome Generic Antidepressant Market?”

Pfizer’s patents on Xanax, Zoloft, and Effexor have run out and generics are now coming to market. The company is also facing lawsuits from...

Family Deeds: Constellation Therapy & Generations of Trauma

From Psychology Today: Family and ancestral constellation is a therapeutic tool that allows the invisible influences from the present and past to be made visible, acknowledged, and whole.

Hospitals Need to Earn Their Tax-Exempt Status

From STAT: Many of the country's most profitable and prominent hospitals enjoy tax-exempt status even though they often fail to meet the health needs of...

The Uphill Battle Against Los Angeles Police Killings

From The Guardian: "Police shot Mack, a 30-year-old father of two, in the middle of a mall on the afternoon of 10 April, as...

“Off-Label Prescribing: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You”

PharmaWatch Canada details the paradoxes of off-label prescribing, in which doctors may prescribe but pharmaceutical companies may not promote medication for conditions for which...

Trauma Can Turn the World Into a Gathering of Aliens

From CPTSD Foundation: If I were to fit into one ‘label,’ then it would definitely be that of complex trauma, as ‘complex’ is my middle name, I have been told.

“Why San Bernardino Polarized America and What It Means for Our Political Future”

What does the psychology of terror mean for America’s future? Social psychologist Daniel Kort weighs in on what the science of terror management theory, behavioral economics, and political polarization can tell us about where we’re headed.

Time to Act on Industry Influence Over Medicine

From The BMJ Opinion: "My Senate colleagues and I were aware that the passing of the Sunshine Act was not going to fix everything...

“There are no ‘Schizophrenia Genes’: Here’s Why”

Richard Bentall and David Pilgrim offer their critique of genetic theories of schizophrenia for the Conversation. "The high heritability estimates reported in earlier quantitative...

The Many Unknowns of Schizophrenia

Psychiatrist Chris Gordon writes in the New York Times "What we call schizophrenia is probably a syndrome with many causes, and with a wide...

Today’s Greatest Mental Health Need: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Programs

Dr. Peter Breggin blogs in the Huffington Post on the need for programs to support psychiatric drug withdrawal, rather than more diagnosis and medication. Article...

Water Withheld as “Punishment” at Mayo, Ireland Mental Health Facility

From "Patients in a long-stay HSE-run mental health facility had to bang on the window of a nurses' station to ask for a...

Podcast Puts JAMA, the ‘Voice of Medicine,’ Under Fire for Its Mishandling of Race

From STAT: Many called the podcast “whitesplaining racism” and said the questioning of whether racism exists in medicine was the ultimate gaslighting of Black physicians and patients.

FDA Approves New Opioid 10 Times More Powerful Than Fentanyl

From STAT News: "'The lack of efficacy data and the (manufacturer’s) inadequate response to safety concerns have not been addressed since the FDA’s complete response...

What Happens When You Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications

From Pacific Standard: A new study surveyed people who have come off psychiatric medications to come up with information doctors can use to help support their...