Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Using Psychodrama to Teach Psychotherapy

-Sharon Packer describes the therapeutic impacts of getting a patient to play multiple roles, presenting evidence to prove and disprove beliefs about himself and his experiences.

Childhood Maltreatment Drives Self-Injury

From Medscape: New research shows that individuals who were physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as children are more likely to engage in non-suicidal self-injury. Article →­

Is it Always Wrong to Try to Convince Children Not to Change Genders?

-A prominent Canadian psychiatrist argues that "gender identity disorder" has no biological basis, and therefore all "conversion therapy" should not be outright banned.

“Voluntary Mental Health Services Will Deliver Better Outcomes”

Eduardo Vega, executive director of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco, and Catherine Blakemore, executive director of Disability Rights California, write in the...

“Dr. Lieberman’s Latest”

Behaviorism and Mental Health takes note of a new blog by Jeffrey Lieberman, the president of the APA, in which he claims both that...

Does Substance Abuse Lead to Homelessness or Vice Versa?

-There seem to be no "causal" relationships between homelessness and substance abuse, argue three Australian researchers.

“White Bread Could Lead to Depression, Research Finds”

"Older women who eat white bread and rice found to have greater risk of depression, according to research ... But whole grain foods, roughage...

Saved by the Book: Can Reading be More Effective than Medication or Therapy?

“Studies show that self-help books can resolve readers’ depressed moods, change ingrained thought patterns, and instill a renewed zest for life – as long as the advice within is scientifically sound,” Elizabeth Svoboda writes for Aeon. “The literature we choose to guide us should supply proven advice we can trust. But it should also, as Franz Kafka wrote, be ‘the axe for the frozen sea within us’, bludgeoning us in ways that awaken us to the extraordinary.”

“More Child Suicides Are Linked to A.D.D. Than Depression, Study Suggests”

The New York Times reports on a new study finding that ‘ADHD’ is the most common diagnosis for children under 12 who die by...

“Did the FDA set ‘a Dangerous Precedent’ with Latest Drug Approval?”

STAT reports that the latest drug approval by the FDA “may have set a precedent that could rocket through the health care system, opening the...

Drug Dealers in Lab Coats

From The New York Times: For decades, America has waged an ineffective war on illicit drug dealers and drug lords. However, we have failed to...

“The Second Brain in Our Gastrointestinal Systems”

-An excerpt from the book, The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood and Your Long-Term Health.

“Mental Health Care Bill Hits House Amid Concerns”

The Boston Herald reports on mental health care reform bills moving through both houses of Congress. Lawmakers warn, however, “that some aspects of the legislation could create greater barriers to access mental health care for some.”

“Antidepressants Cost NHS £5.5m A Week”

The Times Katie Gibbons reports that the UK “NHS is spending a record £780,000 a day on antidepressants as failing mental health services struggle...

“Trust” In Therapeutic Relationship Key to Moderating Psychedelic Risks

-Psychiatry Advisor reports on psychiatrist James Rucker's campaign for more research into the therapeutic potentials of psychedelic drugs, and on critics who point to the risks.

“The Isolating Effects of Anxiety”

-Daniel Yudkin discusses studies examining some of the ways in which anxiety can change how people think, and inhibit social connections and understanding.

The Neural Signature of Community Violence

From UNDARK: "In our data, we found that witnessing violence in early adolescence predicted smaller volumes of both the hippocampus and amygdala in this...

New Group Takes on Drug Prices and big Pharma

From NBC: A new patients' rights advocacy group called Patients for Affordable Drugs is fighting for lower drug prices. Because the group does not receive funding...

Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite

From Nautilus: The traditional notion of emotional intelligence is based on two assumptions: that it is possible to detect others' emotions accurately, and that emotions...

Psychologist Reviews The Work and Influence of Thomas Szasz

Austin Community College adjunct professor and psychologist John Breeding has published a personal, reflective essay in SAGE Open about the work and influence of...

Hundreds of Thousands of Mental Health Workers In US Earning Tens of Billions

-A US Congressional Research Service report reviews various sources of information on how many different types of mental health workers there are and how much money they earn.

“Loony Radio” Broadcasts from Inside a Psychiatric Hospital

-A radio show from inside a Buenos Aires psychiatric hospital.

“Saving Psychiatry From Itself”

University of Liverpool's John Read suggests the "unscientific" nature of psychiatry is a major part of what is driving medical students away from the profession.

Sunday History Channel: Retro Report on Prozac

The New York Times has released Retro Report's ten-minute documentary video and essay looking at the birth and rise to fame of the SSRI...

Why Did I Go Mad?

An upcoming episode of BBC's Horizon will follow three people who live with voices, paranoia, and hallucinations and explore various psychological, biological, social, and environmental...

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