Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Fake Scottish Psychiatrist May Have Prescribed ECT

From The Scotsman: Zholia Alemi worked in the NHS for 22 years despite having no qualifications. Some of her patients were sectioned or 'groomed' to gain access to their finances.

Why We Need an Empathy Revolution

From Mindful: By understanding how empathy works and can be augmented in ourselves and our children, we have one of the key tools to cultural transformation.

Time for Mental Health Professionals to Speak Truth to Power

From Dr. Terry Lynch/Mental Health Academy: It is no longer acceptable for mental health professionals to do nothing in the face of a mental health paradigm that is built upon misinformation and false claims.

FDA Enforcement Actions Plummet Under Trump

From Science: 'Warning letters'—a key tool for keeping dangerous or ineffective drugs, devices and tainted foods off the market—have fallen by a third since Trump took office.

Is Medicine Overrated?

From Scientific American: Given medicine’s poor record, physicians should prescribe and patients consume far fewer medications, a new book argues.

Musician Feared Antidepressant Was ‘Poisoning’ Him, Inquest Told

From Belfast Telegraph: "He said: 'This drug is poisoning me. It's giving me problems I never had before.' He's handing them the diagnosis on a plate, and the system is not listening."

Psych Survivor Mel Starkman Turned His Experiences Into Poetry, Activism

From The Globe and Mail: Until his death, Mel fought against harsh psychiatric treatments. In many ways he saw the cracks in our midst, especially the ones right in front of us.

Multnomah Co. to Create Alternative to Jail, ERs for ‘Mentally Ill’ Homeless

From The Oregonian/OregonLive: "If you’re at a point where you don’t know where to turn, don’t have a place to go, experiencing mental health issues, you’re living on the street, where right now can you go?"

Understanding Behavioral Challenges as Survival Instincts

From Mona Delahooke, PhD: The popular strategy of simply trying to alter behaviors fails to acknowledge the importance of loving engagement with adults as the foundation of treatment.

‘If the Land Is Sick, You Are Sick’: An Aboriginal Approach to Mental Health

From Mosaic: The traditional expert–patient relationship of psychological treatment has often been seen by Aboriginal people as being based on that of the colonial master and the colonised.

Lancet Editor Proclaims Half of All Scientific Studies are False

-Collective Evolution discusses a recent commentary by the editor of The Lancet stating that "much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue."

Psychology, Meet Politics: Two Sides of the Same Coin

From openDemocracy: Our internal and external crises are reinforcing and amplifying each other, creating a situation full of risk. How do we interrupt this dynamic?

Big Pharma and AMA Respond to John Oliver

-WSJ Pharmalot links to comedian John Oliver's satirical criticism of marketing in medicine, and provides responses from the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America and the American Medical Association.

FDA Overlooked Red Flags in Drugmaker’s Testing of Esketamine

From Medscape: Esketamine's trajectory to approval shows — step by step — how drugmakers can take advantage of shortcuts in the FDA process.

It Is Time to End Coercion in Mental Health

From Council of Europe, Commissioner for Human Rights: "My experience as your Human Rights Commissioner has . . . confirmed . . . the vicious circles caused by a coercion-based mental health approach."

Radical Project Rejected ‘Mental Illness,’ Embraced Communal Healing

From Aeon: Philadelphia House, co-founded by R.D. Laing and still operating in London, offers an alternative to confrontational treatment methods and medical interventions.

Not Just Soldiers: Civilians with PTSD Struggle to Find Effective Therapy

From NPR: The National Council for Behavioral Health calls trauma a 'near universal experience' for those with mental and behavioral issues, yet finding knowledgeable help is difficult.

‘We Have to Speak Out…and Be Heard’: Life After Sexual Abuse

From The Guardian: Is society doing enough for adult survivors, who, too often, are overlooked, pathologised and criminalised?

As Suicides Rise, Insurers Find Ways to Deny Mental Health Coverage

From Bloomberg: "There’s an incentive for managed-care companies to do the wrong thing, because they know that at the end of the day they don’t stand to be punished monetarily."

Closing the Asylums

In this piece for Jacobin, John Foot describes the Italian psychiatrist Franco Basaglia's efforts to revolutionize the mental health system in Italy. Basaglia sparked a...

Why What We Think We Know About Schizophrenia Is Wrong

From The Guardian: I remember the first time I forcibly medicated a person against his will. In that moment, however good my intentions, I was knowingly participating in his suffering.

Patients “May Be Afraid” of Microchipped Schizophrenia Pill

From The Daily Mail: Abilify MyCite, which contains a tracker so doctors can check if it's been taken, isn't being used because it could add to patients' paranoia, an expert has warned.

‘Ghost Networks’ of Psychiatrists Hinder Patients’ Access to Care

From STAT: Every insurance company should be required to keep its provider lists updated so they can’t collect premiums for services they don’t actually provide.

“Can Neuroscience Understand Donkey Kong, Let Alone a Brain?”

The Atlantic covers an experiment by two researchers who tried to use neuroscience techniques to understand the working of an old microprocessor. “Forget attention,...

Psychiatrists Still Promoting Low-Serotonin Theory of Depression

-A psychiatrist asserts that psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies never promoted the idea that serotonin deficiencies could cause depression, and suggests that no one at Mad in America has evidence that they did.

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