Sunday, January 24, 2021

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Outcome Misreporting Goes Ignored by Top Medical Journals

From Lown Institute: Journals are supposed to be the gatekeepers separating high-quality evidence from poor science, but when it comes to outcome reporting, they are shirking that responsibility.

Therapy Isn’t for Everyone

From Medium: For many of us, therapy is just another room where we are stared at and made to feel defective—and that’s if we can afford to go at all.

What You Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs, with Psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff

From Psychology Is: Millions of people are prescribed psychiatric drugs each year, but few understand how these drugs actually affect the brain.

Podcast of the Ottawa Institute of CBT Interviews Robert Whitaker

From the Ottawa Insitute of CBT: The Thoughts on Record podcast speaks with Whitaker about the core themes of his book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America.

Tens of Thousands Relying on Social Media Support Groups to Withdraw From Antidepressants

From Sky News: Dr. Ed White discusses his recent report about the lack of medical support for people coming off antidepressants and the online support groups forming in their absence.

Mental Health Act Reforms Aim to Tackle High Rate of Black People Sectioned

From The Guardian: Mental health advocates have described the proposed reforms as an important step forward to treating people with respect and dignity.

15 Signs You’re Experiencing a Spiritual Emergency

From lonerwolf: There are two main types of spiritual emergency: mystical psychosis (hallucinations, mania, etc.) and the dark night of the soul (depression).

How Big Pharma & Psychiatry Gaslight Us: Interview with Bruce Levine

From Radio Free Sunroot: Kollibri terre Sonnenblume and psychologist Bruce Levine discuss some of the myths surrounding the mental health industry.

The Real Cure for COVID Is Renewing Our Fractured Relationship With the Planet

From The Globe and Mail: The solution is not to beat back the symptoms and return to business as usual, but to fan the flame of aliveness of the beautiful and healthier world that is in retreat.

Now I’ve Quit Benzos, This Year Will Be the First I Can Remember for...

From The Guardian: The variety of oblivion benzodiazepines have to offer is a lonely, clinical, anesthetic one.

The Onion: Majority of Psychological Experiments Conducted in 1970s Just Crimes

From The Onion: "Much of the time these researchers didn’t even bother to test a hypothesis or collect data, but instead just tortured student volunteers for amusement."

We’ve Got Depression All Wrong. It’s Trying to Save Us.

From Psychology Today: When a threat is so bad or goes on for so long, and there is no way to fight or flee, the nervous system decides there is only one option left: immobilization.

Lancet Editor Proclaims Half of All Scientific Studies are False

-Collective Evolution discusses a recent commentary by the editor of The Lancet stating that "much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue."

The Shamanic View of ‘Mental Illness’: Birth of a Healer

From Uplift: "The Western culture has consistently ignored the birth of the healer. Consequently, there will be a tendency... to keep trying as many people as possible in an attempt to get somebody's attention."

Why Some College Dorm Policies Are Driving Students Into Depression

From Forbes: Out of concern for their bottom line, colleges are betraying their students and trapping them in social isolation.

IN-SHADOW – A Modern Odyssey – Animated Short Film

By Lubomir Arsov: Embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of our modern times, and with courage face the Shadow. Through Shadow into Light.

To Save the World, We’re Going to Have to Stop Working

From The Big Think: If we don’t break ourselves of this addiction quickly, we will leave our progeny to face catastrophes on a scale which will make the current pandemic seem trivial.

What Distinguishes “Antipsychiatry”?

University of Toronto lecturer Bonnie Burstow discusses the key elements that distinguish the antipsychiatry perspective from mad, critical psychiatry, psych survivor and other perspectives...

New Survey Reveals Class, Age Divide in Mental Health Crisis

From The Hill: We are in absolute crisis across this country, and it's not getting nearly enough attention let alone anyone doing anything about it in DC.

Psychiatrists Sound Alarm Over “the New Valium”: Lyrica/Pregabalin

FromThe Daily Mail: If lessons about pregabalin aren't quickly learned, "it might push prescriptions up even more. We could be facing a nightmare."

For-Profit Psych Hospital Corp. US HealthVest Brings Peril to 3 States

From The Seattle Times: No private mental-health care operator in Washington state in recent years has pushed to expand as rapidly or racked up as many serious violations as quickly.

For Hannah Arendt, Totalitarianism Is Rooted in Loneliness

From Aeon: Organised loneliness, bred from ideology, leads to tyrannical thought, and destroys a person’s ability to distinguish between fact and fiction – to make judgments.

The Art of Stimming: ABA Has Left a Legacy of Traumatized Kids

From Pacific Standard: Children in ABA programs learn that body is not their own, the way they move is wrong, and there is no neutral way for them to naturally exist in the world.

The Ghosts of Christmas: Was Scrooge the First Psychotherapy Patient?

From The New Yorker: Revisiting his past allowed Scrooge to feel pity and grieve for his childhood self—which led to the blossoming of his feelings and compassion.

‘Where Is Rudy?’: Giuliani’s Checkered Track Record as a Pharma Consultant

From STAT News: As a consultant, he has the dubious distinction of having advised two of the most notorious prescription drug makers, whose business practices jeopardized the health of countless Americans.

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