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Britney Spears Speaks Out Against ‘Abusive’ Conservatorship: ‘I Want to Be Heard’

From CNN: The pop star says she was forced to perform, given no privacy, and made to use birth control, take medication and attend therapy against her will while the conservatorship has been in place over the last 13 years.

W.H.O. and U.N. Join Calls to Transcend the Medical Model

From Psychology Today: It will be harder for die-hard defenders of the medical model to dismiss such organizations as the UN and the WHO as extremist, anti-psychiatry radicals.

The New Opium of the People: Why Our Mental Health Sector Has Failed

From iai News: By sweeping the social causes of distress into the private corners of self, our mental health sector has helped stifle collective and community action.

Seclusion, Restraint and Coercion: Abuse ‘Far Too Common’ in Mental Health Services Across the...

From The Telegraph: The WHO has called for 'considerable' changes in countries of all income levels, citing widespread use of forced admission and treatment; manual, physical and chemical restraint; physical, verbal, psychological and sexual abuse; and unsanitary living conditions.

‘Prescripticide’: Short Film by ISEPP

From ISEPP: The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry looks at the devastating consequences of the unchallenged use of psychiatric drugs.

Caught in a Trap: Psychiatric Sabotage by Liam Kirk

From Asylum Magazine: Liam Kirk explains what happened when he took part in the RADAR trial to try to come off anti-psychotic medication.

Unregistered Podcast: Robert Whitaker

From Unregistered Podcast: Thaddeus Russell speaks with journalist Robert Whitaker about the catastrophic mass deployment of psychoactive drugs by contemporary psychiatry.

They Lost Their Loved Ones to Covid. Then They Heard From Them Again

From CNN: Research suggests at least 60 million Americans experience "after death communications," or ADCs, and that they occur across cultures, religious beliefs, ethnicities and income levels.

The Wisdom of Trauma: Film Premiere June 8–14

From Science & Nonduality: Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives, and the root of our deepest wounds. Renowned physician Dr. Gabor Maté gives us a new vision of a trauma-informed society and points us to the path of individual and collective healing.

‘Mental Health Film Comment’ Podcast: Miranda Spencer on ‘Framing Britney Spears’

From Mental Health Film Comment: MIA Staff Writer Miranda Spencer discusses Britney Spears' conservatorship and media portrayal of the star's emotional struggles.

The FDA Is Failing the American People

From MedPage Today: From this vantage, the FDA looks like an agency whose goal is to preserve pharmaceutical profits.

Autistic Young People in Britain Subjected to Lengthy State-Sanctioned Abuse

From i newspaper: What kind of society deems it acceptable to break citizens simply because they are autistic? And what kind of nation averts its gaze from grotesque mistreatment of a minority?

Study: Teens Who View Parents as Loving and Supportive Less Likely to Be Cyberbullies

From the Daily Mail (UK): Teenagers who see their mum and dad as loving caregivers are less likely to be cyberbullies than children with...

1 in 3 UK Teens Given Antidepressants, Despite Official Guidelines

From Family doctors say a lack of access to effective psychological therapies on the NHS is leading them to over-prescribe medication.

What Distinguishes “Antipsychiatry”?

University of Toronto lecturer Bonnie Burstow discusses the key elements that distinguish the antipsychiatry perspective from mad, critical psychiatry, psych survivor and other perspectives...

Oprah & Dr. Bruce Perry Examine Childhood Trauma in New Book ‘What Happened to...

From CBS This Morning: "Each of us creates a unique worldview shaped by our life’s experiences, and most of that worldview is shaped when you are a child," said Oprah.
cartoon of sad little girl with shadow of an umbrella behind her

New Year’s Resolution: Address Grief and Trauma in Healthy Ways

From Darcia Narvaez, PhD: Everyone needs to learn to grieve losses and deal with shock. Here are practices that build resilience in children (and everyone).

The FDA Warned an Asthma Drug Could Induce Despair. Many Were Never Told.

From The New York Times: Singulair, now a generic, is still used by millions of Americans even after thousands of patients and dozens of studies have described harm. Children face the greatest risks of the drug's ill effects.

The Voice in Your Head: Reshaping Our Understanding of ‘Mental Illness’ – & Consciousness...

From The New Statesman: A movement of people who hear voices is reshaping our understanding of 'mental illness' – and consciousness itself.

From LA Jail, Two Inmates Pioneer Care for ‘Mentally Ill’ Peers

From The Christian Science Monitor: From the squalid conditions of the Los Angeles County jail has emerged a potential model for how to address 'mental illness' among incarcerated people. The secret? Care, on a daily basis.

In Memory of Sandra Escher, Pioneer on Voice-Hearing

Sandra Escher, who helped create a foundation for the Hearing Voices movement, recently passed away. She was the first researcher in the field of children who hear voices.

FDA OKs New ‘Antipsychotic’ Drug Combo That ‘Limits the Pleasure of Food Intake’

From MedPage Today: A newly approved 'medication' for 'schizophrenia' and 'bipolar disorder' promises to reduce usual weight gain with olanzapine (Zyprexa) by making it less pleasant to eat food.

Third Member of Prestigious FDA Panel Resigns Over Approval of Alzheimer’s Drug

From CNBC: The FDA approved the new drug from Biogen, priced at $56,000 per year, despite a near-unanimous "no" vote from a key advisory committee.

The Abusive Society: Why Abuse Seems to Reach Into Every Corner of Modern Life

From Medium: What Americans really need is to fix the cycles of abuse that have driven them to seek, and yet never find, safety in the unsafe world they have created.

Police Investigate If ‘Antipsychotic’ Drug Caused Lecturer’s Death

From The Telegraph: A coroner ruled that Margaret Molyneux, 69, died of natural causes, but a review found that she had been prescribed higher than recommended doses of the drug olanzapine (Zyprexa).