Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Pandemic Prescribing of Antidepressants

From Psychology Today: A huge global increase in SSRI use, especially over the last two years, raises concerns about safety and their environmental impact.

Calif. Man Seeks to Overturn Conviction, Alleging Adverse SSRI Reaction

Benjamin Bathen was convicted in 2018 of making criminal threats to his former therapist, but he says his behavior was caused by the medication she had urged him to take.

“The Truth About Marci Webber” Blog

A Facebook page has been set up to tell of what it is like in the Illinois mental hospital where Marci Webber is being held after staff fought her conditional release because she refuses to take any more psych drugs.

‘I Felt Disillusioned and Abandoned’: Mental Health in the Medical Field

From The Seattle Times: America has shown its weak hand in caring for the general public, and also for the workers who have devoted their time, energy and lives to keeping our society healthy.

‘My Name Is Chellis and I’m in Recovery From Western Civilization’

From What Is Sustainable and Spirituality & Practice: Therapist and activist Chellis Glendinning's 1994 book describes the link between the rampant psychological dysfunction in our society and the ecological crisis in our world.

Protesters Pretend to Be ‘Drowning Mice’ to Call Attention to Antidepressant Research

From Also known as the “despair” test, the "forced swim" test is commonly used in pharmaceutical research to measure the supposed effectiveness of antidepressant medications.

Inquiry Investigates Deaths of 1,500 NHS Mental Health Patients in Essex

From The Guardian: The children and adults died in "unexpected, unexplained or self-inflicted" circumstances and after "unacceptable examples of dispassionate behaviours" by staff from 2000 to 2020.

Deaths of Despair: Why America’s Medical Industry Explains Working-Class Suicides

From The Guardian: The US healthcare system is helping to kill people in staggering numbers and is bleeding the rest of the country of its resources.

Hannah Arendt On Standing Up to the Banality of Evil

From Philosophy Break: Do we ever take the time to truly challenge the principles we’ve inherited, to ensure they stand up to our own individual scrutiny?

Is “Cry-It-Out” the Tip of a Dangerous Parenting Iceberg?

From Raised Good: Babies who learn early in life that their needs don’t matter are predisposed to experiencing a myriad of negative mental and emotional outcomes.

We Have Overwhelmingly Lost Touch With the Human Aspect of Medicine

From KevinMD: We are nurturing an environment of emotional phobia, where people can no longer identify and frankly fear their own emotions and the emotions of others.

Breaking Off My Chemical Romance: Reassessing Antidepressants

From The Nation: Some medical professionals are concluding what until recently felt too heretical to say out loud: Antidepressants may often cause more harm than good.

Pharma Payments to Psychiatrists: The Million Dollar Club

The Institute for Scientific Freedom has published an article by Whitaker and Gotzsche on industry payments to academic psychiatrists, a version of a 2021 MIA Report, Anatomy of an Industry.

The Power of Addiction and the Addiction to Power | Gabor Maté, MD

From TEDx Talks: Which addiction is greater—an individual drug addiction, or the addiction to oil, to consumerism, to acquisition and power over others? Which causes the greater harm?

Rhythm Regulates the Brain: The Impact of Music (& More) on Mental Health

From Don't Try This Alone: "Patterned, repetitive, rhythmic somatosensory activity… elicits a sensation of safety" and is key in bringing down the high stress levels of traumatized people, says Dr. Bruce Perry.

Trans-Generational Dynamics and Mental Illness: A Family Constellation

Family constellations are a fascinating, cutting-edge tool for exploring issues within families, groups, and individuals and can lead to a high degree of healing in a short amount of time.

Making Therapy Harder: When Corporate Forces Interfere with Therapy

From PsiAN (Psychotherapy Action Network): The psychotherapy profession must take a firm stand against interference with therapy wherever possible, whether from agency expectations, insurance companies, or certain legal & governmental policies.

Another Former Patient Files Suit Against Psychiatrist Keith Ablow

From The Daily News: Ablow, who continues to offer counseling and coaching services, has now been sued by five women who all allege boundary violations including sexual conduct.

Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation

From NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) Training Institute: Therapist and author Daniel Shaw explores controlling relationships—from cults to couples to families, to other situations involving authority and power, like the therapy relationship.

Before the Fall: Evidence for a Golden Age, the ‘Ego Explosion’ & the Wounded...

From Waking Times/Steve Taylor: Spirituality and Psychology: Rather than a progression, the last 6,000 years of war, oppression, misery and hardship are the result of a painful degeneration from an earlier, healthier state.

Bodily Autonomy: Busting 7 Myths That Undermine Individual Rights & Freedoms

From United Nations Population Fund: The 2021 State of World Population report, titled My Body is My Own, marks the first time a United Nations report focuses on the power and agency of individuals to make choices about their bodies without fear, violence or coercion.

ADHD Drugs Are Convenient to Get Online. Maybe Too Convenient

From Bloomberg Businessweek: Backed by SoftBank and promoted by Simone Biles, Cerebral has built the fastest-growing online mental health business. Former employees say the rapid expansion comes at the expense of patient care.

The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society | Alice Miller

From Formerly abused children will not need to avenge themselves violently for their wounds, or to poison their systems with drugs, if they are helped by empathetic others to grasp the naked truth of their own tragedy.

The Future of Mental Health Diagnosis Goes Beyond the Manual

From WIRED: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the so-called "Bible of Psychiatry," is approaching its 70th year. It should be its last.

The Forgotten People of COVID: U.S. Overdose Deaths Break All Records

From Dr. Suneel Dhand - MedStoic Lifestyle Medicine: The enormous toll on people's mental health over the last couple of years from our COVID-19 pandemic response hasn't been talked about nearly enough.

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