Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

The Invisible Asylum

From City Journal: In slaying the old monster of the state asylums, we created a new monster in its shadow: one that consists of the street, the jail, and the emergency room.

Foster Kids Sent Out of State to Mental Health Facilities Faced Abuse, Neglect

From ProPublica: An investigation found repeated breakdowns in oversight as states failed to protect young people in need of specialized care.

Addiction Treatment Providers in Pa. Face Little State Scrutiny Despite Harm to Clients

From KHN: This leaves Pennsylvanians — who suffer one of the highest drug overdose death rates in the nation — in the dark about which treatment facilities have troubling track records.

Earth Needs Shamans

From Sacredphrenia: We have pathologized our original priests, the expert men and women who provided much of our “second sight,” and the result, ironically, is planetary psychopathology.

Chris Cornell’s Family Settles Lawsuit With Doctor Over Rocker’s Death

From Fox News: The Cornell family alleged that prescribed medication, especially lorazepam (Ativan), led to erratic behavior from the Soundgarden frontman before his death by suicide.

The Dangers of the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression

From Big Think: As the language of clinical neuroscience replaces the vocabulary of psychotherapy, patients' outcomes worsen.

Gabor Maté, MD: The Power of Connection: Finding Wisdom in Our Trauma

From A one-hour introduction to Dr. Maté’s perspective on the absolute necessity of connection to healthy existence, and how deficits in connection early in life influence everything from our bodies, to politics, to society.

Human Connection and Mutuality: A New Response to ‘Mental Illness’

From eMHIC: The time for change is upon us. Mental health services should focus on the human-to-human relationship as the primary mechanism of healing.

Psychiatrist Promoting ‘Big Data Psychiatry’ Thinks It’s a Positive Development

From WSJ: Daniel Barron is promoting digital surveillance—data from smartphones and speech- and facial-recognition—as a means to help "diagnose" and "treat" people. 

Coalition Calls for Halt to Use of ‘Unethical and Unsafe’ Mental Distress Emergency Scheme

From Disability News Service: Under the leadership of a police officer and a mental health professional, Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) puts pressure on "high-intensity" users of mental health services.

When Will We Hear the Voices of Those Who Hear Voices?

From Sacredphrenia: We have never been so starved for the spiritual. Who better to satiate our hunger than the very people who hear voices belonging to spirits?

Oprah, Dr. Bruce Perry Examine Childhood Trauma in New Book ‘What Happened to You?’

From CBS This Morning: "Each of us creates a unique world view shaped by our life’s experiences, and most of that world view is shaped when you are a child," said Oprah.

Fight Is Far From Over After FDA Ban on Judge Rotenberg Shock Device

From NBC News: The ban should have meant victory for those fighting the school, but more than a year later, it hasn't actually changed anything.

NYC: Social Workers, EMS to Replace Cops on Non-Violent Mental Health Calls Citywide

From PIX11: A pilot program that has kept NYPD officers away from many mental health crisis calls in parts of Manhattan will expand to every precinct citywide, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday.

Robert Whitaker: The Rising Non-Pharmaceutical Paradigm for “Psychosis”

From ISPS-US: A review of the science that calls for a radical change or evidence-based paradigm shift in psychiatric care, and pilot projects that tell of a new way.

Who Responds Best to Mental Health Emergencies?

From MedPage Today: The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing Thursday on policing and behavioral health, as calls for defunding the police increase and as people in mental crisis are 16 times more likely to be killed during a police encounter.

1 in 3 COVID-19 Patients Have Psychiatric Problems in 6 Months After Recovery

From UPI: "The effect across the whole population may be substantial...due to the scale of the pandemic and [the fact] that many of these conditions are chronic," said study co-author Dr. Paul Harrison.

Serious, ‘Unexpected’ Adverse Events From Nasal Esketamine

From Medscape: Researchers identified 2274 esketamine-related adverse events (AEs) among 962 patients (mean, 2.4 events per person); 389 patients had a serious AE, and there were 22 deaths.

The Four Research Papers I Wish My Doctor Had Read Before Prescribing an Antidepressant

From BJGP Life: We now know that antidepressant withdrawal is common and can be severe and long-lasting. These are the papers I suggest busy GPs read to get the best insight into the topic.

“Buzz”: A Song for Charles Helmer

From David Antonuccio and Michael Pierce: A new song in support of a young man being repeatedly shocked against his will in Minnesota.

Podcast Puts JAMA, the ‘Voice of Medicine,’ Under Fire for Its Mishandling of Race

From STAT: Many called the podcast “whitesplaining racism” and said the questioning of whether racism exists in medicine was the ultimate gaslighting of Black physicians and patients.

As Hannah’s Diazepam Prescription Rose, So Did Red Flags in Victoria’s Addiction Warning System

From ABC Australia: Victoria's SafeScript system was rolled out in 2018 to track the use of certain medications and 'enable safer clinical decisions.' But experts fear it may be pushing some patients towards the black market.

Council of Europe: Mental Health Reform Is Urgent Need and Human Rights Imperative

From COE Commissioner for Human Rights: While the additional strain generated by the pandemic is new, the mental health situation and lack of services has been a neglected human rights crisis in Europe for a long time.

IIPDW Open Letter to NICE in the UK Regarding Antipsychotics Withdrawal

From IIPDW: The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal is requesting, for the second time, that NICE reverse its decision to exclude antipsychotic medications from its published withdrawal guidelines.

Psychologists Propose “Sluggish Thought” Disorder

From STAT: Dr. Allen Frances, chair of the DSM-IV task force, called the proposed new mental health diagnosis “one of the dumbest" he's seen.

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