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MIA Writer, Toronto Psychiatrist Gordon Warme Dies at 90

Dr. Warme was the author of multiple books including Brain Evangelists: How Psychiatry Has Convinced Us to Believe in Its Far-Fetched Science and Dubious Treatments.

Lack of Insight: The Story of Psychiatry

From Human Givens: Clinical psychologist Professor John Read is interviewed about his work showing adverse life events explain most types of emotional distress, and how the medical model ignores it.

Antidepressants: From a ‘Hidden’ Withdrawal Scandal to the Chemical Imbalance Row

From The Herald Scotland: Activists who've tried to draw attention to a darker side of antidepressants have been shouted down, dismissed, or accused of "pill-shaming."

Georgetown University Conference Addresses “Invented Diseases & Overtreatment”

From CounterPunch: Volatile questions about pharmaceutical marketing tactics characterized the 9th conference of PharmedOut, a project created by a grant from Pfizer’s 2004 off-label neurontin settlement.

Examining the ‘D’ in CPTSD | Terry Baranski

From CPTSD Foundation: Developmental trauma doesn’t create disorders — it creates coping strategies, which are processes rather than discrete things.

The Government Has a Moral Duty to Help Those Harmed by Prescription Drugs

From The BMJ: An open letter by healthcare professionals decries the fact that there are still almost no NHS services to support patients harmed by taking pills as prescribed by their doctor.

An Introduction to the Trieste Model of Mental Health Care, and Why It Matters

From Vincenzo Passante/Psychiatry at the Margins: The Trieste approach is to suspend judgement on the exact nature of a person’s problem at the beginning of the relationship, and gradually help them make sense of their life within a dialectical context.

Antidepressants Permanently Destroyed My Sex Life

From The Telegraph: More than eight million people in England are on antidepressants, but with devastating side effects for some, are they being prescribed too freely?

Agony of Families Who Say Pills for Depression Led Their Children to Take Their...

From The Daily Mail: The knowledge that pills that are supposed to prevent suicidal feelings may actually be the cause of a loved one's suicide can only exacerbate survivors' pain.

‘The Antidepressant Story’ Airs Tonight on BBC1

From IIPDW: In response to the episode, a brief anonymous survey has been set up for those over 16 in the UK to capture experiences of stopping or trying to stop antidepressants.

Japan’s Radical Alternative to Psychiatric Diagnosis

From Aeon: The tōjisha-kenkyū movement makes space for people with mental health and other challenges to study their own experiences.

Dozens of Suicide Hotline Websites Send Sensitive Data to Facebook

From The Markup: Many sites tied to the national mental health crisis hotline promise anonymity but have been transmitting information on visitors through the Meta Pixel.

Podcast: The Rise in Forced Treatment and Abusive Guardianships

From PsychCentral: Often well-meaning family members are trying to 'help' by having their loved one force-treated, but they end up traumatizing and permanently damaging them instead.

Mistreated Mental Health Patients Should Be Given Compensation, Public Apology, Report Finds

From Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The author of a report on the trauma caused by compulsory mental health treatment claims he was threatened by the Victorian government to make changes.

Why Are So Many Girls on SSRIs?

From Girls/Freya India: We are kidding ourselves if we think condensing every emotion into something diagnosable and solvable with consumption isn’t doing profound psychological damage to Gen Z.

Society Has Protected the Adult and Blamed the Victim

From The Natural Child Project/Alice Miller: If mistreated children are not to become criminals or mentally ill, it is essential that at least once in their life they come in contact with a person who knows without any doubt that the environment, not the helpless, battered child, is at fault.

Our Society Normalizes Abuse

From The Bullied Bran: Why aren’t more people, like the community, working for the greater good? How has our society developed so that speaking up about harm being done to kids or the vulnerable is seen as a heroic act?

How Doctors Buy Their Way Out of Trouble

From Reuters: Medical practitioners paid $26.8 billion over the past decade to settle federal allegations including fraud, bribery and patient harm, then continued to practice medicine without restrictions.

How We Talk About Depression Affects Our Ability to Heal

From Justin Garson/Psychology Today: Our careless use of the "chemical imbalance" metaphor can actually make people worse off.

A Major Problem With Compulsory Mental Health Care Is the Medication

From The New York Times: Our current direction, toward more involuntary, medically-centered care, won’t get us what we wish for: safer public spaces and fewer lost people.

Everyone Is Traumatized — A Former Therapist Explains

From Daniel Mackler: People who weren’t traumatized, who don’t split off their feelings in some ways, couldn’t cause the amount of harm that we are causing to each other, to ourselves, and to the planet.

The Nervous System in the Classroom | Gary Sharpe

From Gary Sharpe: Many of our institutions, from schools to hospitals, seem almost designed to constantly trigger our sense of threat.

Eating Disorder Helpline Disables Chatbot for ‘Harmful’ Responses After Firing Human Staff

From VICE: “Every single thing Tessa suggested were things that led to the development of my eating disorder," said an activist who posted screenshots of her interaction with the chat bot.

Brett Deacon: Antidepressants Aren’t the Answer, the Truth About the DSM, and the Power...

From Psychlings Podcast: The clinical psychologist and professor shares his views on why more psychologists should use exposure therapy.

Eating Disorder Helpline Fires Staff, Transitions to Chatbot After Unionization

From VICE: "A chat bot is no substitute for human empathy, and we believe this decision will cause irreparable harm to the eating disorders community," said the Helpline staff in a statement.