Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Too Few Are Talking About Health Care Workers’ Mental Health

From Stat News: "Some health care workers are using words like betrayal and coercion and moral injury to describe this experience. They feel betrayed...
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People Financially Affected by COVID-19 Experience More Psychological Distress than Others

From the Pew Research Center: "Perceptions of personal threat from the outbreak – whether physical or financial – are also associated with higher levels...

RxISK: Medications Compromising COVID Infections

From RxISK: "In the present situation of pandemia by SARS-CoV-2, it is imperative to avoid pneumonia or pneumonitis and related risk factors as much...
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Facing the Coronavirus Crisis Together Could Lead to Positive Psychological Growth

From The Conversation: "Although news reports of hoarding, and panic-buying might make it hard to believe, research shows that natural disasters, like the novel...

The Kids Aren’t All Right

From The Atlantic: The youngest among us will bear the larger burdens of trauma and economic fallout from COVID-19.

Coronavirus Hits Native American Groups Already Struggling With Poor Health Care

From The Wall Street Journal: "As tribal leaders around the country gear up for the pandemic’s arrival, they worry the federal agencies that are...
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Lived Wisdom on Panic, Worry and Isolation

From The Dulwich Centre: "Some of us were thinking during this period of global concern with COVID-19 about the idea of knowledges earned through...

Chaos Theory With a Human Face: Niall McLaren, MBBS, FRANZCP

From Psychiatric Times: "Niall McLaren, MBBS, FRANZCP: There is a great deal that ails psychiatry—over-diagnosis, over-treatment, misallocation of resources, consistent breaches of patients’ fundamental...

How to Cope with Radical Uncertainty

From The Guardian: "In 1939, in a sermon preached at Oxford University in the midst of a different global crisis, CS Lewis made a...
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Coronavirus, Anxiety, and the Profound Failure of Rugged Individualism

From Vox: "Johann Hari: Depression and anxiety are signals telling us that our needs are not being met, and I would say the single most...
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The Impoverishment of Psychiatric Knowledge

From Psychiatric Times: "Giovanni Fava: Like Moliere’s bourgeois who was surprised to speak in prose, the clinician may discover he/she is constantly faced with iatrogenic...

Why it’s Healthy to be Afraid in a Crisis

From The Guardian: "As a mental health professional, I disagree with the message in Paul Daley’s article (We face a pandemic of mental health...

Mab Segrest on the Racist Roots of American Psychiatry

From The Laura Flanders Show: "Mab Segrest: In 1960, they’re half a million patients in state mental hospitals. And as those patients came out of...

Why It’s Worth Questioning the Widespread Use of Psychiatric Medication

From The Mighty: "Despite lack of efficacy and the many health risks associated with these drugs, such medications often remain a first-line treatment in both...

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

From The New York Times: "Try to maintain a routine as much as you possibly can. Rebecca Kanthor, a Shanghai-based reporter, wrote a piece...

It’s Time to Emotionally Prepare for What’s Coming

From Medium: We would do well to start preparing our stock, not just of physical needs like food, but emotional needs like strength, resolve, and the ability to grieve.

I Am a Critical Psychiatrist

From MJH Life Sciences: My view of psychiatry is that we need to acknowledge and embrace humility. This is a hard narrative when we live in a culture that values spin over content.

Coronavirus: Temporary Changes to UK’s Mental Health Act

From Rethink Mental Illness: The UK government has proposed changes to the Mental Health Act which, if implemented, will make it easier to detain people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson From the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

From Medium: Some hard-won experience from the greatest pandemic in recorded history could help us in the weeks and months ahead.

Social Distancing Is So Hard Because It’s Contrary to Human Nature

From The Washington Post: Feeling socially isolated triggers a fight-or-flight response, just as it would have in our ancestors, for whom being alone could mean being a saber-toothed tiger’s lunch.

Coronavirus and the Isolation Paradox

From The New York Times: While physical isolation will be required for many Americans, it’s important that we don’t let such measures cause social and emotional isolation, too.

GPs Must Pause Before Diagnosing, Prescribing Antidepressants

From the Irish Examiner: This whole system needs rethinking and remodelling in order to avoid more and more people being prescribed drugs for lack of alternatives.

The Lure of ‘Cool’ Brain Research Is Stifling Psychotherapy

From Aeon: Since 1990, the NIMH has increasingly narrowed its focus almost exclusively to brain biology – leaving out everything else that makes us human, both in sickness and in health.

Institutional Corruption and Social Justice in Psychiatry

From Psychiatric Times/Conversations in Critical Psychiatry: Dr. Awais Aftab interviews Lisa Cosgrove, PhD, a leading expert on how pharmaceutical industry and academic guild interests have shaped the evolution of psychiatry.

Seeds of Despair: Farmer Stress and Suicides Spike in the Midwest

From Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting: Farmers are now saddled with near-record debt, declaring bankruptcy at rising rates and selling off their farms amid an uncertain future.

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