Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

A Decisive Blow to the Serotonin Hypothesis of Depression

From Psychology Today: An exhaustive new review debunks the ā€œchemical imbalanceā€ theory of depression, despite its persistence among physicians and the public.

A Psychiatrist Tries Antipsychotics: Seroquel

From Fugitive Psychiatrist: "I canā€™t believe I have patients walking around on 800mg of this stuff. Thereā€™s no way in good conscience I could dose this BID (sic) unless a patient consented to 20 hours of sleep a day."

The Shamanic View of ‘Mental Illness’: Birth of a Healer

From Uplift: "The Western culture has consistently ignored the birth of the healer. Consequently, there will be a tendency... to keep trying as many people as possible in an attempt to get somebody's attention."

Renowned Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD is Largely a Fraud

FromĀ Curious Mind Magazine: Jerome Kagan, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century, believes that the diagnosis of ADHD is a mere...

Does ā€˜Mental Illnessā€™ Exist? The Problem With Psychiatric Diagnosis

From IAI, the Institute of Art and Ideas: We have better ways forward than the current, largely unchallenged understandings of emotional distress which do not reflect reality ā€“ either in terms of the evidence, or in terms of peopleā€™s lives.

Jordan Peterson in Russia Detoxing From Benzos After Near-Death Experience

From National Post: "The medication almost killed my dad. Heā€™s a psychologist and even he wasnā€™t aware of how bad these medications are for some people," writes Mikhaila Peterson.

I Was a Cult Member in the Cult of Psychiatry

From Mental Hellth: Today I believe OCD is a trauma response. But at the time I believed what the psychiatrist told me, that there was something structurally wrong with my brain.

Lancet Editor Proclaims Half of All Scientific Studies are False

Collective Evolution discusses a recent commentary by the editor of The Lancet stating that "much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue."

This is the Truth About Personality Disorders

FromĀ The Independent: Armchair diagnoses of personality disorders are a rising trend, from speculationsĀ that President Trump has narcissistic personality disorder to viral articles about discerning...

Toxic Schools Worsening Toxic Stress: The Destructive Reign of Standardized Education, Pathology, Medication and...

From HERE This NOW: Advances in science in the last thirty years help us realize the fallacy of "mind over matter," yet we still hold an entrenched belief that children and adults possess 100% conscious control over their behavior.

The Hypersane Are Among Us, if Only We Are Prepared to Look

From Aeon: If there is such a thing as hypersanity, the implication is that mere sanity is not all itā€™s cracked up to be, a state of dormancy and dullness with less vital potential even than madness.

Big Pharma and AMA Respond to John Oliver

WSJ Pharmalot links to comedian John Oliver's satirical criticism of marketing in medicine, and provides responses from the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America and the American Medical Association.

The Disorder That Affects Us All: What You Need to Know About Developmental Trauma

From the Institute for Attachment and Child Development: Two articles discuss the primary cause of many mental, physical, and behavioral health problems, which often goes unaddressed in mainstream approaches.

Marijuana and Suicide

A new three-part series fromĀ Parents Opposed to Pot explores the link between marijuana and suicide. Part 1: Marijuana and Suicide, a Growing Risk for Our...

Hospitalizing People for Mental Illness Can Be Worse Than Putting Them in Prison

-Chandra Bozelko has been involuntarily committed and imprisoned, and has strong opinions on which is more therapeutic.

New Antidepressant Shows Little Benefit, Significant Risks

Patient Drug News advises avoiding use of the antidepressant Vortioxetine (also called Brintellix or Trintellix), because the most recent evidence from the FDA shows...

How CBT Harmed Me: The Interview That the New York Times Erased

From Disability Visibility Project: CBT as a modality is based around gaslighting. It's about telling a patient that the world is safe, bad feelings are temporary, and that pain is a 'faulty or unhelpful' distortion of thinking.

DeJarnette Sanitarium

FromĀ Atlas Obscura: In the 1930s, hundreds of people with mental disabilitiesĀ committed to the now abandoned DeJarnette Sanitarium were forcibly sterilized and experimentedĀ on by the...

We Still Buy the Lie That Chemical Imbalances Cause Depression

FromĀ Quartz: Despite its inaccuracy, the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness continues to persist in public consciousness. The prevalence of this myth may be...

Expert Urges Doctors to Stop Prescribing Seroquel for Insomnia

FromĀ National Post: Many physicians are prescribing a low dose of Seroquel, an atypical antipsychotic, to patients with insomnia. Experts warn that even a low...

Musician Feared Antidepressant Was ‘Poisoning’ Him, Inquest Told

From Belfast Telegraph: "He said: 'This drug is poisoning me. It's giving me problems I never had before.' He's handing them the diagnosis on a plate, and the system is not listening," said Professor David Healey.

ā€˜Jokerā€™ Tells the Truth About ‘Mental Illness’ and It’s Long Overdue

From The Toronto Star: Here is a movie that says, loudly and clearly: screw the just-go-get-help discourse thatā€™s been dominating our discussions about mental illness. Because things are not all right. The system is really broken.

Bad Benzos: Cass Narburgh’s Parting Message to the World

From Bad Benzos: "Please educate yourselves, the medical community, and the general public about the devastating effects of benzodiazepines."

Infancy and Early Childhood Matter So Much Because of Attachment

From The Conversation: What we learn throughout infancy and childhood are aĀ set of behaviours and ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves and others, or what psychologists call aĀ working model of the world.

We Need to Treat BPD for What It Really Is ā€“ a Response to...

From The Conversation: Thinking about BPD in terms of its underlying cause would lead to better treatment and reinforce the importance of preventing child abuse and neglect in the first place.

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