Friday, March 24, 2023

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Obituary of Fred Baughman, Pediatric Neurologist and Prominent Critic of ADHD

Dr. Baughman was the author of the 2006 book The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes Patients Out of Normal Children.

From Nazi Blitzkriegs to ADHD Treatment: What Stimulant Drugs Can and Cannot Do

From CounterPunch: When humans are forced to be cogs in a machine—be it a war machine, a workplace machine, or a school machine—we need to become more machinelike, which can be expedited by some psychostimulant drugs.

The Childhood Origins of Narcissism

From Vital Mind Coaching: The core childhood origin/genesis of the ‘narcissistic personality' occurs when a child is used by the parent(s) to meet the parent(s)' own needs.

Is It Delusional Paranoia or Heightened Awareness?

From Medium/Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW: If we are to glean anything from our persecutory fears, let it be that we glean the benefits of distrusting that which should not be trusted.

MAD CAMP July 20-24, 2023 | Seeking Volunteers & Donations | Tickets by March...

From Mad Camp/Madness Radio: Will Hall, Dina Tyler, Monica Cassani and the Mad Camp crew invite planet Earth’s survivors/evaders/transformers of psychiatry to a 5-day summer camp in Northern California.

Gaslighting: What Makes a Person Vulnerable?

From Psychology Today/Peg Streep: Merriam-Webster has named “gaslighting” the 2022 word of the year. What leaves a person open to this form of psychological abuse?

Childhood: The Unexplored Source of Knowledge | Alice Miller, PhD

From The Natural Child Project: There are many areas where concern with early childhood can represent a liberation from age-old blind alleys.

Is Psychiatry Working? | BBC Sounds

From BBC Sounds: Some people in difficulty, their families, clinicians, psychologists and psychiatrists themselves will tell you there are serious questions about the ways psychiatry understands and treats people in trouble.

Informed Consent for Antidepressants

From The Guardian Letters: Dr. John Read argues people must be told of the high likelihood of emotional blunting and withdrawal effects when they are first offered antidepressants.

When I Was 15, a Psychiatric Hospital Nearly Ruined My Life. This Advice Saved...

From The Washington Post: By the time I left the hospital, I was the scattered wreckage of a teenager, and would spend much of my subsequent adult life avoiding people.

How to Fix the Mental Health Workforce? Peer Counselors Are an Underutilized Resource

From The Seattle Times: Peers build close connections by relating to people in a way clinicians don’t, and they can get trained faster and start working, helping close the gaps in a mental health landscape desperate for more staff.

Poisonous Pedagogy and Our Culture of Violence

From Shadowproof: Most psychiatric models fail mightily in that they reject childhood treatment as the key to later mental health status and interpersonal relationships, which has allowed parental and institutional cruelty to flourish for far too long.

MindFreedom Issues Shield Alert for Comedian Jim Flannery


The Collective Denial of Evil and Its Impact on Psychiatric Treatment

From Narcissist Abuse Support/Sheri Heller, LCSW: Why aren’t victims more often believed, and why are facilitators of an empirical science denying the psychological reality of evil?

Feds to Investigate Nursing Home Abuse of ‘Antipsychotic’ Drugs

From AP: Evidence has mounted over decades that some facilities wrongly 'diagnose' residents with 'schizophrenia' or administer 'antipsychotic' drugs to sedate them, despite dangerous side effects that could include death.

Antidepressants ‘Should Be Reduced in Stages’ to Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms

From The Guardian: A new draft quality standard from the UK's medical watchdog NICE includes specific guidance for GPs to help adults come off antidepressant medication permanently.

Yale Changes Mental Health Policies for Students in Crisis

From The Washington Post: The changes, which come after former and current students sued the university, will allow students to keep their health insurance and take leaves of absence instead of being pushed to withdraw.

Broken Kids, Not Guns | Michael Mendizza

From Touch the Future: To blame guns, TV, video games, Twinkies, the bully next door, bad genes, and all the rest for the pervasive violence, self-mutilation, self-medication, and suicide is a misguided defense.

A Conversation With Ann Bracken, Author of ‘Crash: A Memoir of Overmedication and Recovery’

From Medicating Normal: Poet-activist Ann Bracken's new book explores mother-daughter depression, chronic pain experiences, and struggling in a mechanistic and reductionist health-care system.

The Dividing Line Between Crazy and Not Crazy | Daniel Mackler

From Wild Truth: Being in touch with reality means seeing things clearly, without the veils or filters known as defenses. Thus, we’re all crazy to some degree, to the degree that we have defenses.

Why Breakdowns Are Sometimes Necessary

From Sustainable Human: Everyone thinks that the way to get to love, happiness and joy is by avoiding the forest of dark emotions inside us. But we actually need to go through it in order to get to the Garden of Eden.

Be Worried About Boys, Especially Baby Boys | Darcia Narvaez, PhD

From ACES Too High/Kindred Media: A review of research by Dr. Allan Schore shows that early life experience influences boys significantly more than girls, leading them to need more care instead of less.

A Theological Reckoning With ‘Bad Trips’

From Harvard Divinity Bulletin: The therapeutic instrumentalization of transcendence ignores volumes of wisdom from traditions that emphasize the dangers of nonordinary experience.

Concern as Proportion of Children in England on Antipsychotics Doubles

From The Guardian: Although the overall percentage who were prescribed antipsychotics was relatively small, experts consider it a worrying trend since these powerful drugs carry serious safety risks.

A Neuroscientist Views Deaths of Despair and Depression

Dr. Sterling's grand rounds lecture looks at why U.S. deaths of despair are the highest in the developed world, what our species' needs are for a healthy lifecycle, and what happens when those needs are frustrated.