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Psychiatry and Abuse | A Letter to Alice Miller

From Alice Miller: Child Abuse and Mistreatment: Psychiatry is a crucial factor in eliminating victims’ voices, abusing them "for their own good," and "protecting" society from the outcry of the abused.

‘Mental Illness’ Is Not in Your Head

From Boston Review: Two recent books by historians explore the crisis in biological psychiatry, tracing the factors that led psychiatrists to attempt to pin the reality of "mental illness" on the brain.

Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome and Its Management

From BJGP Life: The IIPDW has produced a 1-hour training video to help GPs implement the newly-published NICE guidelines on how to safely stop antidepressants.

NHS Data: 41% Rise in Antidepressant Prescribing to Children Aged 5-12 Since 2015

From The Pharmaceutical Journal: The majority were males, and peaks in antidepressant prescribing to young people in England coincided with periods of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sonic Doom: The Effects of Noise Pollution on Physical and Mental Health

From The Guardian: We live in a world where peace and quiet is increasingly a luxury item and noise and stress are baseline conditions for the disadvantaged.

Allowing Human Nature to Work Successfully | Jean Liedloff

From In her influential book The Continuum Concept, Jean Liedloff argued that the psychosocial ills of modern society result from our misconception of human nature as something inherently bad or problematic.

“My Doctor Is Lacking Insight”: Alternative Experiences of Insight in Mental Health

From Psychiatry Is Driving Me Mad: "Insight" in mental health is usually thought of in relation to people with mental health difficulties; rarely do we consider the insight (or lack thereof) of the professionals themselves.

The Bear in the Classroom – Trauma-Informed Teacher

From Ransom for Israel: Here’s the reality; if you are a teacher or you work in any capacity with children, then you are working with children with Complex Trauma.

Who Are the New ‘Patient Influencers’ on Social Media?

From HealthDay: 'Patient influencers' are being seen as an increasingly popular direct-to-consumer marketing tool by pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

Wireless Mind, Gullible Mind | Chellis Glendinning

From CounterPunch: Somehow a population with DDT, Love Canal, the Dalkon Shield Intrauterine Device, asbestos, Three Mile Island, and Agent Orange under its belt is mustering up the same old psychological defenses it used to not learn from those debacles.

Top Mental Health and Prayer Apps Fail Spectacularly at Privacy, Security

From Mozilla: Mental health and prayer apps are worse than any other product category at protecting people’s privacy and security, according to Mozilla researchers.

CO: State Hid Findings of ‘Life-Threatening’ Errors at Mind Springs Health

From Steamboat Pilot & Today: Colorado state officials kept secret an investigation into a pattern of potentially fatal prescription errors at one of its regional mental health centers.

A Tribute to Peter Campbell, 1949-2022

Peter Campbell, one of the pioneers of the mental health user and survivor movement in the UK, is remembered in a blog post by activist collective Recovery in the Bin.

Federal Physician Malpractice Database May Not Work as Intended

From Cairn's/Modern Healthcare: The National Practitioner Data Bank provides a flawed system to prevent doctors with histories of malpractice from skirting accountability, experts say.

Do You Still Believe in the “Chemical Imbalance Theory of Mental Illness”? | Bruce...

From CounterPunch: If you took SSRI antidepressants believing that these drugs helped correct a chemical imbalance, how does it feel to learn that this theory has long been disproven?

The Roots of Pathology: Authoritarianism Towards Babies | Darcia Narvaez

From Kindred Media: When traumatized early and subjected to existential fear, a child loses their center of gravity, surrenders spontaneity and begins to function as an automaton.

Undisclosed Industry Payments Rampant in Drug-Trial Papers

From Nature: At least a quarter of medical researchers involved in clinical trials in Australia did not declare funding from pharmaceutical companies, according to a recent study.

Right of People on Disability to Refuse Psychotropic Medications

The People With Disabilities Foundation won a judgment against SSA for illegally using a plaintiff’s right to refuse psychotropic medications as evidence she was "not disabled."

How Melissa Lucio Went From Abuse Survivor to Death Row

From The 19th: Some trauma victims are more likely to take responsibility for crimes even when they may be innocent.

That Time When the Psychiatric System Went Too Far… | Joanne Cacciatore

From Dr. Joanne Cacciatore: A few very persistent scholars have finally succeeding in declaring that extended expressions of grief indicate 'mental illness' — a move that offends many.

Dhru Purohit Podcast: Does Long-Term Use of Psychiatric Drugs Do More Harm Than Good?

From Dr. Hyman/The Dhru Purohit Podcast: We’ve all heard the term "chemical imbalance," but this theory is being increasingly questioned. Dhru Purohit and Robert Whitaker dig into the questions surrounding psychiatric drugs and psychiatry's "disease model."

An Open Letter to the Member Organizations of the Mental Health Professions

From the Coalition Against Medicalized Psychiatry and Psychology (CAMPP): By defending the medical model of human distress, the mental health professions have put themselves in an ethically untenable position that is not worthy of trust or respect.

Marci Webber Files Lawsuit Against Mental Facility Staff for Abuse and Medical Mistreatment

Ms. Webber says the long list of abuses and interference in her medical treatment plan demonstrate "a pattern or practice of mistreatment" of herself and other patients at the Illinois facilities where she has been confined.

Taking It Personally: Indignation as a Vehicle of Therapy | Alice Miller

From Alice Miller: Child Abuse and Mistreatment: The open display of indignation on the part of the therapist as witness ultimately sets off a process of liberation that has previously been impeded by society's injunction against blaming one's parents.

A Future with No Future: Depression, the Left, and the Politics of Mental Health

From LA Review of Books: Capitalism inflicts a double injury on depressed people: first, it causes, or contributes to, the state of depression, and secondly it erases any form of causality and individualizes the illness, implying that the depression in question is a personal problem (or property).

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