Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Your Brain Secretly Works With Other Brains

From Mindful: Part of being a social species is that the people around us influence our body budgets and rewire our brain. Little by little, our brains tune themselves as we interact with others.

Beyond Britney: Abuse, Exploitation, & Death Inside America’s Guardianship Industry

An investigation by Buzzfeed News reveals an opaque, overgrown, and malfunctioning system wielding vast and frightening power in the dark.

Let’s Talk About It With Taylor Nolan: Chemical Imbalances and Mental Health

From Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan: Former "The Bachelor" contestant-turned-psychotherapist Taylor Nolan and sex therapist Dr. Tom Murray discuss harmful aspects of the mental health industry clients may face and how they can better understand their mental health.

FDA Inaction on Hair Loss Drug’s Suicide, Depression, ED Risk Sparks Lawsuit

From Medscape: Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen claims the FDA has failed to act on a petition submitted by the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation four years ago.

Science Alone Can’t Heal a Sick Society

From The New York Times: "Medicine is social science, and politics nothing but medicine on a grand scale," wrote 19th-century Prussian pathologist Rudolf Virchow.

Phony Diagnoses Hide High Rates of Drugging at Nursing Homes

From The New York Times: The government doesn’t publicly divulge the use of antipsychotics given to residents with a schizophrenia diagnosis, so this label is falsely used as a way to give residents more drugs.

Generation Sedated: Why Record Numbers of Our Children Are on Antidepressants

From The Telegraph: "Looking back now, I wanted someone to listen to me," said Sam Taylor, 19. "It was guidance I needed, not a prescription."

‘Catastrophic Injustice’: Judge OKs Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Plan Shielding Sacklers

From Common Dreams: "Allowing the billionaires at the root of the opioid crisis to walk free while thousands of its victims are in prison is a catastrophic injustice," said Rick Claypool, a research director for Public Citizen.

Tarot Isn’t Just About the Future, But Making Sense of the Present. No Wonder...

From The Globe and Mail: 'To divine' means to discover a truth through intuition or insight. Tarot is one divination tool that, done correctly, can help people gain clarity and inspiration in uncertain times.

The Money Behind Academic Publishing

From Tidsskrift: The academic publishing industry, which shapes how we undertake medical research, is hugely profitable, with worldwide sales positioning it between the music and film industries and profit margins rivaling that of Microsoft, Google and Coca Cola.

New International Mad Studies Journal Accepting Submissions

The IMSJ is a majority peer-reviewed, majority mad-identified academic journal which seeks to challenge the hegemony of traditional mental health discourse.

Why Those With a ‘Personality Disorder’ Diagnosis Always Sabotage (Or Do They?)

From Beam Consultancy: When we look people in the face and tell them that their actions are a deliberate attempt to tear down anything good in their lives, we are almost certainly re-enacting the part of somebody who has hurt them. "You asked for this." "You’ve got what you wanted." "It’s all your fault."

NC Lawmakers Seek Non-Police, Community Interventions to Mental Health Crises

From North Carolina Health News : State lawmakers have introduced a package of mental health bills that would provide alternative interventions, such as non-police crisis response units and more peer-support organizations.

Robert Whitaker on Rethinking Psychiatry to Address Mental Health Issues

From Journey's Dream/On Your Mind Podcast: Robert joins Timothy J. Hayes, PsyD, on the On Your Mind podcast to discuss what has been wrong with psychiatric care for so long, and where the way forward lies.

This Conversation Will Change How You Think About Trauma

From The New York Times: Bessel van der Kolk's book The Body Keeps the Score, released seven years ago, now sits at No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list, a testament to the state of our national psyche.

Why I Can Never ‘Recover’ Under NHS Mental Health Services

From Psychiatry Is Driving Me Mad: I cannot ‘recover’ in this abusive, controlling, life-threatening environment. I can only try and remain safe, while hoping to survive it.

Forest Hermit to Professor, It’s Never Too Late to Grow | Dr. Gregory P....

From TEDx Talks: Dr. Smith's profoundly touching and uplifting story is both an insight into how far off track a life can go and a powerful reminder that we can all find our way back.

MindFreedom Community Movie Screening Sept. 1: “A Psychiatric Refugee”

From MindFreedom: If you only see one movie by a psychiatric survivor this year, let this be the one! This movie is guaranteed to uplift and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Benefits and Harms of Antidepressants for Youth Depression and Anxiety

From The Mental Elf: Given their demonstrated harms and the fact there exist a number of alternatives, we should be asking whether antidepressants should be used at all in young people.

ECT Requires Rigorous Study and Regulation

From The Guardian: Whatever the claimed merits of ECT for some people, it is unacceptable that this powerful and invasive intervention is effectively unregulated.

First NC Peer-Run Respite Opens as Alternative to Mental Health Hospitalization

From NC Health News: Retreat @ the Plaza, opened in Charlotte in early August and run by Promise Resource Network, is the 41st peer respite currently operating in the United States.

Advocacy Org. Files DOJ Complaint on Behalf of Britney Spears, Urges Congressional Action on...

CEDAR has filed a civil rights and due process complaint on behalf of Britney Spears and asked Sen. Bob Casey's office to spearhead Congressional action on guardianships in general.

Tackling the Growing Problem of Overmedication

From Knowable Magazine: Every day, 750 older adults are hospitalized due to serious side effects from medications, including falls, allergic reactions and internal bleeding. And with each additional medication prescribed, the risk of an adverse reaction increases by 7 to 10 percent.

Rise in Anti-depressant Use ‘Positive,’ New Zealand Ministry of Health Says

From Stuff: Officials are interpreting the growing number of pills dispensed over the past decade as a sign more people are getting "support."

Pair of Reports Guide Trauma-Informed Care in Child Health Systems

From the American Academy of Pediatrics: Both documents emphasize the power of safe, secure, nurturing relationships — referred to as relational health — to mitigate the effects of potentially traumatic experiences and promote resilience.

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