Friday, September 20, 2019

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Second Teenage Girl Dies at Middlesbrough West Lane Hospital

From BBC News: A second girl has died at a UK mental health unit for young people where staff face being disciplined for allegedly mistreating patients.

Opioid Addiction Requires Safe Injection Sites, Not Old Rhetoric From War on Drugs

From NBC News: Though recognized as critical to curbing the epidemic, harm-reduction advocates have been unable to open a single safe injection site anywhere in the U.S.

The Psychiatric “Prescribing Cascade”: A Patient Story

From Lown Institute: It wasn’t until Steve was admitted to the hospital for multi-organ failure that a gastroenterologist set him on a path to deprescribe his psychiatric medications.

‘Dear Doctor’ – Toronto Rapper Calls for Greater Humanism in Psychiatry

From MC FÜBB: New single by rapper/psychotherapist MC FÜBB is a response to over-medicalized, disease-focused treatment in psychiatry and calls for greater humanism in mental health care.

You Can’t Stop Mass Shootings by Punishing People With ‘Mental Illness’

From The Washington Post: Ironically, the "care" I was given—forcibly taking me out of my community and medicating me against my will—started to *actually* make me a danger to myself.

For 20 Years, Delivering Therapy in Exchange for Doing Good

From the Hartford Courant: Volunteers in Psychotherapy, a West Hartford-based non-profit, allows people to get absolutely private therapy in exchange for volunteering at an organization of their choice.

The Violence-‘Mental Illness’ Myth, ‘Risk Assessment,’ and Crisis Response

From the American Psychological Association "Speaking of Psychology" podcast: We know that all human behavior is an interaction between a human being and the circumstances or situations in which they find themselves.

Open Letter to Politicians: How to Resolve the Mental Health Crisis

From Dr. Gary Sidley/Tales from the Madhouse blog: The illness-like-any-other approach to human distress, as espoused by Western psychiatry, has been an abject failure. We do not need more of the same.

Understanding Aboriginal Parenting Goals

From CultuRecode DhuriNya Project: Cultures which emphasize Individualism are more likely to make the fundamental attribution error—explaining behavior by reference to innate character traits rather than external sources.

Statement of APA President About Mass Shootings in TX, OH

From the American Psychological Association: The combination of easy access to assault weapons and hateful rhetoric is toxic. Psychological science has demonstrated that social contagion is real.

Austerity and Inequality Fuelling Mental Illness, Says Top UN Envoy

From The Guardian: Special rapporteur on health Dr. Dainius Pūras says social justice is more important for mental health than therapy and medication.

How Mindfulness Privatised a Social Problem

From New Statesman: Mindfulness has become the perfect coping mechanism for neoliberal capitalism: it privatises stress and tells people to locate the root of mental ailments in their own work ethic.

A Psychiatric Diagnosis Is Not a Disease

From Psychology Today: Here is the circular logic: How do we know a patient has depression? Because they have the symptoms. Why are they having symptoms? Because they have depression.

Does Psychology Have a Conflict-of-Interest Problem?

From Nature: Speaking fees for "celebrity" psychologists "begin at $10,000 and can go as high as $100,000," says American motivational speaker Dave Sheffield.

55 Steps: A Battle Cry Against Forced ‘Treatment’ for Us All

From Rachel Waddingham - Behind the Labels: We should work together to resurrect this hard-hitting film from 2018, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Hilary Swank, that has been effectively buried.

Why the Mainstream Media Has Failed to Tell Truths About Psychiatry

From Truthout: Several factors have combined to prime the mainstream media to embrace the conventional narrative and to discount research and critiques that challenged it.

FDA Approval of First Digital Pill Based on ‘Weak Evidence’

From Medscape: Investigators found that the data submitted to the FDA were limited to trials that only assessed whether patients could use the product as intended.

Why I Am Not a Psychiatrist

From the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: Scott Waterman, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at the University of Vermont, writes about his personal journey through psychiatry over the past several decades.

Dr. Gabor Maté on Alienation, Inner Resilience, and Our True Nature

From Bioneers: We have the capacity to heal both ourselves and the planet by reconnecting with our true nature as empathic, nurturing, social beings.

Could Stress Turn Our Gut Bacteria Against Us?

From Psychology Today: New animal research shows that social stress alters both the composition and behavior of gut bacteria, leading to self-destructive changes in the immune system.

NC Jail Staff Accused of Beating ‘Mentally Ill’ Veteran to Death

From The Appeal: Officers responded to the man's anger by repeatedly pepper spraying him, kicking him, stomping on him, punching him, and shocking him.

Going Off Antidepressants – Take Time to Quit

From Radio New Zealand: "It’s only when you go down into much smaller doses that...the withdrawal symptoms really start to become more evident and more severe."

The Trauma Floor: The Secret Lives of Facebook Moderators in America

From The Verge: “I don’t think it’s possible to do the job and not come out of it with some acute stress disorder or PTSD.”

What Separation From Parents Does to Children: ‘The Effect Is Catastrophic’

From The Washington Post: The reason child-parent separation has such devastating effects is because it attacks one of the most fundamental and critical bonds in human biology.

Young People Are Using Musical Theater to Heal Their Trauma

From NationSwell: Chicago's Storycatchers Theatre helps justice-involved youth find their voices and resolve old traumas by making them the stars of the show.

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