Monday, August 10, 2020

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Psychiatric Disorders as an Imperfect Community: Peter Zachar, PhD

From Psychiatric Times: In this interview, Dr. Aftab discusses how psychiatric disorders can be viewed as an "imperfect community"

Drug-Drug Interactions Could Imperil COVID-19 Treatment

From Undark: Some of the most commonly prescribed medications can have strong and sometimes dangerous interactions with some experimental COVID-19 therapies.

COVID-19 Crisis: People Living in Institutions Must Not Be Written Off

From Deinstitutionalisation: Public authorities struggle to protect the well-being of people in need of care and support those living in residential institutions.

Worried About a Coronavirus Summer Slump? Boost Kids’ Brainpower With Nature

From National Geographic Time spent outdoors has been linked with improved attention spans, better memory, and enhanced executive function

How to Deal With Your Teenager’s Depression

From The Telegraph Classic signs of teen depression can be tricky to spot now that pyjamas are acceptable daywear and many of our routines have vanished

NCMHR Calls for Ending Police Role in Mental Health Crises

From NCMHR NCMHR calls for using the increased mental health funding to expand voluntary, trauma-informed, community-based care

An Open Letter to National Association of Social Workers on Law Enforcement

From Medium: Rather than immediately endorsing President Trump’s executive order, we need to examine our existing relationships with law enforcement

The Secret History of “Criminally Insane”

From Aeon: Until the 20th century, little was known about mental illness. Judging whether a person was deranged – seriously mentally ill and irrational – was seen as a matter for common knowledge.

Amid COVID, People Involuntarily Confined in Psych Hospitals Must Be Released

From Truthout Holding people in congregate environments dramatically increases risk of coronavirus-related illness up to and including death.

Chinese Philosophy Has Long Known That Mental Health Is Communal

From Psyche: Often overlooked are the ways in which social norms, cultural beliefs and communal attitudes contribute to mental illness.

Health Minister Orders Review After Study Links Antidepressants and Youth Suicide

From The Sydney Morning Herald: Health Minister Greg Hunt has asked his department to review a study linking the increase in youth suicide with a rise in antidepressants

ECT Depression Therapy Should Be Suspended, Study Suggests

From The BBC: The study's joint author, Prof Irving Kirsch, said "The failure to find any meaningful benefits in long-term benefits compared to placebo groups are particularly distressing."

The “Mentally Ill” Are LESS Dangerous

From Daniel Kriegman: Releasees who had been identified as having a mental illness but lacked a history of substance abuse had the lowest rate of recidivism.

I Lost Direction, Forgot the Way Home – Fighting ECT

From Israel Hayom: Just as they do not know how the treatment mechanism works, they also do not know how to predict damages or prevent them.

D.C.’s Mayor Fights for Control of Her City at Trump’s Front Door

From The New York Times: Kenneth T. Kucinelli of the Department of Homeland Security compared Mayor Bowser's requests with the mentally ill wanting less medication.

Donald Trump’s Assault on Mental Health

From CNN: Chris Cillizza explains how Trump has a pattern of using mental health and mental illness to mock and denigrate his enemies

George Floyd’s Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America

From Scientific American: As physicians, we will not be complicit in the ongoing manipulation of medical expertise to erase government-sanctioned violence.

Birgitta Alakare Nominated for Geneva Prize

From the JAEC Foundation: Dr. Alakare was always mindful of how to be the psychiatrist, and at the same time an equal team member, even knowing that she had more power.

12 Black Mental Health and Wellness Resources to Follow on Instagram

From Vogue: For us to be able to do this work constantly, we have to take care of ourselves, and that is so hinged on us having access and tools

14 Organizations and People Working to Support BIPOC Mental Health During the Coronavirus Crisis

From SELF: We have compiled a list of organizations and people working to support BIPOC’s mental health during the new coronavirus crisis

We Don’t Need Cops to Become Social Workers: We Need Peer Support

From Medium: Can social workers do good work? Sure. But this is not about bad apples. This is about unrelenting systemic racism, ableism, and classism

How to Cope With Race-Based Trauma

From Teen Vogue: When a video of Ahmaud Arbery’s last moments on earth started circulating widely on the internet, as a Black man, I was stunned. As a therapist, I was immediately concerned.

Against Psychiatry

From IAI TV: Psychiatry has spent the last 100 years asking what's wrong with people, but might it be more informative to ask what's happened to them?

Weaving Conceptual and Empirical Work in Psychiatry

From Psychiatric Times: Having a crisp set of criteria for what constitutes a psychiatric dysfunction is impossible. There are too many social and conceptual nuances

How Antidepressants Destroyed My Life

From Marc Reinsdorffer: How I went from working as a frontend software developer in a exciting city to living in my parents basement for the last 1.5 years.

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