Monday, May 20, 2019

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Number of Children Going to ER With Suicidal Thoughts, Attempts Doubles, Study Finds

From CNN: The average age of a child at the time of evaluation was 13, and 43% of the visits were in children between 5 and 11.

It Will Take More Than a $34,000 Drug to Stop Postpartum Depression

From The New York Times: Zulresso is just a stopgap, and yet another instance of pathologizing a very sane reaction to our very insane culture.

In Ontario, a Battle for the Soul of Psychiatry

From The Globe and Mail: A proposal made by the Ontario Ministry of Health in January would radically limit psychotherapy provided by psychiatrists and family physicians.

My Name Is Rachel: Interview With Rachel Waddingham

From BBC Sounds: This is Rachel’s story of being sectioned in 21st century Britain. She asks why she doesn’t have more rights to decide her own care, and how to break the cycle of the ‘revolving door’ patient.

U.S. Marine and Navy Suicides at a 10-Year High

From CNN: Many of the cases are young Marines who have not deployed overseas or been in combat -- a situation observed in other branches of the military as well.

Where Mental Health and Social Justice Meet

From Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: What it means to be a black American struggling with mental health is that socio-historical 'trauma lives in our blood,' materializing in our daily lives.

America’s Forgotten Mass Imprisonment of Women Believed to Be Sexually Immoral

From The History Channel: From the 1910s through the 1950s, tens—perhaps hundreds—of thousands of American women were detained and forcibly examined for STIs.

Concern Over Rising Antidepressant Use in England

From BBC News: A total of 70.9 million prescriptions for antidepressants were dispensed in England in 2018, almost double the number dispensed in 2008.

Britney Spears and a Civilised Response to her Mental Health

From The Guardian: In 2019, suffering is less a spectacle, more something to be understood. It is a tentative sign that the conversation is, at last, maturing.

Civil Commitment for Addiction Treatment Led to Loved One’s Suicide, Family Says

From WBUR: "It was the worst experience of my life. Here I was — not having committed any crime — in the hole and being harassed by really dangerous people."

‘Fight or Flight’ and the Dangers of Consuming All the Bad News in the...

From ABC/Hack: What happens when we take a brain and nervous system evolved for running away from cheetahs, and give it a big glowing screen showing all the bad news in the world?

Study Linking Autism to ‘Male Brain’ Retracted, Replaced

From Medscape Psychiatry: The article, published in April 2017 in JAMA Psychiatry and since cited in fourteen other papers, contained "serious errors," writes lead author Christine Ecker.

Social Farming Ireland Shown to Have Positive Outcomes for Mental Health

From AgriLand: Social farming is ideally placed to contribute to people’s recovery, providing opportunities to re-engage with life, with nature and with other people.

Is NY’s Mental-Health System Listening to the Peers Who’ve Lived It?

From City Limits: The current state of affairs is a far cry from the intended purpose of peers, which was as a corrective for the chauvinism of clinicians.

Democracy Dies in Darkness

From the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association: A democratic problem arises when politicians abdicate public debate in favour of expertocracy in matters related to health.

She Wanted to Be the Perfect Mom, Then Landed in a Psychiatric Unit

From WJCT: Right now, UNC is the only hospital in the country that has a designated psych unit just for pregnant women and new moms.

Psychiatry’s Incurable Hubris

From The Atlantic: The protracted attempt to usher psychiatry into medicine’s modern era is the subject of Anne Harrington’s Mind Fixers: Psychiatry’s Troubled Search for the Biology of Mental Illness.

I Spent 16 Months of My Childhood Locked in a Warehouse

From HuffPost: The warehouse was occupied by a "tough love" drug rehab program called Straight Inc., which the ACLU branded "a concentration camp for throwaway teens."

Moral Injury: A Systemic Issue in Medicine

From The Atlantic: The term "moral injury" describes what happens when health care workers following a calling to help others confront a system that cares only about profit.

Scottish, Welsh Parliaments Debate Psychiatric Drug Dependence and Withdrawal

From RxISK: The Petitions Committee received an astonishing number of written testimonies from people reporting severe symptoms when stopping psychiatric drugs.

Outcome Misreporting Goes Ignored by Top Medical Journals

From Lown Institute: Journals are supposed to be the gatekeepers separating high-quality evidence from poor science, but when it comes to outcome reporting, they are shirking that responsibility.

Connection Is a Core Human Need, But We Are Terrible at It

From Medium: The biggest problem in most people’s lives is trauma, and trauma is what creates a damaged ability to connect with others.

Even Docs Get Killed by Akathisia

From RxISK: The doctor whose suicide was recounted by Dr. Wible was clearly a victim of his psychiatric treatment far more than his professional or personal angst.

The Disorder That Affects Us All: What You Need to Know About Developmental Trauma...

From the Institute for Attachment and Child Development and the Colorado Professional Development Center: Two articles discuss the root cause of much of mental ill health and societal dysfunction that typically goes unseen or covered up by mainstream explanations.

Kids Are the Victims of the Elite-College Obsession

From The Atlantic: Education has been eclipsed by marketing..."It comes down almost to marketing one’s soul, which gets to undermining the meaning of one’s entire life."

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