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Doctors Can Be Socialized to Cooperate in “Unthinkable Practices,” Says Bioethicist

From BioEdge: "Academic medicine does not easily tolerate ethical dissent," says bioethicist Carl Elliot. "I doubt the medical profession can be trusted to reform itself."

‘I Felt Kidnapped.’ Another Patient Comes Forward After Investigation Into MI Doc

From WXYZ: "I no longer trust medical professionals to have my well-being at heart," says Sarah Guarino, after she was held against her will by Michigan psychiatrist Nagy Kheir.

We All Want to Cut Out the ‘Bad Parts’ of Ourselves. It Won’t Work,...

From The Guardian: Better mental health is about repairing internal connections, not cutting them.

America’s Drug Safety System is Broken

A webinar presentation byKim Witczak, who serves as the consumer representation on the FDA's psychopharmacologic advisory committee. In her talk, she tells of systemic...

‘The Occasional Human Sacrifice’ Details the Dangers of Whistleblowing and Medical Research Abuse

From Star Tribune: Speaking with fellow whistleblowers, bioethicist Carl Elliott writes about how calling attention to wrongdoing can often mean stepping into trouble you can't imagine.

Why We’re Turning Psychiatric Labels Into Identities

From The New Yorker: So you’re on the spectrum, or you’ve got borderline personality disorder, or you’re a sociopath: once you’re sure that’s who you are, you’ve got a personal stake in a very creaky diagnostic system.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Mom Forgot Her Children After Undergoing Electroshock

From Page Six: “Yeah, I had no idea who you were," Goldberg's mother, Emma Harris, had told her. "I just knew I never wanted to go back to that hospital. So I had to do everything I could. If they said the sky was green... I’d say, 'Yes, the sky is green.' ‘Cause I never wanted it again.”

People Detained Under UK’s Mental Health Act Dying at Three Times Rate of Those...

From The Independent: The findings come after separate figures were revealed showing 15,000 people died while under the care of community mental health services in just one year.

Shield Alert: Stop David Russell From Being Force Electroshocked

From Mindfreedom International: David is currently a psychiatric prisoner at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where there is a hearing scheduled for this Monday, May 6th, to get a court order to electroshock him against his will.

Petition: The Question About Medication that Can Save Lives

Katinka Blackford Newman, who runs the website, has put up a petition on urging suicide prevention hotlines "to ask callers if they...

The Danger of Relying on Anti-Anxiety Drugs

From The Wall Street Journal: Medications like Klonopin and Xanax can instantly bring physical calm, but freedom from anxiety requires facing your fears rather than masking them.

NY Times Prints Fraudulent STAR*D Result Yet Again

In an article titled "What You Really Need to Know About Antidepressants," the New York Times repeats, yet again, the fraudulent results from the...

David Egilman, Doctor Who Took On Drug Companies, Dies at 71

From The New York Times: His testimony as an expert witness in some 600 trials helped plaintiffs win billions of dollars in cases involving malfeasance by pharmaceutical makers.

The Wild and Recent History of ‘Schizophrenia’ and Family Therapy

From Underground Transmissions: The family therapy movement has had a lot of success in different mental health contexts, but in the realm of “serious mental illness” and “schizophrenia” it’s nearly impossible to find anyone who publicly talks about the importance of working with complicated family dynamics.

We Don’t Know If Most Medical Treatments Work, and We Know Even Less About...

From The Conversation: Only one in 20 medical treatments have high-quality evidence to support their benefits, and treatment harms are measured only a third as often as benefits.

Committed: An Interview With Suzanne Scanlon

FromPsychology Today: Scanlon's Committed: On Meaning and Madwomen—A Memoir concerns the treatment of prolonged grief in a major psychiatric hospital.

I Was the Poster Girl for OCD. Then I Began to Question Everything I’d...

From The Guardian: When I sought help for crippling invasive thoughts, I was told I had a disease like any other. But I wasn’t able to recover until I understood the fallacy at the heart of mental healthcare.

Bad Science, With Robert Whitaker | Where Is My Mind? Podcast

From Where Is My Mind?: Niall Breslin and Robert Whitaker discuss the paradigm shift needed in mental health to ensure people have informed consent and a true understanding of their distress.

Debunking the Myths About Depression and Antidepressants

From EmpowerUAmerica: Psychologist and author Bruce E. Levine is interviewed about the problem of depression in America and how it's being treated.

Mom’s 911 Call for Her Son’s Mental Health Ends With His Death After Police...

From MedPage Today: Taylor Ware's August 2019 death was among more than 1,000 over a decade after police used common use-of-force tactics that are meant to stop people without killing them.

Against Her Will

From Investigative Journalism Foundation: Under Canada's Mental Health Act, doctors don’t have to get a patient’s consent for treatment — or the consent of a substitute decision maker. They have what’s known as the patient’s “deemed consent” to administer any treatment that’s been approved by the director of the mental health facility.

What Needs to Change at the FDA? A PharmedOut Report

In the past 30 years, repeated regulatory failures and a shift in the FDA’s mission from protecting public health to speeding drugs and devices to market has tarnished the agency’s reputation and, more importantly, harmed patients.

STAR*D: It’s Time to Atone and Retract

From Psychiatric Times: “Our patients, our field, and our integrity demand a better explanation of what happened in STAR*D than what has thus been provided," argue two San Diego psychiatrists.

BetterHelp to Pay $7.8 Million for Deceiving Customers After Promising to Keep Sensitive Data...

From FTC: The FTC has moved to ban BetterHelp from revealing people's data, including sensitive mental health information, to Facebook and others for targeted advertising.

STAR*D: It is time to atone and retract

From Psychiatric Times: Two psychiatrists write in the Psychiatric Times that the response of the STAR*D investigators to a reanalysis of STAR*D data by Ed...