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Reducing Neuroleptic Medication Paid Participatory Research Workshop in London

Survivor Researcher Network is looking for 10-14 people with experience attempting to reduce or withdraw from neuroleptics to take part in a paid one-day workshop in Central London in September.

Depth Psychology for Social Healing

From Psychology Today: In the face of the social crises that afflict our world, we find ourselves at a crucial crossroads. We must call upon a profound understanding of human nature and behavior to navigate these treacherous waters and bring about meaningful transformation.

Visions for a Liberated Anti-Carceral Crisis Response

From Medium: There is no one answer to crisis response. There is no one program that will solve the problem of distress. Here are some thoughts on how to offer humanizing, self-directed care to folks experiencing crises.

Healing Crises: When Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

From A healing crisis occurs when we begin to strip away layers of our own armor and our bodymind attempts to reorganize and come back into balance.

For Trauma Survivors, Suicidal Thoughts Are Not Just About Suicide

From Dr. Glenn Doyle: Part of being trauma-informed is understanding that trauma survivors often use suicidal thoughts as a coping tool.

Modern Medicine: The Non-Healing Art

From Remnant | MD: Even in the 19th-century, there was recognition of the misguided assumption that the body is somehow wrong in its response to disease, and that the only way to ‘cure’ a person is to rid the body of its own creation.

Call for Retraction of Fraudulent Trial Reports of Antidepressants in Children

From Institute for Scientific Freedom: Peter Gøtzsche and 10 people who lost either a child or spouse to suicide after being prescribed an antidepressant have written an open letter to JAACAP and JAMA Psychiatry.

Psychodynamic Therapy Helped Me Overcome Trauma When CBT Couldn’t

From Psyche: My conscious thoughts weren’t the problem. What was troubling me was much deeper, more unconscious, than that.

Most States Received a D or F Grade on Maternal Mental Health. It Could...

From CNN: Nearly every U.S. state is neglecting access to maternal mental health care, and experts fear the situation could get worse as more states severely restrict or ban abortion.

‘The Onion’ Explains Why Antidepressants Are Effective

From The Onion: The satire publication reports on new "research" showing how SSRIs are able to take patients' minds off their depression.

Is Mental ‘Illness’ Actually the Brain Trying to Protect Itself?

From Emergent Divergence: We need to seriously consider the role of oppression and abuse of power in the development of so called psychiatric “disorders.”

In Mississippi, Mental Health Problems Can Land You in Jail Without Charges

From ProPublica: The state is a stark outlier in jailing so many people for so long, but many officials say they don’t have another option.

In Australian Mental Health Units, Women Are Drugged Up, Dehydrated and Retraumatised

From Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Australia's mental health facilities are exacerbating patients' trauma by placing them in mixed gender wards and taking a "medical first" approach to their "symptoms."

Top Arkansas Psychiatrist Accused of Falsely Imprisoning Patients and Medicaid Fraud

From NBC News: Dr. Brian Hyatt, former chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board, is being sued by at least 26 patients alleging he held them against their will in his unit.

Many Patients Take to Online Forum to Vent About SSRIs

From MedPage Today: Out of 667 SSRI reviews posted to WebMD by patients or caregivers, 335 posts were about discontinuing their medication, mostly due to adverse events.

6 Ways to Heal Trauma Without Medication | Bessel van der Kolk

From Big Think: We’ve found that psychiatric drugs simply don’t work that well for many, and our conventional ways of healing trauma need to change.

Patients Are Still Being Misinformed About Electroconvulsive Therapy

From Psychology Today/John Read, PhD: A second audit confirms that UK patients are not being told about the serious risks and limited benefits of ECT.

Medicine Is Plagued by Untrustworthy Clinical Trials. How Many Studies Are Faked or Flawed?

From Nature: Investigations suggest that, in some fields, at least one-quarter of clinical trials might be problematic or even entirely made up, warn some researchers.

Wounded Children Are Running the World: Our Inner Child and Political Activism

From Kindred Media: Psychologist Robin Grille, author of Parenting for a Peaceful World and Inner Child Journeys, explains how our inner children run the show when we as adults don't pay attention to them.

The Looming Addiction Crisis Fueled by AI

From Insider: AI and surveillance capitalism, which empower today's targeted ads, have joined forces with the deadly OxyContin playbook.

The Lost Patients of Washington’s Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

From The Seattle Times: Today, there’s scant evidence the patients of Northern State Hospital ever existed. But as the 50-year anniversary of its closure approaches, family members and neighbors are fighting to recover them.

Consciousness Is an Act of Rebellion

From Daniel Mackler: To become Self-aware, to begin to have a conscious relationship with our internal Self, is to begin to break out of all the systems that are unconscious.

‘Serious Concerns’ Over Australia’s Landmark Psilocybin, MDMA Ruling

From Australian Broadcasting Corporation: What caused the typically conservative TGA to change its stance in a matter of months and become the first country in the world to reclassify psilocybin and MDMA as medicines?

Forced Psychiatry Is Expanding – At Society’s Peril

From The Globe and Mail: Research shows forced interventions are “often associated with negative outcomes” and experienced as “highly distressing and even traumatic.” So why are they on the rise?

A Son Died, His Parents Tried to Sue. How U.S. Courts Protect Big Pharma

From Reuters: Merck’s best-selling asthma medicine, Singulair, has been linked for years to suicides and psychiatric problems, often in children. But lawsuits over the drug are stymied by one of Corporate America’s most effective liability shields: the doctrine of federal preemption.