Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

I Spent 10 Years in a Psych Ward. Here’s How I’m Coping Under Lockdown

From The Guardian: The lockdown doesn’t feel dissimilar to my time in hospital, but now it’s the government controlling my movements, rather than my doctors.

Anxiety Medication Prescriptions Up 34% Since Coronavirus Lockdowns

From EcoWatch: More Americans are turning to pharmaceuticals to help them cope with crippling anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.

Antidepressants and Online Misinformation

From Psychology Today: Informed consent isn't possible if known harms are minimized or presented in ways that are faulty and misleading.

Does Conflict of Interest Bias Psychiatric Research?

From Psychiatry Advisor: "56% of DSM-IV panel members had 1 association with a pharmaceutical company; among mood disorders panel members, 100% disclosed conflicts."

Coronavirus Stress Response Disorder – And How To Avoid It

From Me, Myself, and Disability: We must not make mental distress apolitical. Yes, mental illness does not discriminate, but to say that it discriminates equally is nonsense

It Will Get Easier

From When things stop changing so quickly, we’re able to start getting used to it.

Inside the Terrifying World of Psychiatric Emergency Rooms During COVID-19

From The Mighty: From unprotected mental health workers to a lack of basic hygiene for psychiatric patients and threats of retaliation, we need to take a hard look now

COVID-19 Crisis Takes a Toll on Americans’ Mental Health

From NPR: People under coronavirus lockdown may be facing extra mental health challenges — with fewer accessible ways to cope.

Class of 2020 Students May Face Traumatic Loss Due to Coronavirus

From The Conversation: Emerging adulthood is a critical developmental stage. Combined with the transition into an uncertain future, existential despair can result.

How to Manage Panic Attacks

From The New York Times:The coronavirus is affecting the entire globe, and it’s no wonder that many people may be experiencing panic attacks for the first time.

Therapy That Sticks

From Aeon:These treatments seem easy to administer, but is a ‘quick fix’ really what’s called for when addressing complex problems in life?

Depression and Anxiety: How Inequality Is Driving the Mental Health Crisis

From Big Think: The single biggest thing that will affect people's anxiety is not knowing if you're going to be thrown out of your home next month or how you're going to feed your children

What the West Can Learn From Developing Countries About ‘Mental Illness’

From The Correspondent: Anthropology showed me that someone who is perceived as 'mad' or 'sick' in one culture might be seen as perfectly healthy in another.

An Epidemic of Antidepressants

From Psychology Today:The evidence for the benefits of antidepressants is ambiguous, whereas there is increasing evidence that their risks have been underestimated

Months-Long Isolation Will Take Toll on Mental Health, Experts Say

From CBC News:Social isolation could lead to a range of mental health issues as people face the prospect of living under the current COVID-19 restrictions
ATW Crisis counseling needed

Crisis Counseling, Not Therapy, Is What’s Needed in Wake of COVID-19

From Medscape: The mental health system must step up to assuage fears and anxieties around the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic.
Antidepressant tapering roll

Are Tapering Strips a Solution to Antidepressant Withdrawal?

From The Pharmaceutical Journal: Tapering strips — a roll of small daily pouches with consecutively lower doses — allow patients to regulate the speed of their reduction.
Green sign that says "Stonecrest Center"

Detroit Psych Hospital Insiders Raise COVID-19 Concerns

From WXYZ News: "At the same time state health officials were urging people not to gather in groups, staff say group therapy inside the...
A masked doctor holds a phone up to a patient's face.

How Tech Connects Older People with Mental Health Services

From Marketplace Tech: "One of the drawbacks to a telehealth platform is there isn’t the ability for human interaction in the way that you...

SUD Patients’ Confidentiality a Quiet Victim of the CARES Act

From Filter: "The three possible uses of this information that the Cares Act permits are: treatment, and obviously, you would want treatment providers to...

61 Mental Health Patients Test Positive for Coronavirus at Louisiana Hospital

From The Advocate: "Phillip Newton, interim president of Local 1695 at AFSCME Council 17, said the outbreak began early last week and administrators were...

Why Coronavirus is Killing Black Americans at Staggering Rates

From Mic: "These inequalities are only the latest in a legacy of this country’s rampant, centuries-long racism against Black Americans. Slavery was justified by...

Mental Health in the Age of Coronavirus

From The New York Times: "The pandemic spreads an existential feeling of unsafety, which registers in the neurons around your heart, lungs and viscera....
crisis worker answers calls in a cubicle.

Suicide Hotline Sees Rise in Coronavirus-Related Calls. Counselors Feel the Pain

Around the Web, from the Los Angeles Times: "For decades, Didi Hirsch crisis counselors have provided comfort to hundreds of thousands of people calling...
a person stands alone in silhouette in the shadows

Experts Warn of Mental Health Fallout from Mass U.S. Unemployment

From The Guardian: "But beyond the dollar signs, economists are worried about the long-term effects that being unemployed will have on Americans’ mental health...

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