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Sunday Humor: “Choosing Wisely” Helps You Dance More With Fewer Meds

University of British Columbia pharmaceutical science professor James McCormack and his band's latest music video turns Pharrell's Williams' hit "Happy" into "Choosing Wisely," a...

“SHIT Happens”

David Healy posits the Secret Health Ingredient in Treatment (SHIT)  . . .  "In the early twentieth century SHIT was some supposedly secret magic...

“Suffering From Depression? Take a Course of Surf Lessons! Doctors Prescribe Watersports for Young...

A pilot program of Britain's national health service prescribes surfing lessons for youth with anxiety disorders. 'What is great is it doesn’t feel like therapy...

Repercussions of Europe’s New Regulations for Release of Clinical Trial Data

In two posts on PLOS Blogs, Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Group in Italy reviews the European Medicines Agency’s new regulations...

“Prisoners of the Psyche: Forced Psychiatry in Today’s Russia”

Compulsory psychiatric treatment of people accused of dissent has fallen from its former prevalence in Russia, with laws passed after the breakup of the...

“Dr. Insel’s Blog is not big News… It’s an Affirmation of Something That has...

1 Boring Old Man incisively analyzes NIMH director Thomas Insel's disavowal of the DSM, saying "it’s not likely to be a shock to the...

“Tuesday Morning at the Old Asylum”

Jessica Griffith writes "I love the idea that we used to shelter not only the criminally dangerous but the sick in the soul, the...

“When Does That Go On Trial?”

1 Boring Old Man scrutinizes the evidence that Johnson & Johnson hid evidence of Risperdal's breast-growing properties, among other improper actions, concluding "The story...

The Dangers of Getting “Diagnosed”

-"When we treat diagnosis as simply a medical issue, we mask the tremendous social power involved in putting a name to human suffering."

“Brains as Clear as Jell-O for Scientists to Explore”

A process that turns brains into something like clear Jell-o offers "a much more precise picture of what is happening in the brains of...

“The Computer Will See You Now”

The Economist reports on "Ellie," a programmed, virtual psychologist designed by researchers at the Institute for Creative Technologies in Los Angeles, who has a...

“Depressing Truth About Treating Depression in the Young”

An Irish journalist poses as a student and receives seven prescriptions for antidepressants from seven psychiatrists, with little or no information either taken or...

Data Access: The World-Wide Wait

1 Boring Old Man revisits the Robert Gibbons articles in light of David Healy's presentation to the APA last week; "His papers had no...

“Stop Forced (Involuntary) Treatment Becoming the Law of the Land. Act Now”

Beyond Meds provides the information you need if you want to stop section 224 of HR 4302 - A list of senators, and a...

“What to Ask Your Doctor Before Going on Antidepressants”

Roger Colvin, PhD, considers the problem of withdrawal from antidepressants for the Huffington Post. Article →

Government Accountability Office Criticizes Federal Mental Health System

-The US Government Accountability Office says it is "in the dark" about the effectiveness of federal mental health programs.

DSM — the Latest News and Happenings… Collected

Monica Cassani promises to add to Beyond Meds' chronicle, today and for the next week or so, of emerging coverage on the DSM rollout....

Health is not “Alternative”

Beyond Meds lays bare the irony that "practicing simple healthy habits is called 'alternative' health and/or medicine." Beyond Meds →

Letters to the Editor: “The Treatment of Choice”

Readers respond to the New York Times article, “The Treatment of Choice,” about innovative programs for psychosis and schizophrenia that involve patients and their families in treatment decisions. “Narratives of success counter a drumbeat of faulty links of mental illness and violence, inaccuracies which serve only to further stigmatize and isolate individuals with psychiatric illness.”

We are not meant to be well-balanced, sober servants of collective values…

Monica Cassani continues her daily contributions to life with this excerpt from James Hollis' "Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path." Beyond Meds →

“When Pills Are the Problem”

In the context of the Silicon Valley suicides, one mother offers her story about her daughter. “It’s my premise that not only the culture of Silicon Valley, but also, almost more importantly, the nature of the remedies that are being proposed in the name of mental health counseling, are to blame in these deaths.”

Is Good Mental Health About Learning to Live Better with Fewer Resources?

An op-ed in The Advertiser begins with a quote from Carl Jung: “The foundation of mental illness is our unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.”...

Medicated America

Beyond Meds features an article by Paul Woodward that reviews the "false assumption" that "the primary weakness in the mental health system is lack of...

A New Kind of Empirical Article

Neurochambers' Chris Chambers, a freshly-minted associate editor for journal Cortex, asks for comments on "the most important thing I have committed to this blog...

“Voluntary Mental Health Services Will Deliver Better Outcomes”

Eduardo Vega, executive director of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco, and Catherine Blakemore, executive director of Disability Rights California, write in the...

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