Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Children and Adolescents

“Biologism in Psychiatry: A Young Man’s Experience of Being Diagnosed with ‘Pediatric Bipolar Disorder'”

The Journal of Clinical Medicine explores pediatric bipolar disorder through the eyes  a young American, whose story "reveals several issues that afflict contemporary psychiatry, particularly in...

Antidepressants Not a ‘One Size Fits All’ Solution, Researchers Find

The largest ever study of the thoughts and reactions of antidepressant users reveals that many people have vastly different understandings and experiences of the...

“A.D.H.D. Rates Rise Around Globe, but Sympathy Often Lags”

For the New York Times Well blog, Katherine Ellision writes about how the rise in ADHD diagnoses globally is sparking “debates about the validity of the diagnosis and the drugs used to treat it.”

ADHD and “The Merchants of Speed”

Pediatrician and UCSF professor Lawrence Diller has issued the fourth of a four-part memoir on Huffington Post, recounting the rise of ADHD medicating and...

Excessive Mood & Behavior Arousal in Juveniles Treated with Antidepressants

In a study of 6,767 reports of antidepressant trials in juveniles treated for depressive and anxiety disorders, the risk of psychopathological behavioral or mood...

“The United States of Adderall (Part III)”

Lawrence Diller continues his series on the uses and abuses of Adderall. "You take some Adderall, go through withdrawal, build up tolerance, take some...

“ADHD Meds Tied to Lower Bone Density in Kids”

A new study found that children taking ADHD drugs had, on average, lower bone density than their peers. This included children on common stimulants...

“Why Are So Many Toddlers Taking Psychiatric Drugs?”

-The Wall Street Journal asks why some 274,000 infants and 370,000 toddlers in the US are taking antianxiety sedatives and antidepressant drugs.

“A Generation of Stimulation Junkies: Television, ADD and ADHD”

Mod Vive reports that "The rampant self-diagnosing of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is out of control. There is also an increasing amount of people...

“When Pills Are the Problem”

In the context of the Silicon Valley suicides, one mother offers her story about her daughter. “It’s my premise that not only the culture of Silicon Valley, but also, almost more importantly, the nature of the remedies that are being proposed in the name of mental health counseling, are to blame in these deaths.”

ASAN Condemns White House Autism Proclamation

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has voiced opposition to the President's autism proclamation and participation in Autism Speaks' "Light it Up Blue" Campaign. The...

PTSD Mediates the Relationship Between Trauma and Mental Health

In a sample of 175 persons with severe mental illness, researchers at the University of Hawaii found that rates of trauma exposure and PTSD...

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