Friday, January 21, 2022

“Unexpected Advantages of Anxiety”

PsyBlog discusses various studies that show "unexpected advantages" to having somewhat higher levels of anxiety. Many people feel that those who are more easily...

“Does Psychotherapy Research with Trauma Survivors Underestimate the Patient-Therapist Relationship?”

Joan Cook, professor of Psychology at Yale, writes than in her work with military veterans she realized that her psychotherapy techniques mattered much less than her training had indicated. Instead, what mattered was “the bond forged over years of therapy,” known as “the therapeutic alliance.”

Study Explores Correlates of Low-Level Physical Activity and Psychosis

A study examines the variables correlated with low levels of physical activity in persons diagnosed with psychosis in low and middle-income countries

Postpartum Depression Crosses Generations

Researchers at Tufts University exposed rats and their children to early life stress, resulting in depressed maternal care, aggression, increased restlessness and anxiety-related...

“Why Are Our Toddlers Being Prescribed Antipsychotic Drugs?”

The Melbourne Herald Sun reports that "The prescription of some atypical antipsychotics has more than doubled . . . Psychiatrist Dr George Halasz who has been vocal about...

Ireland to Decriminalise Heroin, Cocaine and Cannabis

The UK Independent reports that Ireland is moving toward a policy of decriminalizing small amount of drugs like heroin, cocaine, and cannabis in what amounts to a “radical cultural shift.” While it would remain a crime to profit from the sale of these substances, users will have specially designated areas for safe use. The chief of Ireland’s National Drugs Strategy told the paper: “I am firmly of the view that there needs to be a cultural shift in how we regard substance misuse if we are to break this cycle and make a serious attempt to tackle drug and alcohol addiction.”

Study 329: The Timelines

In addition to hosting the Panorama programs and The Famous Grouse history of Study 329, has a comprehensive timeline on the origins of concerns about the SSRIs and the risk of suicide, initially with Prozac and subsequently with Paxil/Seroxat. The hope is to provide a comprehensive repository for anyone who wants to study SSRIs, RCTs, and Study 329 in particular.

Childhood Adversity Promotes Neuroimmune Inflammation and Depression

Researchers in Canada and the U.S. found that in a group of 147 female adolescents at risk for depression, actual transition to depression was...

Exposure to Family Distress in Childhood Affects Brain Development

Research from the University of East Anglia find that children who experienced chronic, but relatively common, family difficulties - such as arguments, tension, or...

“When Pills Are the Problem”

In the context of the Silicon Valley suicides, one mother offers her story about her daughter. “It’s my premise that not only the culture of Silicon Valley, but also, almost more importantly, the nature of the remedies that are being proposed in the name of mental health counseling, are to blame in these deaths.”

Touches Early in Life may Make an Impact on Newborns’ Brains

From Science News: A recent study found that early tactile experiences are associated with important differences in infants' brain responses and and patterns. Article →­

Is Mindfulness Meditation Good for Kids?

From Vox: Mindfulness-based interventions are increasingly being introduced in schools and touted as helpful methods of reducing students' anxiety and attention problems. However, the research...

Unnecessary and Accidental Use of ADHD Drugs Increases

From CNN: According to a new study, exposure to unprescribed ADHD drugs has increased by more than 60% among U.S. children since 2000. "The study, published Monday...

Children Raised in Institutions: Increased ADHD, Anxiety, etc.

Data drawn from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project show that children raised in institutions in Romania exhibit elevated symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, and...

New Collaborative and Feedback-Informed Family Therapy Approach

Attempts to bridge the gap between research and practice result in a family therapy approach which employs clients as co-researchers.

“Recovery, Not Progressive Illness, Should Be the Expectation in Schizophrenia”

-Two Canadian psychiatrists argue that the body of scientific evidence about schizophrenia shows that it is not a progressive illness and therefore we should have much higher expectations of full recoveries than we do.

Baseball’s ADHD “Epidemic”

8% of major league baseball players have been diagnosed with ADHD (double the rate in the general population) and prescribed stimulants; medications which are...

“Psychosis Risk Syndrome is Back to Haunt Us”

Allen Frances adds to his catalog of DSM-5 mistakes with the return of the controversial - and ultimately rejected - "Psychosis Risk Disorder", under...

Childhood Stress Alters Memory and Brain Structure

Researchers from the universities of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New Orleans collected MRI scans and assessments of executive functioning and stress exposure from 61...

“I Overmedicated my Kid: No, it Isn’t ADHD — Big Pharma’s Attention Obsession Puts...

Physician Daniela Drake writes on Salon that "When we rush to prescribe boatloads of Adderall, we miss lesser-known disorders holding kids back. I know...

“Children Today Suffer From a Deficit of Play”

Boston College Psychologist Peter Gray writes for Aeon about the impact of the gradual erosion of children’s’ play in the United States. “Over the...

“Generation Meds: the US Children Who Grow Up on Prescription Drugs”

“In America, medication is becoming almost as much a staple of childhood as Disney and McDonald’s,” writes Sarah Boseley in the Guardian. In this piece photographer Baptiste Lignel follows six boys and girls to examine the long-term effects of these drugs.

Exposure to Violence Alters Children’s DNA, Life-Long Health

In a sample of 236 children recruited from the Environmental-Risk Longitudinal Twin Study, researchers from Duke University and King's College London found that children...

“MHRA Consultant Calls for Antidepressant Use in Young”

Bob Fiddamen dissects the issue of suicidality, bizarre behavior and antidepressants in light of BMJ Open's publication of "Suicide-related events in young people following...

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