The Chemical Imbalance, Genetics & Biology of Bipolar Disorder: Myths of Psychiatry

This video from explores why what most people think about the relationship between genetics, chemical imbalance theory and bipolar disorder is pure myth.

What is Mental Illness Today? Five Hard Questions

Subscribers to Mad in America might be interested in a Keynote Lecture given by Professor Nikolas Rose in Nottingham on May 15th 2013. In this lecture Professor Rose very thoughtfully challenges a number of the assumptions which underpin conventional and contemporary psychiatric practice. He asks five hard questions:
  • Is there (really) an epidemic of mental illness?
  • Does the path to understanding mental disorder lie through the brain?
  • What is the role of diagnosis and of diagnostic manuals?
  • Should we seek early identification of those at risk of future mental pathology?
  • What is the place of patients, users, survivors, & consumers of mental health systems?

Pediatric Grand Rounds at University of Calgary

Pediatric Grand Rounds at University of Calgary from Mad in America on Vimeo. Video →

David Oaks Comes Home: “My Whole Life I Have Been Preparing for This Time”

David Oaks, whose 1998 challenge to "check out the research for yourself" led Robert Whitaker to write Mad in America and create this website,...

Open the Paradigm

Less than six months ago I had the great fortune to start working with a small group of fellow producers who had spent a chunk of time traveling and shooting at various conferences. Interviews with notable figures in the movement. Survivor stories. A mixed bag of “Mad Media”. Immersing myself in the now 200+ hours of raw footage was like swimming in a sea of the subconscious. So I was swallowed whole by the white whale, consumed with the energy to put my still-developing abilities to the best use I could think of.

Open the Paradigm.

Robert Whitaker & Allen Frances on Al Jazeera TV: “Redefining Mental Illness”

Robert Whitaker notes on Al Jazeera's "Inside Story" that a helpful diagnostic text must be both reliable and valid, and the DSM is neither...

What DSM-5 Means for Diagnosing Mental Health Patients

From youtube: The American Psychiatric Association released a new edition of the DSM, which doctors use to diagnose and treat mental disorders. Judy Woodruff discusses...

Important Souls

Susan Salasin created this video about the role of trauma in the lives of those who are labeled seriously mentally ill. She collaborated with...

The Hearing Voices Movement: Has it Really Been 25 years?

In November 2012, Cardiff, Wales, more than two hundred and fifty people who hear voices, see visions and have other unusual and extreme experiences (referred to as “hearing voices” in the rest of this post), family members, friends, activists and allied experts by profession came together from around the world. The purpose of the three-day meeting was to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the formation of hearing voices movement, to consider the lessons learnt so far and to envisage what we should be doing over the next 25 years. The excellent film, "Voices Matter", that you can now view on this site is a record of the event and I strongly recommend that you take a look.

You May Be Suffering From Antidepressants (The Adbusters)

You May Be Suffering From Antidepressants (The Adbusters) YouTube →

Joanna Moncrieff – The Myth of the Chemical Cure: The Politics of Psychiatric Drug...

UNE Center for Global Humanities and its founding director, Anouar Majid, host Joanna Moncrieff on "The Myth of the Chemical Cure: The Politics of...

Medicating ADHD: Diagnosis and the Long-Term Effects of the Medications

Robert Whitaker appears on Science for the Public on March 20, 2013, speaking about how the ADHD is diagnosed and why users of medications...

Encouraging Words on Recovery from Benzos

Bliss Johns, author of Recovery & Renewal and founder of the Recovery Road Charity, gives an eloquent few words of encouragement for those still in...

Robert Whitaker on Psychiatric, Cultural, and Economic Trends

In this interview at a conference a few weeks ago, Robert Whitaker speaks of the ways that ill-informed medication trends can become features of...

Richard Bentall on Treating Psychosis

Richard Bentall, clinical psychologist and author of Madness Explained presents new evidence for the limitations of anti-psychotic medication and of the psychiatric establishment. Institute of...

Bullies Called Him Pork Chop

A beautiful short film about turning pain and trauma in to triumph instead of psychiatry. The film's concluding words: "Our lives will only ever...

Olga Runciman – Hearing Voices Network Denmark

Olga Runciman is Chair of the Danish Hearing Voices Network. Originally a psychiatric nurse, she herself became a patient, and experienced the full force of...

Watch the Stories of Harm the APA Refused to Hear: Introduction by Paula J....

Psychologist and activist Paula J. Caplan talks about the harm done to many people because they received a psychiatric diagnosis...and how the American Psychiatric...

Watch the Stories of Harm the APA Refused to Hear: Divina’s Story

Youtube → Paula J. Caplan's Introduction to "Watch the Stories of Harm the APA Refused to Hear"

CNN’s Dr. Gupta on Trauma, SSRIs, Suicides & School Shootings

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta looks at the roles of trauma and medication as a "common factor" in tragedies similar to the Sandy Hook shooting....

Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects”

Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film about a psychiatrist who prescribes "Ablixa" (a fictional medication) to a patient who then commits murder. The PR campaign includes...

Pat Deegan on Recovery and Nonviolence

This video by Pat Deegan, inspired by the Newtown tragedy, was brought to our attention by Beyond Meds →

HallgrĂ­mur – A Man like me

HallgrĂ­mur - A Man like me.