Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Comments by Michael Simonson

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  • Hi all, the article’s author here again. Thank you for the continued debate about the survey – it shows that it struck a nerve. If you want to share your psych ward experiences, I’ve created a Reddit community for former patients.

    You can find the community here: https://www.reddit.com/r/psychwardsurvivors/

    My goal is to make it easier for patients who have been mistreated or abused in psychiatric wards or hospitals to share their unfiltered stories – since Reddit provides anonymity.

  • I conducted this survey and wrote the article. To clarify about the “unjustified abuse” confusion, we asked respondents two questions about punishment in the hospital:

    1. Did you receive any of the following punishments in the psych ward?

    2. IF you received any of the punishments listed above, was your punishment justified/fair?

    43% of respondents indicated they received punishment in the psych wards. Of that 43%, 88% indicated the punishment they received in the psych ward was unjustified. A small portion indicated the punishment they received wasn’t physical.

    In addition, we asked respondents if they were physically or sexually abused – and 21% indicated they were. We integrated that figure into the chart where respondents indicated if they were “unjustifiably” physically abused or punished.

    Thus, by writing that 37% of patients experienced “unjustified” physical or sexual abuse or punishment, it does not mean that 63% of respondents experienced “justified” abuse or punishment. Rather, it means that a small portion of respondents experienced punishment they deemed “justified”.

    I realize that’s a confusing explanation – happy to clarify further. You can contact me direct too – [email protected].

    I’d also like to help with any efforts at helping psych ward patients get more legal rights. A “Miranda rights” for psychiatric and psych ward patients sounds like a great idea. When I started working on this survey, I wasn’t sure how widespread the issue of psych ward mistreatment was (despite my own poor experiences). Now I am certain it’s a major issue – and I’d like to help resolve it.