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Is Madness an Evolved Signal? Justin Garson on Strategy Versus Dysfunction

Philosopher Justin Garson discusses the potential benefit of looking at madness not as disease or defect, but as a designed feature.

DSM Led Us Far Astray. Life Story Is the Path to...

When the DSM-5 came out six years after the study was published, it ignored the evidence that psychological injuries caused 88% of “depression” in adulthood. It wasn't just this study that was sidelined. All the research that linked childhood trauma to later episodes of “depression” was ignored as well.

Constructing Alternatives to the DSM: An Interview with Dr. Jonathan Raskin

Dr. Raskin discusses psychotherapists’ dissatisfaction with current psychiatric diagnostic systems and explores alternatives.

“The Power Threat Meaning Framework”: A New Perspective on Mental Distress

Many of us have drawn attention over the years to the problems and shortcomings of psychiatric "diagnoses." The Power Threat Meaning document draws together the various threads in this debate and blends them into a coherent, cogent, and highly readable account.

Dr. Lucy Johnstone: The Power Threat Meaning Framework

An interview with Dr. Lucy Johnstone about the new Power Threat Meaning Framework, an ambitious attempt to outline a conceptual alternative to psychiatric diagnosis which was published on January 12th this year by the Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society.

Publication of the Power Threat Meaning Framework

The Framework is an ambitious attempt to outline a conceptual alternative to the diagnostic model of mental distress. It builds on the Division of Clinical Psychology’s 2013 Position Statement recommending work in conjunction with service users to develop a multi-factorial and contextual approach.

Professionals Push Back on Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual, Propose Alternatives

Criticisms of the DSM-5 spark alternative proposals and calls to reform diagnostic systems in the mental health field.