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Connectedness at School Related to Studentsā€™ Emotional Health

New research highlights differences in levels of school connectedness among students diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders,

Are Students Benefiting From the Growth Mindset Model?

Results from two meta-analyses reveal shortcomings with the growth mindset theory as applied in schools.

How Brain Scientists Forgot That Brains Have Owners

FromĀ The Atlantic: Five neuroscientists have published a new paper arguing that the field of neuroscience has become too focused on technology andĀ has de-prioritized the...

“How Probiotics May Help Ease Depression”

In this video interview, Dr. Kelly Brogan explains how probiotics, or ā€˜psychobiotics,ā€™ can directly impact brain, behavior, mood, and cognition.Ā ā€œBrogan recommended consuming 15 to...