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Third Eye by Katarina Bucic

A secret city exists in your mind, where left brain and right brain bind. In the center of your eyes, but hidden behind, where your consciousness is aligned. The source of awareness for mankind

When You Start Paying Attention to Everyday Sensory Experience

From Aeon: A new video aims to capture the small, abstract moments that make up our inner lives, that would otherwise go ignored or quickly...

What William James Got Right About Consciousness

In this piece for Nautilus, Michael S. Gazzaniga explores William James' conceptualization of consciousness as an instinct, emphasizing the compatibility of this paradim with James' belief in free...

The Science of the Mind and the Science of the Brain

In this piece for The Lion's Roar, the Dalai Lama discusses some of the shortcomings of contemporary scientific methodology in understanding consciousness — primarily...

Can Science Explain the Human Mind?

From NPR: A forthcoming series of studies in the journal Psychological Science explores people's beliefs about which mental phenomena can and cannot be explained by science. "Importantly,...

Consciousness Began When the Gods Stopped Speaking

In this piece for Nautilus, Veronique Greenwood discusses the legacy of Julian Jaynes, a psychologist best known for theorizing that consciousness was a cultural development resulting...

Zombies Must Be Dualists

In this piece for Nautilus, Sean Carroll introduces the idea of a "philosophical zombie," beings that look and behave exactly like humans, but lack the...

Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think

From Scientific American: Many articles and papers equate the experience of consciousness with awareness. However, the reality is that it is possible to experience consciousness without...

When Neurology Becomes Theology

In this piece for Nautilus, Robert A. Burton discusses how research into the essence of consciousness is more of a theological, religious exploration than a neurological...

“Constructing the Modern Mind”

Psychiatrist and historian George Makari tries to illuminate the historical evolution of our understanding of the conscious mind and how it relates to the...

“Fixing the Brain is Not the New World for Psychiatry”

Writing on his critical psychiatry blog, Duncan Double critiques Joe Herbert’s piece on “Why can't we treat mental illness by fixing the brain?” in Aeon. While Herbert admits that there is a "mysterious and seemingly unfathomable gap" between psychology and neuroscience, which "bedevils not only psychiatry, but all attempts to understand the meaning of humanity,” he goes on to speculate that someday psychiatrists will be able to relate symptoms to brain activity.