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“Drug Maker’s Marketing Faulted in a Woman’s Death”

From Matthew Orr at STAT: “There was a stranger waiting for Sarah Fuller when she visited her doctor to discuss switching medications for her...

“You Won’t Believe the Outrageous Ways Big Pharma Has Bribed Doctors...

For the Influence, Martha Rosenberg looks into all of the ways Big Pharma attempts to market its drugs to physicians.  “They used to wine...

“Selling Side Effects: Big Pharma’s Marketing Machine?”

Drug Watch releases an in-depth investigation into the marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies in the United States. “Companies spend billions advertising to doctors to...

“Comic Books. Lesson Plans. How Drug Companies Target Kids”

For STAT, Rebecca Robbins investigates how drug and medical companies bankroll classroom lesson plans, print comic books, and promote smartphone apps aimed at teaching...

Free ‘Commercial Speech’ Cases Threaten Pharmaceutical Regulation

Two recent court rulings argue that pharmaceutical companies have a first amendment right to market drugs “off-label” with a lack of scientific evidence, threatening...

Ritalin Used to be “Grandma’s Little Helper”

Eugene Raikhel reveals ads from 1966 where Ritalin, now prescribed largely for ADHD, was marketed as a “kind of mind antidepressant for housewives.”  “I...

“Direct-to-Consumer Advertising — Selling Drugs or Diseases?”

With the American Medical Association (AMA) declaring its opposition to direct-to-consumer (DTC) drug advertising, Martha Rosenberg asks, did DTC increase the number of people who have "diseases"?

Bernie Sanders Opposes Califf for FDA Post Cites Industry Ties

Bernie Sanders joins numerous public health groups and opposes Robert Califf's nomination to lead the FDA over industry ties.

It’s Not Going To Get Better Soon

I’ve been thinking a lot about George Saslow since I came south to take a timeout and think. I miss him. A lot. Dr....