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Massive Reforms for Pharmaceutical System Proposed

The US/Canadian Pharmaceutical Policy Reform Working Group proposes universal drug coverage and ambitious reforms to the pharmaceutical system.

Pharma, Under Attack for Drug Prices, Started an Industry War

From The Washington Post: In 2017, numerous politicians, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders began to raise questions about the rising costs of prescription drugs. Under attack,...

Gilead Says Drug Profits Must Stay High to Pay for ‘Innovation’

From the Los Angeles Times: In attempting to justify skyrocketing drug prices, John C. Martin, the executive chairman of Gilead Sciences, claimed that pharmaceutical companies...

How UCLA is Fighting a Proxy Patent Battle in India

From The Wire: Xtandi, a life-prolonging cancer drug, currently does not have a patent in India, meaning that Indian cancer patients are able to access...

Big Pharma Funds “Independent” Advocacy Groups

From The Intercept: Several seemingly independent advocacy groups have recently published advertisements opposing newly proposed legislation that would lower drug prices. In fact, the organizations have undisclosed...

“Bernie Sanders Attacks the 21st Century Cures Act and Pharmaceutical Industry...

“At a time when Americans pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, this bill provides absolutely no relief for...

Study 329 Trick, Treat or Treximet

Regulators seem all too happy to license ever more dangerous variations or combinations of older drugs already on the market and causing serious problems. This willingness has offered an opening for financial speculators to make a killing speculating on the likely profits these drugs could yield, and getting out of the game before much happens.

“Sanders Seeks Ariad Data on Cancer Drug Price Hikes”

For STAT, Ed Silverman reports on the former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' ongoing fight against pharmaceutical companies. Sanders sent Ariad Pharmaceuticals  a letter  asking for...